Monday, December 8, 2003

Perfect Excuse (Archive)

The column found below was published in December 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

The Holidays are here! Some look at this time as a time of celebration, some as a time of trial and tribulations, and still others as a troubling time. The colder months of winter often mean that the obvious displays of open toed shoes and sandals are being hidden away for another season, and that in and of itself might be something to be depressed over! However, the enduring foot fan should look at this season as a time full of opportunity! 

There are multiple opportunities for the foot fetish fan to indulge, endear, and entrap the objects of his/her desire for their own hedonistic desires! Last year at this time I wrote about the most obvious of opportunities, and that of course is the holiday parties! New Year's Eve, the Office Party, the friendly gathering, and any other excuse that we find to dress in our best and imbibe the spirits of the season! As we women try to find the best that fashion has to flatter our assets for the season, shoes are the most significant of accessories for that holiday outfit. At times, it has taken me longer to find the right shoes than it has to find the right dress. If you were to tag along on this holiday venture, would you not be treated to a substantial amount of shoe modeling? I have noticed more than one man sitting outside the shoes store watching the women, and there has been a few more in the store themselves with their wives. I was lucky enough to encounter a couple in a trendy upscale department store trying on shoes, and he was totally unashamed and unembarrassed while giving her direct feedback on her choice of styles! I am sure that any man given his choice would pay for even expensive shoes if they were to assist in fulfilling his fantasy. If you are trying to provide your partner with subtle hints as to your fetish, what better way than to take an interest in her footwear? You can watch, you can hint, and you can even make your fetish choice! Now, that is opportunity!

There is additional opportunity in the fact that long days of shopping can end in some very tired tootsies. A foot-soak or bath and/or rubbing of the feet are a welcome relief to your tired female shopper. It would be incredibly hard to lose in this situation. You look considerate and thoughtful even if your motivation is purely sinful! If you are into the fragrant perfume of the female foot, this is the perfect opportunity to revel in the hot steamy leather encasement that has fermented her foot throughout the day. Remove her shoe or boot leaving it precariously close to you, and while rubbing her foot you can lift and whiff! If you prefer a pampered ped, prep a bath and wine. As you inquire as to her day, you can linger at the end of the tub and offer to rub her feet. The best bet is to just gently take hold of her foot and do it without offering. We women appreciate an assertive gesture that meets our needs! Once again, the first timer, or reluctant foot fan, can communicate their desires more subtly through behavior, and again this is the perfect opportunity. I have been given substantial foot massages by roughly half a dozen men in my time, and I can tell you from experience that there is no better communicator of this fetish than the obvious bulge pretending to be a foot rest during this 'innocent' activity! Curious how after one foot is done with its massage that it is placed in a lap just the right way as to make contact with your manhood!

I almost overlooked one of the more subtle shopping opportunities for men during this holiday season! How often do you venture off on your own when your partner enters the bath and body type of store? That fruity and fragrant women's shop full of wicker, soaps, and lotions is a hidden opportunity for the foot fetishist. Were you aware that many products sold in this shop are for women's feet? Pumice stones to soften calluses and heels, peppermint lotion designed specifically to revive the tired foot, cuticle creams for pedicures, and the list can go on! If a man were to take interest in such a shop, would he be considered feminine? I find a confident man that is not afraid to shop for lingerie, women's clothing, or accessories for women to be quite attractive! How many men have endured the embarrassed feeling of speaking to the pretty young woman at the lingerie store while shopping for their wife or girlfriend? Would it be any different in this type of store? It is better actually to know absolutely nothing about what you are doing at that point. Many of the saleswomen are very knowledgeable about their products, and what an opportunity to engage them in conversations about the products related to their feet. What can you tell me about this foot lotion? My partner likes to pamper her feet, but how do I know what to buy her? The voyeuristic experience of talking openly and innocently to a woman about foot products should be a fun and stimulating experience. Stunt Cock has done this on any number of occasions, and he often relates to me after giving me the gift what occurred during his buying spree. He often ends up buying me more than he had planned on! We often laugh over the conversation trying to guess if she was aware of his fetish or not. Always seems like the younger women are not as in tune as the slightly more mature. Opportunities for you and for her that could lead to more open communication about your fetish, more experiences for you in the foot fetish world, and/or just another opportunity to get hold of those sexy feet!

I wish you all the happiest and horniest of holiday seasons! Try to see the opportunity that is hidden in all aspects of your life, and you will be surprised by the sheer number! I would love to hear from anyone who tries any of these suggestions over the course of the holidays. I would enjoy hearing your stories of success, near misses, or any other developments! 

Saturday, November 8, 2003

Pop Goes the... ? (Archive)

The column found below was published in November 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Anticipation, temptation, teasing, flirting, longing, desire, denial, frustration, and taboo. What do all these words have in common? They are some of most essential and powerful components of human sexuality. The human is the only identified organism that is known to pursue sexual activity for the pure sake of physical pleasure. It goes beyond a simple extinct; beyond simple procreation of the species; and beyond the satiation of physical drive. The human being revels in the hedonistic pleasure that the physical, mental, and emotional elements of sex produce within them. One of the most significant elements of sex is the build up, or foreplay, that creates the exquisite tension of sexual desire. Like awaiting a fine wine to develop over time, the anticipation of great sexual activity allows the physical and emotional tension to grow to the point that release is essential. The longer that tension is prolonged, the more intense and powerful the release! However, the ability to deny or control oneself is the key to allowing the tension to rise to those barely tolerable levels. If that control to deny or prolong is placed entirely outside of oneself into the hands, or feet, of another then the tension can be driven even further toward ecstasy!

The foot fetish world is defined by the exact description you have just read! The everyday view of that female executive in her questionable heels, the playful colors spread across the young woman's toes in her sandals at the restaurant, the anklets and toes rings drawing your eyes toward the bare feet of the nymph at the park, and incredibly tantalizing view of the nylon encased ped dangling her pumps at the bar. Your desire to touch, taste, and caress are tempted, even taunted, everyday, and it creates the sexual tension that you so often relieve alone lost in fantasy. You know that your mind drifts to those very pictures even as you slide your manhood into your girlfriend or wife, and how you long for her to wickedly and wantonly recognize your weakness. If only she would raise her foot to your mouth, or rub her soft soles over you body and face! You know that you create that tension even as you hide your true sexual desire by denying the chance to gain the fulfillment. My stunt cock would go as far as to buy pantyhose and stockings just to feel the material rub his cock praying for the day that feet would replace his own touch. His knowledge of brands styles and sizes exceed my own to this day!

