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Bigger Feet = More! And More is Better...

Since her debut, Alice's big feet have become two of the most photographed on the site.

"My feet are long and skinny, with toes the length of fingers. I was always made fun of for having long toes, and big feet in general." - Alice 

I'd like to tell a little story - one that stems from a shoot earlier this year with one of the site's newer models named Alice. I've been friends with Alice for a couple of years. She was a coworker mine until recently and we live close to one another. She's only 19, but posed for her first sets while she was still 18 back in April.

From the start, Alice was a little nervous about how people would react to a certain aspect of her feet - the fact that they're a size 11. From the time Alice first mentioned that she was thinking about modeling, I told her that she was going to have fans simply because she has big feet. Having been teased her entire life about her feet, she really didn't believe me.

"I certainly did not believe you at first," Alice said. "I was so used to anytime someone talked about my feet, they were making fun of them, but you weren't. You were serious."

It's not hard to understand why Alice would be hesitant to believe me. For 18 years she's heard it all when it came to her size 11's. She literally hated them for much of her life.

"When I was younger I grew to hate my feet. I even began wearing socks when I went swimming," Alice explained. "I have endured a lifetime of 'playful' jokes and comments. I would pretend they didn't bother me, but eventually I became very self conscious about my large feet."

Nevertheless, Alice was a trooper and decided to pose for Soles of Silk anyhow. She always enjoyed being in front of the camera for her friends who are into photography, but I give her a lot of credit for giving the whole foot fetish genre a try. I just hoped that once she saw the positive feedback from her sets, that maybe, just maybe she'd begin to feel differently about her feet.

It was April of this year when Alice would do her first set. I couldn't wait to get a few photos from the sets up onto the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and Twitter (@SolesofSilk) pages. Any positive feedback on those would only serve to strengthen what I had been telling her all along. I turned out to be right!

Preview shots from Alice's first two sets and the positive feedback which resulted.

"I honestly just didn't think people would say anything at all. I didn't expect to get so many likes or retweets. Everything seemed to be just so positive and sweet," Alice said.

In the weeks following, Alice's first set was added to the site. Her photos made their way to the Wu's Feet Links Forum where even more positive comments were left for the site's newest model. Like I always do, I shared them with her. Needless to say, it made her so happy to read all the kind words.

Now I had feedback, from multiple sources, over the span of a couple of weeks saying how much they loved Alice and her size 11 feet. Mission accomplished! Now Alice knew her feet weren't as bad as she had come to view them. 

A few months later, however, something happened during a shoot she did with our mutual friend, Camille, that really made my day. It was the first set - a solo one of just Alice. I wanted Camille to see what it would be like when she shot her first set immediately following. About half way through Alice's set, she claimed that posing for Soles of Silk had made her so much more accepting of her own feet and she thinks of them differently now.

"My feet are long and skinny, with toes the length of fingers. I was always made fun of for having long toes, and big feet in general," Alice explained. "Now I look at my feet and realize, 'Hey, they're not so bad. They're kind of cute, actually.'"

Alice saying that made me proud. Soles of Silk, and the photos I take for it, made her feel better about herself. This wasn't someone just happy to be getting paid for taking photos. This was a real experience, with a friend, where it made me feel good.

Over the years I've encountered countless women who claimed their feet were "ugly," "gross," or whatever other negative word you can come up with. For the most part, however, none of those girls had to go through years of teasing and ridicule over their feet. They just never thought much of them until they began posing for Soles of Silk. So for Alice to have that shift in thinking, it meant a lot to hear her say that. She deserves to feel that way. She's a total sweetheart!

With that newly found confidence, Alice has gone on to pose for 11 sets from her debut in April until the last one we shot in October. Very few times have I shot 11 sets or more of a model in a single year, let alone one brand new to the site. And that brings me to my next point.

Alice's big feet captivate me. 

Alice has caused a growing appreciation of big feet within me. Even though I've had a handful of experiences with models with a shoe size over 10, Alice, for some reason, has me paying a little extra attention to "size," if you will. While I won't claim to a big feet only person, this  specific attraction has never been this strong for me. For other people, however, that's a preference they've been exploring for some time.

I couldn't wait to see Alice's feet encased in nude stockings.

When I came up with the idea to do this column topic I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to some of the fans of big feet. I made a thread on the Wu's Feet Links Forum asking for those who have this attraction to contact me. Almost immediately I began getting private messages from people telling me how much they love big feet and would love to take part in the column.

As anyone with a foot fetish knows, what you like isn't what the next guy likes. I wasn't sure what kind of response I'd get when asking everyone why they specifically like big feet over smaller feet. Once the replies began coming in, however, I saw a trend. A trend that "more" is better. Just look how many times the word "more" was used in the replies to that question alone:

"More to love. More soles to taste. Just love having a bigger handful. There is more personality and flexibility. More curves to adore." - Oneagain
"If you think about it, size has always been an important factor in sexuality. Whether it's height and muscle mass for men, or breast and ass size for women, there seems to be a universal appreciation for size. As someone with a foot fetish, I view feet with the same sexual significance as I do breasts or ass. So in the same way I would view a large pair of breasts as being sexually desirable in a woman, I also view a large pair of feet as being sexually desirable. If you find something sexually desirable, you kind of want more of it. Bigger size gives you that." - Sol
"The more to hold onto with your hands!" - Dougiezerts
"The more you can work with, the better. I'm not a small guy down there, so a pair of big feet to slide in between is just best for me. And as I mentioned before, there's more to lick. With [small] feet, you cover every inch pretty quickly. With big feet you can go on for a while because by the time you get back to a spot you covered, it's been so much time it's like you were never there." - Icecold
"Women with big feet show more wrinkles on their soles." - Fwrinkledsoles
"More square tactile surface to enjoy - to play with." - Glabrous1

