Monday, March 7, 2016

Foot Fetish Checklist - So Many Choices

Some intense, interracial, girl/girl foot worship action.

"You can practically treat this fetish like a restaurant menu. There's going to be things you love, things you'll eat, and things you don't want at all." 

If I've only learned one thing from all my years being a part of the foot fetish community it's that there are a ton of different facets of the fetish that people can, and do, enjoy. Over the years I've had lots of fun explaining to my different models some of what, us as foot fetishists, enjoy. They often can't believe how diverse it can be, and sometimes, neither can I.

When you really sit back and think of all the different things you, yourself, love about female feet, that checklist will be different than the next guy... and the next guy... and the guy after that. Even if some of the items on that checklist are shared, some may not. And just when you think you have things figured out, don't forget about the things that people don't like. 

You can practically treat this fetish like a restaurant menu. There's going to be things you love, things you'll eat, and things you don't want at all. So when you add dislikes to the checklist, you can really start to see just how diverse, and sometimes perverse, our fetish can be.

So what are ALL the different things that people can love or hate about foot fetishism and/or a pair of female feet? Honestly, there is no way I'm going to be able to list each and every possible thing. I still hear/read new ones even today. Nevertheless, I'm going to try to show just how diverse this fetish can be with as many items I can think of. Wish me luck!

Candid photography of an Ebony beauty.

The Feet Themselves
Size: small, average sized, big, wide, narrow
Toes: long toes, plump toes, round toes, squared toes, webbed
Soles: wrinkled, unwrinkled, rough, soft
Arches: deep, flat
Pedicure: bare, painted, designs, French, chipped
Cleanliness: clean, dirty, muddy, lotioned, baby oiled, calloused

The Women They Belong To
Age: 18-20's, 30's, MILF/Cougar, granny
Race: Asian, Ebony, Hispanic, Caucasian, Indian, Arab, South American (and add in the many different variations of each)
Body Type: skinny, average, heavy set

Socks: athletic, knee high, toe, thigh high, ankle high, footie, baby doll, frilly, cotton, patterned, striped
Stockings: knee high, thigh high, garters, Cuban heel, pantyhose, opaque, sheer, fishnet, fencenet, nude, white, black, various color, reinforced heel/toe, ripped/torn
Shoes: sneakers, athletic, flats, flip flops, wedges, heels, sandals, slip on, slippers, clogs, open toe, open heel, strappy
Boots: cowgirl, Ugg, combat, work, rain
Jewelry: toe rings (just one vs. multiple), anklets, barefoot sandals
Other: barefoot in blue jeans, leg warmers, yoga pants, schoolgirl 
* Add the variation of brands and clean, worn, and smelly to most items in this category. Then also take into account that many like to see combinations of items here such as shoes and socks together.

Fetish Acts
Giving: massage, tickling, smelling, licking, sucking, biting, torture, nail painting, bathing, cumming on feet, interracial
Receiving: forced smelling, forced worship, stomping, trampling, ballbusting, footjob, tease/denial, humiliation, toejob, cuckold, interracial
Solo: crushing, food play, self toe suck, self massage, vacuum, humiliation, tease/denial, stuck (glue/mud/quicksand) 

Poses: spread toes, curled toes, toes at rest, giantess, POV, feet under the chair, dangling,
Style: posed, candid, caught in the act, girl next door, adult, amateur, gay/lesbian, straight, group, martial arts, public 

Okay! Whew! I wrote all that in about 10 minutes and then began adding in things here and there. I'm sure I'll be adding more as they pop into my head as I move forward here. So yeah, as you can see, there are lots of things that go into the perfect pair of feet, or the perfect foot fetish act for someone.

With that being said, all those items listed above are exactly why it's impossible for any site owner or content producer to appeal to everyone. Sure, you can try to add in as much variation as you can, but you'll never get everything. When it comes to Soles of Silk, I've found my best bet is to take what I like and focus on those things. From there, occasionally add some other aspects in from time to time. And whenever someone asks me "why don't you do X, Y, or Z," I just politely tell them it's not something I'm into.

Now, when it comes to me, I find myself into a lot of things above. Not all, but a lot. While I don't shoot content that displays all of those things, it doesn't mean I'm not a fan of them. So what I'm going to do over the next month is work on coming up my own checklist for the next blog entry. If you're interested in participating in this follow up, please contact me on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. I'd like to include other's checklists as well and why you enjoy what you do. Shoot me a private message on the forum and I'll let you know what I'm looking for. Until then, enjoy what you enjoy and have lots of fun doing it!

Fencenet stockings and verbal humiliation.

Photography Credits:
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