There is no better singular example of the power of anticipation and the foot than the foot fetish related to balloon play. This seems to pair the power of the female foot with the delicate nature of the balloon to create a tension and anticipation that drives some men and women to the very brink of orgasm. One man described that each time a woman poses her foot to grip her toes and push on the thin semi-transparent rubber, it is as if he himself are on the very edge of bursting. Each time that the woman threatens to break the thin barrier is like taking his very cock to the edge only to suddenly pull him back from the precipice of orgasm. At the same time, the child-like innocence of balloons paired with the wicked teasing knowledge of the woman who understands their sexual power creates that excruciatingly torturous feeling of tension without control. The ability of this fetish activity to flirt with edge of innocence is truly intriguing to me! At the same time there is a delight in the surprised screech and giggle that a bursting balloon will produce from most women! It is a reaction that is similar to the naughty giggle of flirting as if to say "You are so BAD! Don't stop!" That coy but flirtatious reaction just begs your horny souls to continue your lustful pursuit. The pure shock of the burst is so sudden and strong, so I wonder if the surprised reaction at the first spasming shot of a man's cum is similar? A balloon fan should let me know on that one!

I recently watched an edition of Playboy Channels Sexcetera that highlighted a man and his balloon fetish, and I have to admit that watching the women straddle, fondle, and hump these gigantic, pliable balloons was more erotic than I would have thought at first. They showed the women standing on balloons so forgiving that they would not burst under the normal pressure of the foot. However, the model's hesitation, and even flinching, due to the tension and anticipation over the possible explosion was stimulating and entertaining. 

I have to admit that a balloon photo shoot cannot be far behind for me! I think it would fun to be at a party of some kind (and with New Year's Eve just around the corner) that had balloons in abundant supply. I could simply begin to fondle a balloon or two at my feet, and then I could take notice of anyone who might be paying attention. My usual attire of barely there strappy heels could easily put on a show that would entice any foot fan to at least stop for a moment! Slipping my foot out of such a style is easy as well, and I know that my nails can get a little sharp on the edges; even with the meticulous care I give to them. How delicious it would be to know that at any moment I could simple tip the edge of a toe and "BANG" the release! I wonder what my audience would do at just such a moment? Would they ask me to dance? Would they have a raging bulge in there fine slacks? Would they run for the bathroom to stroke their hard cock in tribute? Something tells me that this little mischievous foot girl is going to have to find out for herself!

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

You're so Veiny! (Archive)

The column found below was published in October 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

There are so many subtleties in the world of the Foot Fetishist. Shape, size, color, symmetry, and texture. Shape alone can be column itself, but a recent letter from an adoring fan highlighted a feeture of my feet that I have greatly overlooked to this point. I have admit that it is one that once again I thought at one point was unattractive or a negative. However, a little exploration paired with some open-minded play, and I have a new fun part of my feet to tantalize, tease, and please all you foot fetish fans! I have veiny feet!

Place a foot in a heel, and there are two demands on the foot: (1) the foot must flex to accommodate to tip toe position of the foot, and (2) the foot is squeezed within the confines of the leather straps, leather material, or whatever is used to hold the foot in the shoe. These two forces combine to increase the blood flow and pressure to the foot, and much like a body builder lifting weights; the body must adjust to the stress. If women have trim feet, this becomes obviously apparent in the expansion of the veins to accommodate the blood. Thus, the veins bulge and throb as they feed the feet causing them to become highly visible. The arch and the top of the foot are the easiest to see as most shoes reveal these areas, but at the same time these are the main locations of the veins in the feet. It only makes sense that the higher the heel, the more the stress on the foot, the more the blood flows, and the more veiny the appearance! Therefore, those with a high heel fetish may become more attracted to this particular feeture due to their constant search for this type of women in high heels!

Biology and fetish lesson not with standing, my feet often show their veiny tracts when I where my heels for any substantial length of time. One adoring fan pointed this out in a letter, and he described it as follows:

"The veins are like little road maps that beg me to follow them all over your foot. Their obvious convolutions draw my desire out to feel every inch! My fingers would wander over them for hours only to give way to my tongues need to trace each one. What I would not give to feel their throbbing as I run my hard cock over each one! I imagine it to be like little fingers that send shivers through every nerve ending as the head flows over each one!"

How can a girl ignore such a stimulating tribute to my veiny little teasers! This leads to a rather stimulating evening at a dinner party in which I was wearing my highest white heels. I was not wearing any hose to show off my tan legs and feet, but as I stood in the living room of my friend's home, I noticed my feet in the mirrored wall. My feet appeared quite veiny at the time, and this brought back the fan's comments to my dirty little mind. One of the other women at the party who has been a regular in my talks with women about fetishism and feet approached me and asked, "What are you doing?" I began sharing with her my observations of the veiny feet. She laughed "Oh My God! Jeff has been a veiny foot lover since we met!" She was referring to her husband. It was at this time that I was able to observe that her feet were quite slender as well, and that her strappy little sandal number with a 4" heel had her peds showing off their veiny appearance as well. As we were alone in the living room at the time, Tammy and I hatched a little plan.

Tammy called for Jeff, and he quickly came to the living room. "Jeff, what do you think of Michelle's pumps?" Tammy queried. "They are quite nice" was his innocent reply. I sat and slowly crossed my legs in low set cocktail chair, and this allowed Jeff to sit on the sofa. This was strategic in that it placed my foot fully within his view. Tammy sat in the chair that matched my own, and Jeff had a display of finely pedicured peds set out before him like an appetizer tray. It took all of two minutes to realize that Jeff would have a hard time keeping his eyes off our feet. Never being the subtle one of the bunch, I dangled a heel while blurting out, "So Jeff are my feet veiny enough to turn you on?" Tammy let out a shocked giggle, and Jeff blushed wildly for a cocky attorney. "So, my secret is not even safe with my own wife!" He defended. After the initial shock wore down, Jeff was able to share the fact that his love of veiny feet began with his babysitter as an eight year-old. She was in her twenties, and was the daughter of the neighbor. He describes lying on the floor near her feet while watching television, and that her sandals allowed him a full view of her feet. They were quite veiny in appearance, and while he never had the opportunity to touch them, he fantasized endlessly about how they would feel! 

It appears that the texture given off by the appearance of the veins is one source of the attraction. The other seems to be the temptation or unfulfilled desire to reach out and touch the forbidden fruit! At this time, Tammy and I simply dropped a shoe and placed our veiny teasers on each of Jeff's trembling knees. Tammy said, "Take one in each hand, and tell us which feels veinier to you?" That familiar glazed look of embarrassment mixed with overwhelming disbelief and desire began to spread across Jeff's face. His hands trembled as he gripped and then caressed each of our feet. This is one of those delicious moments for me when I am so turned on that I can barely stand it! It comes again from the site of someone so turned on in part due to me that my own sex begins to cry for attention. The moment was broken by the call to dinner, but we all could feel the electricity in the room. I hugged Tammy whispering "Enjoy that later for me!" I kissed Jeff on the cheek whispering, "Have fun!" Jeff excused himself to "Wash Up!" However, I believe that the bulge in his pants needed to cool a bit before presenting himself for dinner! 