I can honestly say during the shoots Alice and I have done this year, "more" certainly applied when it came to massaging her heavenly feet. Having so much area for my fingers to press into along her smooth soles was quickly evident. Since I also love shoving my fingers between a woman's toes, I found so much space between Alice's long, wide spreading toes. Needless to say, I was in my own little world pampering her feet and am grateful for her allowing me the privilege to do so. Don't even get me started on the added bonus of them being sweaty - that's another column topic for another time! I wonder if she'd take part in that one?

Who better to do a size teasing set than a girl with plenty of shoe size?

So at a size 11, Alice's feet are tied for the largest on Soles of Silk with Molly. This begs the question, however, what constitutes big to a fan of big feet?

"Shoe size 9 and larger I consider big feet," Fwrinkledsoles said.

"10, but 9's make my mouth water as well!" said Oneagain.

"10 and above I would consider big," said Icecold.

"The minimum I would consider big is a US size 10 (EU 41/UK 7), but the average shoe size is increasing so much that a US size 10 is really common nowadays," Sol explained. "It's only with a US size 11 (EU 42/UK 8) or bigger that a woman's feet will really catch my attention."

Overall, the smallest answer given to me was a size 9 (US), but most seemed to agree that it's 10 or larger. For many of those I spoke with, however, they weren't always into the bigger feet. It's something that evolved as their foot fetish began to grow.

"I actually had a preference for petite and dainty feet way back when I first discovered my fetish. This evolved into a love for long toes and eventually carried over to a love for big feet," Sol said.

"The first time I got a hold of some. It was a big girl, and I noticed she had nice feet. The amount of wrinkles on them was amazing!" Icecold shared.

"Originally the smaller the better, I thought. But as I grew, my desire for bigger feet came along and it's my preference without any signs of me going back," Oneagain explained.

For others, they were hard pressed to find an exact time or reason for liking bigger feet - they just do. Any foot fetishist can probably relate to that. It's like asking, "When did you first realize you liked feet?" It's next to impossible to answer. Most of us just did.

When it comes to foot fetishists who love bigger feet one thing is for sure. The kind words Alice has received since her debut were key in making her feel better about herself and her feet. My words went only so far. It was people like the ones above who made that happen, some of whom have their own similar experiences.

"A few years ago I encouraged my wife to put pictures of her feet on Wu's Feet Links. She got a lot of great feedback and she's a size 10. Before that she was really self conscious about her feet. So I know from experience that Wu's is a great place to conquer their fears and self consciousness," Icecold explains.

"I think forums like Wu's can help show there are a lot of fans that love big feet," Oneagain said. "In general, social media, in whatever form, could be a great way to show direct feedback of appreciation."

Believe me guys, I share those comments with my models from places like Wu's Feet Links regularly. Between social media and Wu's, the things Alice has now read online about her feet has  given me a model who is ready to pose whenever I ask. Not bad, if you ask me.

In more private conversations, Alice also admitted to being much more interested in foot fetishism as a whole now too. Apparently, she's explored some different things on her own, off camera as far as her feet are concerned.

"I know how to use them, if you get what I'm saying. I am just more thoughtful towards my feet now," Alice said.

Guess she'd make quite a few foot guys happy with a mindset like that, wouldn't you say? I'm sure her boyfriend would agree after she shared a certain little tidbit with me.

"My boyfriend and I both wanted to try new things, so I gave my first footjob! And well, posing my feet pretty much made me a natural at using them. I had so much fun doing it too! My feet pretty much were bigger than you know what - which I know can be a turn on to some. I just felt so in control over him, and he enjoyed it as well," Alice boasted.

I'm jealous, which was probably Alice's intention in sharing that with me. Anyhow, in all seriousness, I thank Alice for giving this a try and I thank all of you out there who take the time to commend a model for a job well done.

Alice loves pinup photography and wants to do sets with that theme in mind.

How to find those featured in this column: (online), @SolesofSilk (Instagram), @SolesofSilk (Twitter)
DougiezertsUser Profile (Wu's Feet Links Forum)
FwrinkledsolesUser Profile (Wu's Feet Links Forum)
Glabrous1User Profile (Wu's Feet Links Forum)
IcecoldUser Profile (Wu's Feet Links Forum)
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SolUser Profile (Wu's Feet Links Forum)

For those who may be interested, I have compiled a list of all the shoot blogs from the Soles of Silk Blog when Alice modeled. Take a look through them for a further glimpse at how great this girl truly is.

Also, Alice's full length interview that was used for this blog can be found on Soles of Silk in the Interviews section in the members area.

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So You Want to Open a Foot Fetish Web Site?

I've been running Soles of Silk since 2004.

Ever since my email address has been placed on the various web sites that I have run over the years, I have regularly gotten the question, "How do I make my own foot fetish site?"

Now that question is a loaded one for sure. Is the person talking about the design aspect? How about the content creation aspect? Hosting? Networking? Credit card billing? The list goes on and on. To answer that question in a simple email is impossible. I often feel like I give a half-ass answer, or even come across as not caring when I reply. You just can't answer that question fairly.