Another subtle flavor of the foot, and its power to entice! Oh, Tammy called to tell me that she and Jeff had sex in the car before even making it home. This is really funny when you realized they live two doors down, and they walked home!

Monday, September 8, 2003

Broken Feet (Archive)

The column found below was published in September 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Hi Footsters! September welcomes in the month of transition! Transition in weather means transition in the shoes women wear, but the lure of the foot remains in the air! I have a very puzzling item to discuss this month. What is the attraction to the woman in the cast? I get many men writing to ask me if I have ever been in a cast, why I was in it, and if there are any pictures of me and my foot in that cast? I have even been offered money to have my foot and leg placed in a cast solely for the purpose of the eroticism of it for one individual. Well loyal Wu fans, I set out with my usual unabashed curiosity to explore the lure of the broken the foot!

Why would someone be attracted to a woman's foot wrapped in plaster, or plastic, only allowing for her toes or possibly the balls of her feet to be free? According to Evan, "…it is the restriction for me! The gorgeous toes are trapped for me to do my bidding!" So, one significant aspect for this erotic interest area is almost a foot bondage theme. The helplessness for the woman in that she has no choice in revealing her foot or toes, and the restriction of her freedom to move to protect them. Vulnerability! Jeff states:

"When I was 13, my sister's friend was in a cast for a number of weeks. She would stay at our house after school, and I first noticed her toes when signing her cast. There they were so pink and small against this large plaster trap. I reached out and tickled them! The poor girl howled with laughter, and this became a game. She would even dare me at times to do it. To this day I jerk off furiously to the thought of tickling tasting, and even rubbing my cock on those exposed toes!"

Again we find that theme of vulnerability, but more with the idea of tickling added into the mix. This all begins to make sense to me in that it is a natural extension for any foot fetishist. The exposed toes could be clean or dirty, trapped and vulnerable, and just plain on display. The same ideas that would attract any man with a foot interest! It did dawn on me while discussing this topic with a few webmasters with sites that cater to this interest that since many men are unable to develop or locate willing foot fetish partners that casts or injury would offer a unique opportunity. This would allow them unfettered access to their objects of desire, while limiting their partner's ability to restrict them from meeting that desire. Now, I would never support or suggest that acting on your desire without consent should be tolerated in any sexual act, however this would allow for access in a very blatant manner. Bajai explained, "…for years I wanted to share my foot fetish with my partner, but I could never find the right circumstances to share it. Then one day after an automobile accident had placed her in a leg cast, I had the opportunity to was and care for her feet!" He goes on to describe how washing turned to pedicures, and then blowing on her nails turned to a kiss on the toes. It was not long before Bajai was sucking on her toes. He went on, "The limits of the cast on our sex life was quite a bit, but as I sucked on her exposed big and second toe she began to opening masturbate in front of me for the first time!" Ahhh another happy ending in foot fetish land! 

The casting offers a secondary piece of this puzzle that I realized while talking with these men. The point of discussion, center of attention, emphasis of care becomes the injured part of the body. This allows for 'innocent' reference or attention on the desired object that can lead to more intimate discussion regarding that part of the body. How will she go out in public with her foot exposed? It needs to be clean? Can she adorn it in a manner to be acceptable? The pure opportunity to more opening focus on and discuss the foot and leg is at a premium at this time!

The last aspect of the casting as erotic that I will address is disfigurement. While most were much more innocent in their attraction, there is a group of individuals that appear to find the possible alteration of the foot attractive. The fact that it is unique in some manner due to injury, and the curiosity of what might lie beneath holds an attraction. I was unable to locate anyone who was willing to discuss this fact with me, but it was obvious that it did exist. It appear to range from the extreme of wanting to disfigure the foot to meet their own needs to the more simple idea of a foot so unique that it would be like having a toy no one else in the world could experience. 

There are the extremes in any area of fetishism, but it is interesting how domination, control, vulnerability, and exposure appear to be repetitive themes in all areas. Breasts, pussy's (I still feel naughty when I write that!), even feet continue to share such similarities in their roles as objects of sexual desire. Look but don't touch! Like but don't lust! Please feel free to share your comments or thoughts on this unique area of the foot world!

Friday, August 8, 2003

Features of Feet (Archive)

The column found below was published in August 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Over the last year or so, I written about many topics regarding the world of foot fetishism, and each time I wonder if I have covered every area. At times, I have wondered if I have done each topic justice, or if there are still a few "special" details that I could bring forth. Lo and behold a whole new area has jumped to my attention, and that is the area of the foot maintenance.

I am bias in that I see exhibitionism, foot fetishism, and sexuality in the light of the feminine perspective. This means that I see attractive qualities in women in terms of the soft, the well tended, the finely manicured, the fussed, primped, and pampered in most everything. I usually have my hands and feet pampered once a week, and sometimes more. I take pride in scraping the dead callused skin from each heel, ball, and toe on each foot in between trips to the salon. I feel very uncomfortable if a nail is chipped, the polish is worn, or if my skin appears dry or thick. This has become routine for me, as this is what I perceive as beautiful, attractive, or sexy. Yet, as my interest and experience in the foot fetish world grows, I have discovered that it is the variation in presentation that often is the spark of one's fetish fire!

I have a unique feeture on my feet in that my little toes tilt inward, and a bony knuckle or small protrusion sticks out slightly away from the body of my foot. I once thought this to be ugly, and at times wanted to cover my feet to hide this slight deformity. However, I have learned over time that this is not that unusual, and that many find it an exciting and sexy feeture of my peds. Many a man has written to express true desire and erotic stimulation from that same perceived deformity! I have not only grown to accept this physical difference in myself, but realize the role that it can play in my sexual repertoire. If you take a close look at my pictures that include footjob or foot to cock stimulation, you will notice how these little toes tend to appear to actually grip at the shaft of a cock while I am in the face forward position. This seems to simulate finger grabbing at the shaft, and it has begun to excite me to see them at work! Stunt cock tells me that when I lay on my stomach and reach back to foot-fuck his meat, that the little toes send special sensation through the head of erection due to the way they rub the rim of his helmut. Therefore, the form of my feet has taken on a positive and even erotic position where I was once ashamed or embarrassed by their slight difference!