When I first started getting the question I would ask which aspect the person was talking about. Many of the time the reply would be, "All of it." Okay, so now I'm supposed to explain every single detail about how to start a web site from the ground up in a single email? That's totally not going to happen, sorry. To expect someone to do that is not fair to them.

The best part about this question is that I can't remember a single time when someone emailed me back to tell me to check out the site that they started. Did I scare them off? Was someone having big aspirations? Were they ever really serious to begin with?

I often find the person who wants to create a site will do the research on their own and then come to me and ask for tips on what they've done. I've offered my opinions and feedback on numerous start up sites, no matter what the scale, or the person's grand vision. Those are the people who generally get something going, from my experiences.

So why this long winded diatribe? Well, since this topic is one that gets brought up to me regularly, I figured it might be best to go ahead and address it publicly. Maybe something I cover will help you out. I'm going to offer some advice, but I will be honest as well. Nothing here is meant to offend anyone, but rather make you really think about your ideas and plans. I hope these tips help you out.

How Much Time Does it Take to Run a Site?

This is first for a reason. If you're someone who thinks you'll be able to throw a bunch of photos and videos online and walk away while the money comes in, stop right now and scrap your plans. The internet is too big with too many people offering content that is surely going to be just as good, or even better than yours to just sit back and do nothing.

When you run a web site you'll need to find time to create content, whatever that may be for your site, update the site, and advertise your site/content. If you're like me, that means you're going to have to plan that around your existing full time job. How you go about this is something you, yourself, have to plan out. What works for me with Soles of Silk would probably cripple larger sites, or be too much work for a smaller one.

Most successful sites are a labor of love. I'm not talking corporate sites here though. I'm talking the kind of site that would probably be started by someone who would take the time to read a column like this. Those corporate companies have teams of people to pump out material on a regular basis. And remember, you'll have to compete with that too.

How Much Money Does it Take to Run a Site?

Another of the popular questions. This one is going to be a short a sweet answer. It depends.

The factors I'm covering below will play into how much money you're going to be looking at for the site alone, but for most people, those numbers can vary from month to month. 

Just remember, other items such as paying models, picking up equipment, computer programs, clothing/props for shoots, etc. will all add up as well. There is no easy answer for this one. It will depend. You will have to come up with a budget and know what you can and cannot spend. Start small and grow. Don't jump in the deep end and find yourself out a bunch of cash at the start. Just remember the popular saying, however, "To make money, you have to spend money."

I currently work with Adobe Dreamweaver, but am looking to try out Adobe Muse.

How to Create a Web Site?

In addition to asking me how to start a site, I often get asked how to design them. I took college courses for this and self taught myself quite a bit on top of that. So for me to teach someone how to work with HTML, style sheets, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premier, etc. in an email isn't going to happen. You have to kind of have to know a little bit about how the computer, programs, graphic design, and the internet works here.

Sadly, there are so many new technologies out there that have come since the time that I learned them. I'm not even as current as I'd like to be anymore. I'm actually trying to find the time right now to learn a totally different program called Adobe Muse and see if it will work better for me than I currently work with Dreamweaver. 

With all that being said, if you have no computer skills whatsoever, I'm not sure this is the kind of thing you want to do. To me, it would be like someone who can't cook opening a restaurant. Could they be a restaurant manager? Maybe. But the head chef? Probably not.

What you need to do is research what's out there. Some places build sites and have easy drop templates where you can place your material. I have never dealt with something like that, but there are too many people with little web experience out there who have sites for it too be that hard.

Where to Host a Foot Fetish Site?

This can be tricky. Since fetish sites often fall under the adult content classification, you just can't host your site anywhere. There are hosting companies that will close your site if you host an adult site on their servers. You just can't put a site anywhere. Do some research on where you can park your site.

Once you find some hosting companies you like, the one thing you then have to take into account is what they're going to charge you. Remember, as your site grows in storage size and traffic, that number is surely to rise. Some sites might even cost you money to run at start up and beyond. Yes, that's right, you might be paying to have a site.

Some hosts, such as B-H-E, go a different route of taking a percentage. I went with them early and have stayed. Do they suit what you want? Only you'd be able to determine that. Some people have done better elsewhere, while others like the simplicity. That is only something you can decide.

How Does Billing Work?

Since I've only dealt with B-H-E, I'm not the most qualified person to answer this question. B-H-E does the percentage method here too, so that works well and is easy for me and my schedule. Many other sites will work with outside billing companies such as Verotel and CCBill. Other companies do exist, but if I remember correctly, not all will deal with a site deemed adult. You're going to have to do some research for this one. I'm not of much help here, but I know it's something you'll have to pay attention to.

These are just some of the basic elements of what goes into opening and maintaining a site. I didn't delve into other topics such as what equipment you'd need, or how to find models. Those topics are for another day. Plus, if you don't even have the hardware or have a model, or models, to get something started, you probably shouldn't even be at the point anyhow. Maybe I'll talk about some of those in another blog at a future date.

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Wu's Feet Links Odds & Ends

Little Dee was the leading vote getter for the 2015 WFLHoF Class.

This month's blog isn't going to be about any one particular subject. There are a few items I wanted to talk about, several of which I'd like to get some input on. This blog entry is going to bounce around a little bit, but I'll try to keep things as organized as I can.