The difference in what each man or women likes in a foot became more obvious in the contact with a recent fan of flat feet! I always thought that my high, well-defined arches were feminine and sexy, but here is a man who truly desires wide, flat feet. He appears to find a great deal of eroticism in the fact that the entire sole would allow for contact with any and all parts of him at once. In fact, he felt that the continuous rub of the wide long skin of the sole would intensify his enjoyment. This was related in an early experience of playing with a family friend at the beach. She would rub her feet teasingly and playfully all over him, and her wide flat feet were nearly inescapable for a 9 year-old boy. The feel, the look, and the sensation seem to captivate him to this day!

The second example is one of simple maintenance! More than one person has written me about the attraction to the thick, callused, and yellow skin built up on heel and ball of the most neglected feet! The thicker and harder the better (and I thought that was only true for cocks!). One fan relates a trip to the Caribbean where many women lead life without footwear. The hot and rocky surfaces of roads and markets produce a build up of skin as thick as the sole of a shoe, and this man was in heaven! He relates jerking off constantly to the appearance of the exotic dark-skinned island girls with the contrasting yellowish skin heels of their well-worn feet! One man talks of spending many hours toiling in the garden with his wife, and he was no fan of gardening! He knew that she often went barefoot in the process, and the look of her dirty neglected feet drove him to great passion. It is a shame that to this day, she thinks that the smells and exertion of gardening are what make him so horny on the weekends! These individuals are truly blessed in life, because as I look around the store, the mall, or the restaurant, I see many more neglected than pampered peds! Thus, if this is your fetish, you must have more opportunity than anyone for vicarious voyeurism!

I admit that I do not feel sexy without my feet pampered to pristine pink pillows of cock teasing beauty, but I realize that this is only my perception! The world of feet appears to be ever expanding, and I will continue to provide you with my perspective as long as our friend Wu provides this wonderful site for us all! See you next month!

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Letter to Michelle (Archive)

The column found below was published in July 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Hi Michelle 
First of all I really want to tell you something, and this is not just a compliment, I believe it's really true: 
You are the only woman that really understands the nature of foot fetishism, and furthermore when I read your articles I really feel that you are very sincere regarding this subject. So I thought you would really appreciate it if I share the story of my foot fetishist with you, and that I might ask you for a little advice if you don't mind. 
I'm 32 just married man, and my foot fetishist started for me at the very early age of 5. I remember a friend of my sister's who used to come home to study with her. One day, I was playing on the ground near her and my sister, and I remember that I found her feet really cute as she was dangling her shoes. I could smell her feet, and I found myself feeling very excited by the whole situation. As a child, I had something naughty that I used to do. I would lay down on my belly near her feet as if I'm playing with my toys, but in fact I started to rub my little tiny penis against the floor. I remember the intense pleasure that this activity would give me. This only occurred two or three times, but I can remember it as clear as if it were yesterday. 
As I grew older, I remained interested in female feet, but this took on more of an interest in the entire girl as well. I began to have intense fantasies about laying under her feet to kiss and lick them. At that time, I began to think that I was weird or perverted as this did not seem to be common among my friends or the pornography that I could get my hands on at that time. Then one day I saw a movie, and in one scene there was a wonderful woman with gorgeous legs and feet trying to seduce a man who was licking and kissing her feet! WOW! Did this make me happy as I realized for the first time that this may be more normal than I thought! 
At the age of 12, I was actively collecting erotic pictures featuring gorgeous women with bare feet and wonderful legs, and I was practicing my favorite play: laying on my belly rubbing my penis against a pillow while watching the erotic pictures. I recall think that women have a strong and unique power over me, and that power can make me feel and act in a way that is so beyond my control. It was at this time that I experienced my first ejaculation. I was staring a poster of Farrah Fawcett-Majors, and all she was wearing was a Men's Dress shirt and a pair of the sexiest strappy sandals. I remember feeling really ashamed at first as my pants were soaked with a strange clear fluid. At first I thought I might be pissing, because it has almost the same feeling losing control combined with tremendous relief. However, this was different; spasming, sweeter somehow. I remember that experience was a turning point in my sexual fantasies. Feelings of being dominated by a foot mistress began to take shape. I recall wanting to kiss, lick, and worship a women with sexy legs and feet. The most intense thought of feeling her feet all over me, my mouth, my hands, my face, and of course my penis. I began to view footjobs as the ultimate female domination over a man! That she could force me to lose control with nothing more than her feet! However, this seemed even more perverted to me than ever before, and I feared telling or sharing this with anyone! About 5 years ago I discovered Wu's Feet Links, and my dreams came true! Since that time, I have felt more free to deal with my fetish, and the addition of your columns have helped to see that my interests are not as abnormal as I have felt all these years.  
I have begun to have sexual experiences with my wife, and I'm proud to say that she has begun to participate in my fetish. I can kiss, lick, and even bite her feet during sex. I have been lucky enough to experience two incredible footjobs from her as well. I cannot begin to describe the fulfillment I experience when she makes me ejaculate on her feet! Do you know what she said when she gave me my first footjob? "I can't believe how hard you got, and so quickly!" My somewhat shy wife even said "I don't think I have ever seen you so excited! Look how much you came!" But do you know that I still couldn't tell her that I have a foot fetishist! I am afraid that she will misunderstand and think that I love her feet more than her. On the other hand, she has told me that she gets very excited and wet when she sees me so excited and hard during these two footjobs!  
After this long story, that I hope you like, I would like you tell me what you think about it. And help me, if it's necessary, to tell my wife about my foot fetishism and how?

Wow! I share this letter with all the friends of Wu! I think this letter illustrates the depth and desire of the foot fan! In addition, it illustrates how our own fears of our sexuality can interfere with reality! Hello! Is your wife not telling you that she is enjoying your foot fetish? She may not call it that, and she may not think of it in those words, but she obviously welcomes this activity into your sex life! The only thing missing so far is your taste for domination! Last year I wrote an article on how to get your spouse or partner into your fetish activity, and this still applies today; take it slow; be subtle; be sensitive! She has clearly picked up on your interest in her feet, but be careful not to rush it! She will continue to find ways on her own to drive you crazy now that she is feeling excited by it too! Be subtle by purchasing shoes, outfits, hosiery, or pedicures that spark your fire, and nature will take it's course from there! Be sensitive to attend to her sexual interests as much as you would like her to attend to this area for you! That way she will know that you care and desire her for more than her sweet peds!

I continue to receive letters from many men that are almost as obvious as this one! His dream come true is right in front of him, yet society has ingrained this puritanical ideal of perversity so deeply that we ignore the evidence! She likes IT! Your wife gets wet by feeling your turgid cock throbbing between her succulent feet! She likes seeing you shoot a huge load on her feet! Do you know how many men are reading this article thinking; "Damn! I wish that was my wife!" Follow the three S's, and be among the many fulfilled foot fetish fans! 