The voting breakdown for the 2015 WFLHoF.

2015 Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame Class

The voting has finished for the 2015 Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame (WFLHoF). The turn out was okay with 65 people casting their votes. A total of 142 votes were placed.

With 54 percent of the vote (35 user votes) Little Dee was the leading vote getter for the 2015 WFLHoF Class. Bellecita grabbed 40 percent of the vote (26 user votes) to grab the second spot for the HoF. Where things got interesting, however, was with the third and final spot. Both Erotic Nikki and Goddess Brianna had 35 percent of the vote. I decided to let it come down to the actual number of votes to break the tie, but they were identical as well (23 user votes). So we have a tie and we're putting both in. So along with Wu, here is your 2015 WFLHoF Class:

  • Wu
  • Little Dee
  • Bellecita
  • Erotic Nikki
  • Goddess Brianna
Both Laya Mercedes and Ed Fox missed the cut this year. They will automatically be included on next year's poll along with whoever else next year's WFLHoF Committee should decided to nominate. The 2016 committee will consist of entirely new people. Keep an eye out in the Wu's Feet Link Hall of Fame section of the Wu's Feet Links Forum for updates and information.

The current layout of the defunct HoF page.

Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame Page

With the votes now tallied and the winners announced, it's time to work on redesigning the defunct page for the Wu's Feet Links main site. The original page still exists, but is in major need of an update. 

I'd like to take what exists and clean things up a little. The following list is some of the ideas that I've come up with. I've also made a post about this in the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame forum section as well. I'd love to read your feedback on my ideas. If you have your own ideas, I'd also like to hear them. Here's what I was thinking:

  • Updated Site Links - Sadly many of the existing members of the WFLHoF no longer run their sites. I clicked on one of the links to check them out the other day and was taken to a site that gave me a virus warning. I want to clean that up and remove links to invalid sites. Their site name will still be displayed, but a "Defunct" tag will be added somewhere alongside it.
  • Updated Email Links - Pretty much the same as above, but with the email links. If the address is no longer valid, they can just be removed.
  • Social Media Buttons - I'm thinking it would be a good idea to add little button links for things like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. for those who use them. Social media is a major way that people communicate, so why not add them?
  • Small Photo Gallery - Just like Wu used to do, I do like the idea of having a few photos of each inductee displayed with their little section on the HoF page. I don't want to change that, just maybe place a standardized number of photos for each inductee. It looked like the original inductees had two photos, but the most recent induction before this year's revival, Sexy Lexi, had four. I don't want to turn it into a photo gallery, so maybe four pictures is the way to go?
  • Biography - This is my little brainchild. I know a lot of these inductees are no longer around, but some of us remember them in their heyday. I'm thinking it would be a neat idea for each person to have a small little bio with their links and photos. I'm also of the mindset that they should be written different people.

Wu's Feet Links Forum Changes

Recently I was promoted to an administrator on the forum to help Phil with things. To be honest, when I first went in and looked at the control panel for the forum, I was taken back. It's an older format with a lot of check boxes, permissions, organizational items, and stuff I'm not exactly sure of. Now I know what Phil was talking about when he was thrusted into the admin role when Wu passed away.

As you have seen, I tried to clean some things up with the forum. I think I did okay, but with anything, I'm still not used to some of the changes I made myself. It's been the same way for so many years. I just felt like it needed some TLC, however.

Instead of having help items listed in different sections, I thought making a Help section made sense. Instead of having important site announcement take place in the middle of the forum where people are wondering what's the best camera to use, or how to ask a girl how to model for them, I decided to add a Wu's Feet Links grouping of several sections.

So far no one has yelled at me or cursed me out for the changes I've made. It's still honestly a work in progress. I'm not 100 percent sold on some of the changes I made, while others I think work well. What do you think? Again, I'm looking for feedback. You can let me know in the Special Announcements section of the forum on the Forum Undergoing Some Modifications thread.

I've been busy trying to squeeze in shoots before it gets cold.

My Busy Schedule

The last couple of months have been a little busy for me - busier than normal, that is. I want you all to know that I'm around, but maybe not on the forum every day as I was used to being. I don't want to go into a long drawn out description as to why, but splitting time between my full time job, some freelance projects, Soles of Silk updates, Soles of Silk shoots, and the Wu's Feet Links Blog sites has me stretched pretty thin.

I appreciate all the help the mods have given me on the forum and all the level headed actions of the majority of users. It's always been a great community at Wu's and I'm glad to still be a part of it. 

Once the colder weather starts setting in here, I'm sure it will free up some more time for me. I'm trying to squeeze in a bunch of last minute shoots on a lot of my days off right now, including the one above of a my site's newest model, Riley. She finally posed for me after asking her for a couple of years. Her excuse was always that her toes were too chubby. They always have a reason, but 99.9 percent of the time, they turn out to be wrong just like Riley was. Her full set will be published on the September 16 update.

Words from Adam about winding down Feet Fair.

Farewell to Feet Fair

I wanted to close this blog with a farewell to a site that I've always been a major fan of - a site that belongs to someone I've considered a friend online from my humble beginnings. On September 7, 2015 Adam of Feet Fair posted the above image in a thread titled, Winding Down the Fair.

I didn't get to see the thread until last night, but it was something that he shared with me a few weeks ago. I won't lie, I was hoping he'd change his mind because I just love his work and his models. I also, however, know that sometimes life just comes first.