This letter was edited in order to preserve the writer's anonymity! Anyone else want to share with Michelle?

Sunday, June 8, 2003

Spread'em!! (Archive)

The column found below was published in June 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Toes! Toes! Toes! The ten little magical digits that every foot fetishist has some attachment, affinity, or desire to touch, taste, smell, or see! Some like them bare, some like them with colorful polish, and still others want them dirty. It is like an endless parade of idiosyncratic lust relating to some adolescent experience simultaneously burned into the brain and groin granting entrance in to the fetish kingdom. Many a foot fetishist expresses shame, frustration, and even self-hate due to this gift, but let me offer another perspective!

How do men and women reach out to embrace their various desires or fetishes? If you love panties, could you not be caught trying to peek up skirts or rifle through lingerie drawers? If you are a tit-man, do you not constantly feel the sting of stares when caught ogling the fleshy mounds that are so constantly displayed without full satisfaction of a view of the full prize? If you are an S/M fetishist, do you not feel the total frustration of the lack of outlets visually or physically in your day-to-day life? Every sexual desire comes with natural denial, frustration, and longing! You have to understand that if your desires were granted to the most complete point of your fantasies, they would loose their intoxicating power to bewitch and lure you into sexual excitement! 

The foot fetish has such a clear advantage to all other fetishes due to the simple fact that everyday life provides them with more stimulating, tease, and frustration than any other fetish. The toes and feet are so well displayed in our culture, that their ability to remain a constant sexual focus without full satisfaction gives them an awesome power! A foot fetishist's frustration is the key to their excitement! Like the proverbial carrot on a stick just outside the reach of the beast's hungry mouth, we parade our feet before you all! Your rigid cocks leading you about daily existence until you have no choice but to stroke them to relief! The subtle obviousness of this fetish is the key to power of your desire. If you persevere, the physical and emotional fulfillment of your desire will be unmatched in your sexual experience. 

I recently had an opportunity to fulfill the longings of a foot fetishist that I have known for many years. Jessie is 47 year-old professional man, who has worked with my stunt cock off and on throughout their careers. He carries himself as confident and professional most of the time, but his desire for my feet has always been apparent. It was also apparent that he was embarrassed by this aspect of his arousal. Jessie would blush, stutter, and even sweat around me if my feet were on display, and if I made clear my awareness of his focus, that really sent him over the edge. 

Jessie recently visited our home for a combination of business and social reasons, and at the end of a long day we were all happy to sit back with a drink. We were all dressed professionally due to our various obligations for that day, and it did not take long for happy hour to have its desired effect! Stunt cock watched as I dangled a heel from nylon encased toe, and the smile that spread across his face let me know he was aware of my intent. Jessie's gaze shifted quickly and often to my feet, and while I knew Jessie was a foot fan, I had yet to figure out his specific area of foot fetish. However, my tan feet and red polished toes showed distinctly through my white, sheer to the toe, and seamed hose. His focus was so intent on my dangle show, that I surmised that he was certainly a toe fan. He also was much more flush and intent regarding his need to gaze upon my toes than ever before, and thus I determined that the hose were having an additional impact. The next task was to find out how specific I could get in detecting Jessie's fetish.

Stunt cock left the room to freshen our drinks, and that gave me a perfect opportunity to take this to the next level! I let my 4" pump drop from my delicate red toes, and the thump against the wood floor nearly made Jessie jump like a startled child! Understanding Jessie to be the gentleman that he is, I requested that he retrieve my shoe for me. He hesitated a moment as if he were caught between revealing himself by this action, or attempting to maintain his ridiculously, thin fa├žade. I joke about being too comfortable to move, and with that he took one knee to retrieve my shoe. I extended my toes toward him in an absent-minded fashion all the while attempting to measure my impact! I pointed my toes as he attempted to place the pump upon my ped, but I noticed a slight alteration in his expression. I cannot quite explain it. It was not disappointment, but some hesitation that seemed to break the tension. At that point, I playfully spread my toes in order to foil his attempt to get the pump over them. His gasp was audible, and then a nervous laugh. I relaxed my foot's posture, and as he again re-attempted to capture my toes in the fine leather pump, I again spread them quickly in a teasing and playful gesture. I lifted my foot higher toward his gaze and stated, "Are you having trouble?"

Jessie swallowed and managed a weak smile, but he never stopped staring at my wide spread toes! The sheer nylon stretched tight almost like webbing between my toes. The dark tan skin obvious through the diaphanous material was clearly driving him into sexual abandon. He was frozen like a statue on one knee, and his cock had now become a throbbing obvious baton in his slacks. 

"You love to see my toes spread don't you Jessie?" I asked.

All I received for my questions was a dry gulp and slight nod of the head. 

"Take out your cock!" I stated in a tone that surprised even me.

My voice was more commanding than demanding, and there was no hesitation in Jessie at all! He awkwardly unzipped his fly letting his throbbing red meat flop into view. His cock was handsome. Straight, decently proportioned, and slightly drooling from the tip. I kicked at it gently with the tip of my pump, and I lifted my spread toes to within inches of his face. Jessie fell to both knees as my other pump hit the floor and neither of us was aware that stunt cock was now standing in the door of the room. I lifted my other foot, spreading my toes as wide apart as I could, and placed it alongside the other. Ten nylon encased toes, spread wide in an obvious display. Jessie reached out and pulled them to his face. His grip was urgent as if they might disappear without warning! He inhaled deeply taking in the aroma of leather and salty sweat from a full day, and cock drooled like he would burst at any moment. His pre-cum actually dripped on the floor due to its volume. My stocking tops and sheer thong were in clear view given this less than lady-like pose, but this only added to the tension. 

"Stand up Jessie!" I commanded.

His cock now at foot level throbbed and bounced, and I my own juices were flowing the delicious sexual tension of the moment. I spread my knees, and reached for the hard cock before me with my toes. The spread pose was like open hands, and Jessie shuddered uncontrollably at the feeling of my warm toes against his shaft. My own hands were pinching at my hard nipples through my silk blouse, and I was trying to resist touching myself. I stopped just prior to my sense that Jessie would erupt. I spread my toes as far as I physically could, and I placed the nylon web between my big and second toe over the head of Jessie's swollen member. He pushed once, he pushed twice, and then it happened with enough force to almost break contact! His cock gushed against the nylon trap, and as his head brushed the sides of each toe he seemed to spasm. Cum dripped down my toes on top and down the sole. I could not take it, and my fingers found their familiar place on my clit. Before Jessie's spasm could end, my body began to rock with incredible strength. Stunt cock was now visible in the background, cock in hand stoking furiously, hot cum dripping down my foot, and my own orgasm racking my body with a force that drives me past the edge. Stunt cock grunted loudly at began to shoot all over his hand, and before I could catch my breath I was breaking into a multiple orgasm. Damn there is nothing better in this world than the total loss of control to pleasure! 