I respect Adam's call to dial things down and make the changes he needs to suit his life. I told him in the thread that he needs to stick around and not be a stranger, however. I'll be sad to see his site go, but the person that is Adam is one I don't want to see go anywhere. He really is one of the good people in our little online foot fetish community.

Thanks for all you've done and for your continued friendship over the years, Adam!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vote for the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Bellecita is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

Last month I broke the news of the return of the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame (WFLHoF) in the blog, appropriately titled, "The Return of the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame." In that blog I went over how the idea to resurrect the long-dormant section of Wu's Feet Links came about. I also made mention of what the immediate future would hold for the process of coming up with the 2015 WFLHoF ballot. If you didn't get a chance to check that out, be sure to do so.

Now that the process of the committee going through all of our nominations is finished, we are left with the final ballot and voting is already underway. Be sure to check out the thread below on the Wu's Feet Links Forum to cast your vote:

Poll: Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame 2015 Poll
Poll Opened: Sunday, August 2, 2015
Poll Closes: Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Little Dee is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

Initial Discussions with the Committee

When I first began to communicate with my fellow committee members about how the ballot would be created, I had one other important item on my agenda to cover. Wu, himself.

Although Wu was a very low key person with most of us never having much interaction with him, the man was vital in creating one of the most recognized, and long-lasting places on the web for us foot fetishists to mingle, show off our work, or just shoot the shit. Without him, none of this would have been what it is today. Because of all those things and more, I brought the idea to the table to have Wu automatically be inducted into the WFLHoF fame - no ballot appearance needed. Everyone else agreed with the notion, which I figured was just a formality when I asked.

Goddess Brianna is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

Picking the Final Ballot

Once the notion to include Wu had been introduced and agreed upon, it was time for us to begin our nomination process. Each committee member was told to pick five candidates they believed worthy of nomination. Items such as longevity, growth, popularity, character, and presence on Wu's Feet Links itself were some of the items we used to pick our nominees.

I will not go over each candidate's personal nominations, but will say everyone brought a wide array of prospects to the discussion. Two of the nominations were repeated on multiple committee members list. Per the rules, they were both automatically added to the ballot. With that done, we began our discussion of who else should join them.

Obviously it would be futile for us to argue our own nominations as we picked them and therefore would feel strongly about each. At that point I asked the group how they wanted to proceed. Bondo ( came up with the idea for us to each pick a person that wasn't on our own list. We all liked the idea and went from there.

For the next week we all looked over the other three committee member's combined lists and excluded our own. From there we each picked one person from the other three people's lists as our nominee - and believe me, the choice was a hard one to make. I won't speak for the other committee members, but I know it was for me. So many deserving people...

We now had six people and a few days remaining before our process was set to close. I made one final post asking the committee to make their final cases for anyone else they believed deserved to be on the ballot. No one stepped forward, so we went with our six.

Layla Mercedes is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

The Final Ballot of Six

When the process of narrowing down our nominations was complete I took to the forum to create the poll. I was glad to see some variety to the ballot. Not only did we have females, but also a male. Not only did we have models, but producers, photographers, and web masters too. We also didn't forget our history either with most of the nominees having been around the foot fetish online landscape for 10 or more years. This mix of people is none other than:

  • Bellecita (Anita)
  • Ed Fox
  • Erotic Nikki
  • Goddess Brianna
  • Layla Mercedes
  • Little Dee (Goddess Dee)

I took a few minutes to go over some basics of each of these people on the "Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame 2015 Poll" thread. All of these nominees have been people I've adored, become online friends with, took inspiration from, and have even been lucky enough to work with. They're all are great people and worthy of the nomination. That being said, however, I want you all to vote for who you want, so I kept my words brief when writing that thread. This is where your opinions matter - where you will all make the final choices.

Photographer, Ed Fox is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

Once the Poll Closes

For a few weeks here the voting process will play out. Once that is completed, the votes will be made public and the three leading vote getters will take their place, alongside Wu, in the WFLHoF Class of 2015. The next two runners-up will automatically be included on the ballot in 2016, but more on that in a minute.

After the pools close and the new WFLHoF members are announced, an all new HoF page will be created on Wu's Feet Links featuring this year's additions. It will also feature the existing members of the WFLHoF, which includes: Lil Redhead (2000), Naia (2000), Janet Mason (2000), Genie (2002), Britney Sweetstink (2002), Devonne (2003), and Lexi (2005). 

I'm looking to expand the page design to include more current information, such as social media contacts, web sites, clips stores, etc. For those models, or sites, no longer online, a "retired" tag will be added behind the information. And finally, I want to have a small bio/description for each inductee. I like that Wu included a few photos of each inductee, so that is something I wish to carry on.

Erotic Nikki is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

The Future of the WFLHoF

I would like to make the WFLHoF an annual event for the site and forum members. As I mentioned above, the two runners-up will automatically find themselves on the following year's ballot. What will change, however, is the committee. 

Each year I aim to have four different people nominate and then narrow down an all new list of possible candidates. I think that will help erase any bias. The reason I went with the three committee members I picked this year was due to their longevity online, both with their own sites and here on Wu's Feet Links. We had a lot of ground to cover since Wu had not placed anyone in the WFLHoF since 2005. As we move forward, I will step back to an overseer role and let four other people come up with the annual ballots.

I'm generally excited to see where this reprized aspect of Wu's Feet Links goes in the years to come. I think it will serve as both a means to honor people in our community and to come together for a fun cause. Now... get on the forum and cast your vote!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Return of the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame

Lexi was the last induction into the WFLHoF in 2005.

About a year ago Wu's Feet Links went through a mini-relaunch, if you will. Wu had passed away several months prior, leaving many of us to wonder why the site was no longer being updated. Upon learning the sad fact that Wu was no longer with us, I talked to Phil from Big Horn Enterprises, the hosting company for both Wu's Feet Links and Soles of Silk, about keeping his site alive. It was much too valuable to the community to let fade away.

It took a number of weeks, but after some brainstorming and polls on the Wu's Feet Links Forum, Phil and I had come up with a plan for how to keep the site going. We learned what sections of the site were most important to the masses and which sections people rarely used. One of those sections, the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame (WFLHoF), was one that ended up on the chopping block.

The last time Wu had inducted anyone into the Hall of Fame was 2009. Only seven total members had been elected since starting it in 2000. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to when or how he'd award someone with WFLHoF honors. The only structure I found was at the bottom of the page where it read, "Vote your favorite model into the HoF by clicking here. The foot models listed above are already in, so do not vote for them." The seven people who have been elected are as follows:

  • Lil Redhead - Lil Redhead's Feet (2000)
  • Naia - Amateur Spanish Feet (2000)
  • Janet Mason - Foot Tease/Janet Exposed (2000)
  • Genie - 1 Genie's Feet (2002)
  • Britney Sweetstink - Britney Sweetstink (2002)
  • Devonne - Sweet Petite Feet (2003)
  • Lexi - Lexi's Foot Fetish (2005)

For all intensive purposes, Wu himself, no longer tended to this section of his site. I don't know if that was for a reason, or just because he was busy with other things. When considering what we would continue to maintain moving forward, this section did not even get a second thought.

Until now.

It was during my recent road trip with Mindee (see blog: "Vacation Shoot - Mindee"), that seeing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHoF) in Cleveland sparked some memories. While shooting one of Mindee's set a few hundred feet away from actually RRHoF building, I began telling Mindee how Wu used to have his own WFLHoF on his site. The more I talked about it, the more I began thinking, "What if we actually relaunched that section of the site?" 

Now the seeds were planted in my head and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Since I had about 6.5 hours of driving time to go before we got home, plus a possible shoot or two, I had nothing but time and ideas going through my head.

The day after Mindee and I got home from our trip I was began writing ideas down for this potential relaunch of the WFLHoF. It actually preoccupied my thoughts as I did the Soles of Silk update for the week. At this point, I was all in, but I had to run it by Phil first.

Once I had finished the site update I sent a quick email to Phil with a rough draft of what I was thinking for the WFLHoF relaunch. He asked me some questions and once I answered them, he told me to go for it. This is a basic overview of some of those things.

A mock up of how the final poll will be presented when voting begins.

WFLHoF Committee & Voting

The following items are a generalized look at what the process will entail when it comes to selecting a new WFLHoF class:

  • All existing WFLHoF members will remain.
  • Anyone in the foot fetish community is eligible moving forward - not just models.
  • There will be a WFLHoF induction of 3 members each year moving forward.
  • Each year a WFLHoF committee will be established consisting of 4 people (different each year) who will nominate 5 people each for the WFLHoF.
  • Committee members are not allowed to nominate themselves.
  • The committee will discuss all of their picks and cut the selection down to no at least 5, but no more than 10 people.
  • Those people will featured in a poll on the Wu's Feet Links Forum for one month's time.
  • Users will be allowed to select up to 3 of those people who they think deserve to be in the WFLHoF.
  • Once the poll closes, the top 3 vote getters will be elected to the WFLHoF class for that year.
  • The fourth and fifth place vote getters will automatically be included on the following year's ballot.

I believe the outline above will allow for a fair and impartial system. I was always looking to have a poll system in place from the beginning, but narrowing down the choices was a top concern to me. As much as I'd like everyone in the foot fetish landscape to be eligible, there is no way we can open it up to hundreds of people at once. The committee will serve as a way to streamline the selections. And by selecting four different committee members each year I believe it further safeguards against anyone picking favorites.

WFLHoF 2015 Committee Members

Picking this year's WFLHoF Committee was of high importance to me. I wanted to include people who have been around the foot fetish scene for a number of years. There are a lot of people to consider for nomination since Wu's last induction in 2005. I will also be a part of the first committee to be sure things run as planned and oversee the process in case we run into any hiccups. With that in mind, here is your WFLHoF Committee for 2015:

  • Adam - Webmaster/photographer of Feet Fair. Moderator on Wu's Feet Links Forum.
  • Bondo - Webmaster/photographer of Pose Your ToesModerator on Wu's Feet Links Forum.
  • Lord Lucan - Webmaster of International Celebrity FeetModerator on Wu's Feet Links Forum.
  • Patrick - Webmaster/photographer of Soles of SilkModerator on Wu's Feet Links Forum.

How & When Voting Will Occur

With all the committee members signed on for this year, we will begin the process of coming up with the 2015 WFLHoF Ballot. We will finalize that ballot as soon as possible and present the ballot on Saturday, August 1, 2015. Voting will run the entire month on a stickied poll found on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. Results will remain hidden until the poll is completed on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

Following the end of the poll the new members will be added to the WFLHoF page that Phil and I will be redesigning. All existing members will remain, but we're going to freshen things up a bit with some extra elements about each inductee and add in the new class.