The moment broke awkwardly as we all began to return to earth! Cum on everyone and just about everywhere! A mini, spontaneous foot orgy you might say! Jessie's embarrassment was apparent, yet neither stunt cock nor I would hear of it! A towel, a drink, and a little laughter broke the tension, and I later related to Jessie how I was trying to figure out his fetish. He was totally surprised and amazed at my level of awareness of foot fetishism, and told us how he suspected that Stunt Cock was footman due to my footwear and displays. Needless to say he now understands that Men are not alone in their enjoyment of foot sex! Another intricate twist in the foot sex experiences of my life! Spread 'em now has a whole new meaning for me!

Thursday, May 8, 2003

A Sensitive Sole (Archive)

The column found below was published in May 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

I have a theory that I would love to bounce off the collective foot fetish community this month, and that question is "Do women receive erotic pleasure from foot sex?" While it may be quite obvious from my articles that I do, it may surprise a few of you that there are many women out there with a great deal of potential to enjoy this all too common fetish that do not even know it! My theory is this:
Almost any area of the body that is ticklish is sensitive, and most areas that are highly sensitive are considered erogenous zones. Therefore, any woman with ticklish feet has an untapped potential to truly enjoy foot fetish activities!

I have not found too many women who are not ticklish at least to some degree on their feet, and this leads me to believe that the foot could be the key to severe erotic pleasure for most women! As usual (and I have said it before!), society's misconceptions and hypocritical view of sexuality are what bottle this concept up for most of us. "The feet stink, the feet are ugly, and foot fetishism is weird" Funny how there are very few women who have spoken to me in my personal life about my views on foot fetish that have not ended up with pedicures and wearing more open toe styles of shoes the next time I was in their company! The nape of the neck, the under side of the arm, the soft sexy lower belly, the inside of the thighs, and the genitals have all been long recognized for their high sensitivity and erotic potential. Even the fingers have not been ignored for their ability to bring pleasure to the body, so why are the feet so taboo!? 

At this point, you are probably thinking "What sends Michele on this little tirade this month?" Well buckle up for a bumpy ride as I share a little story that takes me directly to the heart of this issue.

I was preparing for the holiday weekend in my usual fashion, and that includes a really fine pedicure and manicure. I did not frequent my usual haunt for these pampering pleasures, but I went to a new spa due to the recommendation of a friend. As I entered the sumptuous newly opened spa, I was impressed with the well-decorated interior. The receptionist greeted me warmly, and this is always a great way for a new business to make a strong impression. The desk girl requested that I take a seat, and it was only a few moments before my nail technician entered the room. She was blonde with a simple yet attractive presence, and her smile made her seem bright and approachable. Her name was Melinda, and she was 27 years old with the look of a 22 year-old coed. We chatted as she worked on my hands, and she had a firm touch that was polished from significant practice. She was so open and friendly that I found myself very comfortable with her, and any woman will tell you that this is a rare occurrence in the catty world of women! Under her smock she wore a trendy low-cut pink top, and it cut off showing off her tan flat tummy. Her breasts were appeared full and firm in her top, and I did not see a hint of bulge or bulk from a bra. They swayed and jiggled just enough to reaffirm her braless choice as she filed and painted my nails. However, I get carried away with my own admiration of the female form!

Melinda went to work on my feet, and this is where many men have little to know experience. A woman sits back in plush recliner with both heat and massage features as her feet are placed in a hot swirling Jacuzzi bath. This both softens the skin and nails for easier treatment by the nail technician, and it allows the patron to relax and feel pampered in the process. Melinda and I continued to chat as I soaked, and I have to admit the warm vibrations of the chair were doing a bit more than relaxing me! I often chalk these feeling up to my oversexed outlook on life, but this cute nail techs breasts and all the pampering had me feeling quite turned on. The first step is a scraping process, which removes the dead thick, build up of skin on the feet, and while this may sound gross to many, it is the key to sexy soft feet! This also increases the sensitivity to a huge degree! She then proceeds to trim and shaped the nails and the nail beds, but the best part is right before the painting of the nails. She rubs lotion on your feet and lower legs, and this is a massage more than a simple application. Melinda was incredible! She took her time, and really made me feel good. Her firm touch on my soft skin felt so good, and the nice view of her full swaying breasts did not hurt either. When her fingers hit my heels and arches, I flinched a little from my incredible ticklishness. Melinda apologized for the unintentional tickle, and I spoke of the sensitivity regular pedicures can lead too for a woman. She quickly agreed revealing her own penchant for pedicures and ticklishness. By this time, there was a spark of flirtation that was crackling between us, and my tingling pussy was feeling slightly dampened by the titillation of the moment! Melinda began to show me with her firm touch the areas of her sole that are most sensitive, and we compared the threshold between the feeling of being tickled and feeling "good". She told me that a good foot massage can feel really good, and I laughed saying "I think I know what you mean!" We giggled together a little, and she moved to the underside of my toes. I sighed as she lifted my foot a little for better access. I tilted my head back a little and sighed from the good feeling. I wondered if she could see up my skirt at all, or if this is something she would even consider! I began to feel lost in her touch, and I was torn between giving in to the wondrous feelings radiating up from my sole or remaining proper to the circumstances. 

Melinda moved to my other foot, and this caused me to shift in the chair. I took the opportunity to again compliment her on her technique. At this point, I noticed that her smock had opened a bit more perching on the outside edges of her breasts rather than over them. The quarter-size dark nipples straining against the thin pink material of her shirt quickly confirmed my suspicions of her braless choice. They were stiff and engorged to a full thick point, and my mind wanted me to reach out with my toes and grab at them! Her cheeks were slightly flush, and I was wondering if my feet were exciting her! I allowed my thighs to drift a little farther apart, and I hit the remote control on the recliner to hum a little harder! My head again drifted back, my eyes closed, and I pictured Melinda's breasts bare. Her hands worked the sole of my foot with such expertise that I was simply putty in her hands. I became aware that my foot was being held a bit higher than normal, and I could feel the cool rush of air on my now moist panties. I slowly opened my eyes to the site of Melinda holding my foot practically face high! Her breath was warm and insistent on my sole, and I felt as if I could orgasm from this alone! It was at this point that another nail technician entered with a client completely trashing the moment!