Where to Stay in the Loop

All future announcements on the 2015 WFLHoF will take place in the Foot Talk section of the Wu's Feet Links on the following thread, "2015 Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame."

I can't wait to get the voting underway and hope everyone has fun taking part in the process!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Foot Fetish Memories from My Teens

I'm very comfortable with my fetish now, but I wasn't always.

As I mentioned earlier in the week on the Wu's Feet Links Forum, in a thread titled, "This Month's Wu's Feet Links Column," I was running way behind on this month's blog entry. Part of me understands why some of the other girls who had written these in the past had ceased doing them after a few months or a few years. A deadline sure an sneak up on you! And if you're like me, you feel bad if you don't deliver as promised.

More than ever, these last couple of months have been quite demanding on me. Not only do I run Soles of Silk and help with Wu's Feet Links when it comes to this blog, the interviews, and feature model calendar, but I also work a full time job and do a bunch of advertising and product design for it outside of the workplace. That advertising and product design is what has been kicking my ass lately. Just a bunch of time sensitive items being given to me back to back without much of break in between.

Not wanting to skip a month on the blog, however, I decided to come up with something I can do based on my experiences. I have totally enjoyed interviewing people for topics in some of the past columns, but this entry is already late and I can't depend on people to be able to answer questions ASAP. Plus, it wouldn't be fair of me to expect them to be prompt when I've been tied up myself.

With that in mind, I began thinking of some topics that I've been asked about over the years. That's when I came up with the idea to write about some of my early foot fetish experiences growing up. I like to ask about these when I interview people because it gives us a glimpse into what they faced early on. And while I've talked a lot about my Soles of Silk and former The 10 Little Piggies experiences, I feel like I haven't really mentioned what it was like before all that came to be.

I wasn't always comfortable with my foot fetish when I was younger. I did, however, find ways to get my foot fix in the years leading up to meeting Abby, my former girlfriend and probably the single biggest reason I became so comfortable with this fetish. You'll see her mentioned a couple of times in this article too.

In addition to Abby's experience, I've listed five other memorable experiences that involved female feet. These aren't every experience I ever had, just some that stuck out and that I've not forgotten. I didn't even mention the first girl whose feet I got to play with on a regular basis - my first real girlfriend, Amanda. While she allowed me access to her feet, no particular instance stands out. Just know that she fell somewhere between the first two experiences below.

I hope this is fun little read for people. Again, I apologize for it being late and hope I'm able to have a little more free time in the coming weeks.

Bowling - Rainbow Toes

When I was younger, one of my best friends moved away. To try to get me to meet some new kids and make new friends, my mother signed me up for a duckpin bowling league. If you're unfamiliar with duckpins, just know it's a three ball variation of the standard game with much smaller balls and pins. For more information, check it out on Google as it's not exactly important to the story.

Anyhow, over the years I became pretty good at the sport and joined a travel league. At the end of every year we would do a challenge match against teams from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. It was at one of these matches I had a fun little experience with a girl who had her toenails painted all different colors.

Both of our teams had been eliminated from the up the ladder finals. She was from Connecticut, I believe. We were sitting out front of the bowling alley, which featured a large concrete porch and staircase. Mostly everyone was still inside watching the matches take place. Meanwhile I was just outside making small talk with this girl.

I made a comment about her toenails being flashy and she asked me if I liked them. I said I did. Now, I wasn't open about my foot fetish at this point, so I kept it at that. But when she said her feet hurt, I offered a massage to see what response I'd get. Believe me, my heart began racing once I asked. I didn't know what the response would be.

Fast forward a few minutes and there I was, in my early high school years, giving this girl a foot massage out in front of the bowling alley and she obviously took me up on the offer. She was very chill and thought it was so relaxing. I don't even remember how long the massage was, but I know it wasn't short either. I do recall totally being a dork at one point and doing the "This little piggy" thing to her when I accidentally tickled her.

Since I was still very shy about my fetish during this portion of my life, I felt like I had hit the lottery with this experience. In the grand scheme of things, it's far from the most interesting or wildest experience I've had with female feet, but it was still memorable for the time.

Bowling - Munchkins

Sticking with the bowling and the challenge match theme, a few years later, between my junior and senior year of high school, our bowling league once again was up in Connecticut for the tournament. This time, however, my experience was much more "sweet" and took place with a girl in my own league that I admired at the time. One who was also the daughter of my mother's supervisor.

Our bowling league would always rent out hotel rooms for our tournament for several days when we'd visit Connecticut. Well, after our bus arrived and we all checked in, a bunch of us were out mingling with each other to see where our rooms were. I ended up making my way to Lisa's room at some point.

Lisa, or someone in her room, had bought Dunkin Donuts Munchkins at one of the rest stops on our drive north. While I was in Lisa's room, she and one of the other girls were giving me a hard time. I told her I'd throw a Munchkin at her if she didn't stop. Well, she reached over and threw one at me instead, but missed. I jumped up and grabbed the box and pulled another one out. I sat on top of her and told her to say she was sorry, or I was going to smash one on her. She began kicking at me to get me off, refusing to apologize. I took that donut and did what I promised.

I grabbed Lisa's foot as she tried to kick me and smashed the donut right up into her pudgy toes. I was lucky enough to have grabbed one with pudding, or some kind of vanilla cream inside of it too. Lisa squealed and I just kept smearing it into her toes.

Lisa was finally able to wiggle free and she ran over to the other side of the bed by the window. She called for a truce. I said okay and backed down. A few seconds later, however, Lisa lunged for the Munchkins to try and get me. I won out again and grabbed the box. We wrestled around and I smashed another donut in her toes and she just giggled beyond belief.

It was around this time one of the coaches came by and I didn't think sitting on top of Lisa would look good, so I got up. We were both breathing a little heavy and smirking when the coach gave us this weird look. Lisa hid her feet and the coach never saw the pudding and cinnamon all over the carpet between the beds.

As for the other girl who was in the room, she stayed out of it and laughed her ass off when Lisa got her toes all gooey.

A funny side note to this experience, when my 12th grade English teacher asked us to write the standard "What I did over the summer" paper when we first went back to school, I wrote about this whole experience. I also wrote about it in much more detail. I only wish I still had it saved.

Photography Class

While I was in high school, mostly during my senior year, I practically asked any and every girl I thought looked cute to model for some photos for my photography class. One of the art teachers used to ask me if there were any girls I didn't shoot.

Whenever I would get one of the girls at school to pose I'd always find a reason to need them to take their shoes off for the photos. Sometimes I'd even ask them to do poses with socks and/or shoes being pulled off. Every so often the girls thought it was weird, but I never remember being told no.

While this didn't net me many hands on experiences since I was in class at the time, I'd sometimes get a cheap feel, or playful foot rub in. It's also how I first got to feel Abby's super soft feet.

Abby always knew I had a foot fetish. I think she could see it in my work. When I finally asked her to pose for some photos, she wore these strappy shoes - per my request, of course. See, she'd wear these shoes in class and since I sat two rows behind her, her feet often distracted the ever living hell out of me. So yeah, I asked her to wear them.

When I was shooting photos of Abby in one of the small private rooms, I got down to her feet for the last few shots I needed. That's when Abby told me her feet are so smooth that she had slipped going down the steps a time or two. She then kicked off her shoes and told me to feel her soles. She wanted to prove how smooth her soles were, but also admitted years later to wanting me to touch her feet at the time. I was caught off guard, but I sure as hell wasn't turning down the offer. And boy was she ever right! It sure wouldn't be the last time she'd tease me, and do it knowingly either.

Senior Week

After graduation I made my way to Ocean City, Md. with my friends. I thought I had it made. I was staying in a room with two female classmates - one of which I thought was gorgeous. Sadly, the weather sucked though and the girls were content to stay in. I, on the other hand, went out and hung out at a friend's place and got pretty trashed. I actually ended up staying with them the entire time in a room I didn't even pay for.

On one of the nights I was walking around with my buddy Chris and his 21 year old brother. With Chris' brother being 21, it meant we were able to get some alcohol. Well, after returning from the liquor store, the three of us met some girls from Pennsylvania. We walked around on the boardwalk for a while with them, eventually making it back to their hotel.

While Chris, his brother, and I were hanging out with these girls, the one complained about her feet hurting from walking the boardwalk. Again, I came to the rescue and said I'd give them a massage. At first she said she wasn't sure as no one really rubbed her feet before. I assured her she'd like it. She said what the hell and stuck her feet in my lap.

After a while she said, "You weren't kidding about this feeling good. Now only if someone was rubbing my shoulders..."

That's when Chris' brother reached over and rubbed her shoulders. I don't remember this girl's name, but one of her friends called her a spoiled bitch and laughed. Chris' brother didn't really rub her shoulders for too long though. He was busy trying to talk to one of the other girls.

Sadly, before any of this could go further, apparently someone called the cops on some other people at the hotel who weren't registered guests. Even though it wasn't our hotel either, we weren't the ones who had the cops called on us. The police still asked us to leave nonetheless.

A very early photo of Abby's soft soles after I began Soles of Silk.

McDonald's Fries

After senior week was over and the rest of the summer played out, college had begun. But one day I took a trip to the mall and who did I run into? Abby. It had been months since I had seen her and we struck up a long conversation. It ultimately led to Abby giving me her phone number.

One day when I didn't have class I called Abby and she told me to come over. She was babysitting her manager's kid that day and was bored. I told her I was just about to go to McDonald's before she told me to come over, so if she wanted me to, I'd pick her up something too. She did.

After I arrived at Abby's house, my first visit ever to her place, we sat in her living room watching TV. The McDonald's food sat on the coffee table and at one point a French fry fell onto the ground.

Before I could grab the fry, Abby grabbed it with her toes. She asked me if I wanted to eat it and stuck her foot to my face. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded.

I don't remember what she said at that point, but she basically told me she always knew I had a thing for feet and she thought it was so cute. With that being said, I ate the fry and then gave Abby the first of many foot massages I'd end up giving her. 

Within a month or so we were officially dating and she's the one who made me feel unashamed of having a foot fetish. She began telling her female friends, which embarrassed me at first, but then made me own it and love it even more. Hell, Abby even had some of her friends pose for me and she even let me rub their feet sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed this old stroll down memory lane for me. I wasn't always comfortable admitting my fetish to people, even though many probably suspected it. Oh, the good old days!

How about you? What were some of your early experiences like growing up with a foot fetish? Have you grown to be more comfortable with it over time?