As you can guess I was left with an incredible level of frustration and excitement. I drove home trying to hold on without touching myself! I ran into the house kicking off my sponge disposable flip-flops. I called to stunt cock to come see my nails, but as he cradled my heel in his hand to examine my pedicure I was overwhelmed with my own needs. I thrust my foot to his face and I demanded that he feel and taste my foot! His hands caressed my arch as tongue found the wrinkles of my sole, and I was in heaven! The soft sensitive skin was alive, and every sensation sent lightning bolts straight to my weeping pussy! "Please" I begged as he grabbed my other foot and buried his warm face in my soles! I pulled my soaked panties aside and sunk two fingers into myself as fast as I could! I only had to firmly hold them there for a second before I exploded. My pussy grabbed at my fingers as each wet stroke of his tongue sent another spasm though my pussy! I couldn't take it! Stunt cock licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow, and I can tell you the sex that followed was tremendous! 

Whew! OK, so I got a bit carried away there! The point is that by taking care of your feet, being open to the possible eroticism of the feelings they can produce, and then daring to experience the forbidden can lead to incredible pleasure. I have learned this over time! Be persistent! Be comfortable with your fetish, and over time your loved one just might discover that she is a foot queen too!

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Arches of Lust (Archive)

The column found below was published in April 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Welcome again Foot Fans! Last months article regarding the new styles of shoes seems to have hit a sensitive spot with many readers as I have not had that level of response in a few months! This highlights an interest, another area of the foot fetish world, and that is what part of the foot you want to see revealed to your lustful gaze! The new clog/slip-on style that I described in March brought out the fans that have an interest in heels, soles, ankles, and arches. However, you toe tasters are usually left with your imaginations and frustrations by these same styles. The one that really hit home for me was the arch!

My stunt cock seems to have multiple interests in area of my feet, but he at times will spontaneously kiss and suck on the high soft flesh of my arches during sex. This usually occurs just before he looses all control and shoots a heavy load of hot cum on or in me. Out of curiosity, of course, I requested that he share with me his preference in this area of my foot, and this was his response:

"There is something about the curve of a high arch that is intensely erotic for me. The mere appearance or hint of a high arch is incredibly feminine and sophisticated for a woman. I think it first came from seeing a ballerina as a young man, and the severe point of her toe that accentuated her high arch. It occurred to me that the arch almost never touches the floor, the leather of the shoe, or the ground, and the skin always appeared so soft and smooth. I could not help but wonder what it would feel like!"

Of course, now he knows exactly what that skin feels like! The recent placement of adult movies onto DVD's has lead to some of the more classics being re-released on this format, and stunt cock pointed out some his favorite actresses of the past. The reason they became his favorites were because they had high arches and they pointed their feet during sex! This clearly accentuated the arch, and this became a tremendous turn on for him. Veronica Hart and a blonde that went by Danielle were some of the most severe pointers in the business in the late 70's and early 80's, and I must admit that I see his 'point'. 

There is a little recognized process that every woman engages in without much thought that falls into the realm of arch eroticism. The simple donning of nylon stockings or pantyhose! I point my toes during this activity in order to prevent any runs or snags in the hosiery, and any edge of nail or rough skin can be the enemy of fine nylon! This is little scenario of donning hose has been in every adolescent coming of age movie or simple voyeuristic scene, but the arch is prominent in the pointed foot pose! However, the appearance of a high arch as a sign of feminine beauty or sexuality is only the tease!

The softness of the skin in this area is surprisingly silky, soft, and sensitive! It is among the most ticklish areas of my own pampered peds, and the heat I sense through them during a good footjob affirms their sensitivity as well. I will often point my toes, straining the arches to their utmost heights, and place my feet together by the soles. This forms a warm soft V of feminine flesh not unlike the pussy. Combine their heat and smooth texture with the glands of the head of an erect member, and your victim with start humping at your feet like an over-excited eighteen year-old! Many times I will tease my foot friends by lubricating my archway slit, and trapping their cock heads in it. Then, with slowly increasing downward pressure, their cock slides between my arches like the slow penetration of a warm wet pussy! As my arches caress the sides of the head, then the shaft, to the base, and back up, my victim throbs with the realization of his fantasy come true. Yes, my arches are high! They are soft! They are warm! The site of them around a thick member is almost as exciting as the feel! Whew! Got a little carried away!

Just take a good look for yourself! A high arch is a magically preserved area of the most smooth and soft flesh a woman may have on her body! Just remember, any place that sensitive can be as erotic as it is ticklish. I do not know if it is stunt cock's obvious excitement, my sensitivity, or the fact that he is slowly fucking me at these times, but his warm tongue on my soft arches often sends me into blissful orgasm even when though I am trying to send him off at the time! Hope you find this little article an archway to fantasy and foot fetish fulfillment!

Saturday, March 8, 2003

It's Gotta be the Shoes (Archive)

The column found below was published in March 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

What is your preference? You voyeuristic foot fans seem to each have your own preference for how a woman's feet should be adorned in public! The endless variety of the foot fetishist continues to amaze even a seasoned foot mistress like myself! This dawned on me the other day as I was grocery shopping at the local store, and a gentleman began to follow me at a safe yet visible distance. I was wearing very low key casual clothing, however it appears that my footwear may have been a source of great attraction for my new fan! I was simply wearing a pair of those new fad slip on athletic shoes. They are tan/beige in color with a substantial black rubber sole, but the defining feature is the low heel area that allows one to simply slip the shoes on and off. He followed me throughout the store, and he chose to stand in the line next to me at checkout, and all the while casually stealing glances at my exposed heels! Of course I did slip my foot out for a little air just to give him a peek at the rest of my pampered peds!

 My preference has always been to gravitate toward the most exposing of footwear, because I thought that a foot fetishist would really desire to see as much of their object of desire as possible! It appears that I am wrong in my assumption, and that different forms of shoes provide different exposures and highlights that attract the endless variety of fetish interests in the foot world! High Heeled, Thinly Strapped, and Open Toed Shoes have been a standard choice of mine for years due to my belief in teasing and tantalizing the many men (and a few ladies!) that party to this interest. Please, do not get me wrong! This is likely the best bait for even the most casual fetishist, but this choice tends to ignore the needs of many of you!

Leather has always had that incredible scent that attracts any human being in my opinion. Yet it becomes an incredible aphrodisiac when mixed with the salty sweat of the female foot! A wide open style that has been my choice allows too much breathing and no solid leather service to intermingle! An up to the knee style or even hip length leather boots appear to be the preference for many connoisseurs of perfume ped. The cleavage fans appear to be more inclined toward the traditional vamping pumps, and it centers on the allure of the hint of arch or toe crevice to tease them. At the same time they are still treated to the strong musky odor of the encased leather to create the steel in their pockets!

This may be the more obvious of the fashions for feet in the leather and sandal concepts, but what about the flip-flop! A simple flat piece of leather or rubber, with a simple band, that secures the woman's toes to the sole. Many men have expressed their incredible desire to see the impression left by many applications of the woman's fine toes, ball of her foot, and firm round heel against the material. One individual wrote to me "…it gives me the perfect sense of how high her arch goes and how round her toes are by the impression she has left." This does nothing to address the fantasy of being between her lovely toes, and as another fan put it:

"I have spent many hours simply staring at the way the tie or tubing slips between a woman's large and second toe. I dream of the feeling of my cock being between her toes, and that with each step they would slide up and down my shaft! Always teasing without quite sending me over the edge!"

He went on to describe an incident in which he attempted to be hypnotized into experiencing this feeling whenever he saw a woman's foot in a flip flop style! Sadly, he reports that it did not work, but that in his mind the money was worth it to at least try!

Are these new styles starting to create a new fetish, or are they simply attracting those foot fans who love the round full heel of a woman's foot? Do the arch men get enough of a peek to enjoy this type shoe? Please tell me if you have any input or ideas on this issue! Until then I will just continue to wear my latest comforts with the idea that even these shoes will offer a measure of voyeurism for this insatiable exhibitionist!

Saturday, February 8, 2003

Does Size Matter? (Archive)

The column found below was published in February 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Size of the member! This may appear to be a little off the topic for a foot fetish column, yet somehow it is one of the most talked about items among men. This article was spurred on by the email of a particular fan, and that fan appears to have some serious focus on the size of a penis. I was somewhat concerned that a fan would email me without any reference to my wardrobe, feet, or any physical attribute of yours truly, but instead offer a short note regarding my stunt cock! The usual note that I receive that is similar to this usually contains a great deal of flattery, followed by some bragging of their own endowment, and ends with a comparison of how much more they could please me. I find this amusing, as they are likely one of two types of individual. A young man who has yet to understand that size is a very small part of sex for a woman, or middle aged bachelor who is still collecting women as trophies in an attempt to prove his masculinity to the world. This may seem harsh, but it is generally proven time and again in my experience. I have included my responses as well as his as I felt that it might actually shed a little light for some of the men who continue to be overly concerned with their penis size versus their ability to please a woman!

Your husband's cock is so small. Does that bother you at all? It seems to me that it would not satisfy a woman like you.

I get email like yours from time to time, and I usually just hit delete. Today I was intrigued and I attempted to look you up on AOL only to find no profile. My question for you is why with all the women on net, and with all the pictures and video clips of me on the site, would your choose to comment on my lover's penis? While his penis is not small by my experience, and it is not small when considering what is reported to be average for men, it means little in regards to my satisfaction. I have a wonderfully satisfying sex life, and he would be more than happy to allow me the pleasure of another man or woman if I choose. In reference to your questions, no his size does not bother me, and if you could only see or experience what I do you would know that my satisfaction is quite complete. Please do not be afraid to reply, as I would really like to know why this would concern you.
Lust Me Michelle

Hi Michelle, 
I am genuinely apologetic if I have affronted you in anyway but a woman as magnificent as you seems to warrant more in my humble opinion. Your legs, ass and pussy are made to be worshiped and it seems to me that a cock of that size is not worthy of your attention.
Love on the other hand I trust is a different matter wholly. If your lover is fulfilling you in other ways because of your spiritual connection that is surely something that can't be underestimated. I was certainly not questioning the depth of your relationship nor the bond that you share with your soul mate. Conversely what I was surely alluding to was the fact that a woman as astonishing as you needs and deserves to be pleased on a higher level at times.
Again if I have offended you or you mate in anyway I apologize.

He sent these two items back-to-back without a reply from me. The emails were roughly a few minutes apart, so I suspect that he thought that the second email was some form of improvement over the first!

You mentioned that you "have a wonderfully satisfying sex life" and that "he would be more than happy to allow me the pleasure of another man or woman if I choose." May I introduce the following thought as something to ponder in the future? Maybe you have not taken him up on such an offer because you are afraid to be with a man that has more to offer physically. Is it possible that you are afraid of being with another man because you may be left craving his cock and wanting it to fill your beautiful pussy more than that of your lovers.

You have not affronted me in any manner, but I am still amazed by the number of men who equate the size of their manhood with their ability to please a woman. Yes size matters to a degree as any woman wants to feel what is entering her, but every woman is different. I have had lovers in my life that were larger, one that was quite large in fact. My personal experience was a mixture of pleasure and pain at accommodating such an item. I have had good and bad sex with men who were average or smaller, and I have had good and bad sex with men that were larger. My personal preferences rely on the multiple ways that a man can stimulate me, but I prefer a fairly thick or girthy penis over a longer one. I find a man that exceeds nine or ten inches and the girth that I prefer tends to cause pain. At times, I prefer to be 'hammered" so to speak, and the length can cause this to be uncomfortable for me. I prefer extended foreplay, orgasms by oral, digital, and penial stimulation, and eventually really good penetration.
You continue to reveal very little of yourself in your emails, but you only seem to seek that I answer your concerns with regards to size. I apologize if I can't confirm to you that I long for a man with a larger penis, but I can confirm through my experiences that I have not had my best sex, or my best orgasms, with men of larger endowment. Other women may differ. Some share my view, and there are those that feel the bigger the better. Can I ask why you feel that this important? Why you think that I am missing something? Is it that you feel that you are larger than my lover, and you would like to have sex with me? I have to be honest with you, that I did not really anticipate a reply. I am glad that you did, and I hope that this answers your concerns. I do thank you for being concerned regarding my pleasure as that is certainly a key quality in a good lover!

When you think of the size of your penis, do you ever think of the size of the foot that you prefer? Some like small dainty feet like Genie of, while others prefer a larger foot like Maria of I find that others enjoy a foot in proportion to the leg or size of the woman, and Leidy of would certainly fit that description. Just like you may have your preference for size and shape in a foot, women share a similar variety of tastes in the size and shape of your penis. I truly believe that most women are not as specific about this particular area as you may be about your fetish interest, but there are variations none the less! I think my preference is well noted in the above printed correspondence, yet this would never prevent me from experiencing a lover. I have had wonderful lovers who did not fit my described preferences, and I have had so-so experiences with men who possessed the ideal equipment in my eyes! Please solace gentlemen! Size may matter, but not as much as you would think or fear! Be sensitive and attentive to your partners needs on both the physical and emotional levels and I guarantee it will make this obsession with size shrink beyond recognition!