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Bigger Feet = More! And More is Better...

Since her debut, Alice's big feet have become two of the most photographed on the site.

"My feet are long and skinny, with toes the length of fingers. I was always made fun of for having long toes, and big feet in general." - Alice 

I'd like to tell a little story - one that stems from a shoot earlier this year with one of the site's newer models named Alice. I've been friends with Alice for a couple of years. She was a coworker mine until recently and we live close to one another. She's only 19, but posed for her first sets while she was still 18 back in April.

From the start, Alice was a little nervous about how people would react to a certain aspect of her feet - the fact that they're a size 11. From the time Alice first mentioned that she was thinking about modeling, I told her that she was going to have fans simply because she has big feet. Having been teased her entire life about her feet, she really didn't believe me.

"I certainly did not believe you at first," Alice said. "I was so used to anytime someone talked about my feet, they were making fun of them, but you weren't. You were serious."

It's not hard to understand why Alice would be hesitant to believe me. For 18 years she's heard it all when it came to her size 11's. She literally hated them for much of her life.

"When I was younger I grew to hate my feet. I even began wearing socks when I went swimming," Alice explained. "I have endured a lifetime of 'playful' jokes and comments. I would pretend they didn't bother me, but eventually I became very self conscious about my large feet."

Nevertheless, Alice was a trooper and decided to pose for Soles of Silk anyhow. She always enjoyed being in front of the camera for her friends who are into photography, but I give her a lot of credit for giving the whole foot fetish genre a try. I just hoped that once she saw the positive feedback from her sets, that maybe, just maybe she'd begin to feel differently about her feet.

It was April of this year when Alice would do her first set. I couldn't wait to get a few photos from the sets up onto the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and Twitter (@SolesofSilk) pages. Any positive feedback on those would only serve to strengthen what I had been telling her all along. I turned out to be right!

Preview shots from Alice's first two sets and the positive feedback which resulted.

"I honestly just didn't think people would say anything at all. I didn't expect to get so many likes or retweets. Everything seemed to be just so positive and sweet," Alice said.

In the weeks following, Alice's first set was added to the site. Her photos made their way to the Wu's Feet Links Forum where even more positive comments were left for the site's newest model. Like I always do, I shared them with her. Needless to say, it made her so happy to read all the kind words.

Now I had feedback, from multiple sources, over the span of a couple of weeks saying how much they loved Alice and her size 11 feet. Mission accomplished! Now Alice knew her feet weren't as bad as she had come to view them. 

A few months later, however, something happened during a shoot she did with our mutual friend, Camille, that really made my day. It was the first set - a solo one of just Alice. I wanted Camille to see what it would be like when she shot her first set immediately following. About half way through Alice's set, she claimed that posing for Soles of Silk had made her so much more accepting of her own feet and she thinks of them differently now.

"My feet are long and skinny, with toes the length of fingers. I was always made fun of for having long toes, and big feet in general," Alice explained. "Now I look at my feet and realize, 'Hey, they're not so bad. They're kind of cute, actually.'"

Alice saying that made me proud. Soles of Silk, and the photos I take for it, made her feel better about herself. This wasn't someone just happy to be getting paid for taking photos. This was a real experience, with a friend, where it made me feel good.

Over the years I've encountered countless women who claimed their feet were "ugly," "gross," or whatever other negative word you can come up with. For the most part, however, none of those girls had to go through years of teasing and ridicule over their feet. They just never thought much of them until they began posing for Soles of Silk. So for Alice to have that shift in thinking, it meant a lot to hear her say that. She deserves to feel that way. She's a total sweetheart!

With that newly found confidence, Alice has gone on to pose for 11 sets from her debut in April until the last one we shot in October. Very few times have I shot 11 sets or more of a model in a single year, let alone one brand new to the site. And that brings me to my next point.

Alice's big feet captivate me. 

Alice has caused a growing appreciation of big feet within me. Even though I've had a handful of experiences with models with a shoe size over 10, Alice, for some reason, has me paying a little extra attention to "size," if you will. While I won't claim to a big feet only person, this  specific attraction has never been this strong for me. For other people, however, that's a preference they've been exploring for some time.

I couldn't wait to see Alice's feet encased in nude stockings.

When I came up with the idea to do this column topic I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to some of the fans of big feet. I made a thread on the Wu's Feet Links Forum asking for those who have this attraction to contact me. Almost immediately I began getting private messages from people telling me how much they love big feet and would love to take part in the column.

As anyone with a foot fetish knows, what you like isn't what the next guy likes. I wasn't sure what kind of response I'd get when asking everyone why they specifically like big feet over smaller feet. Once the replies began coming in, however, I saw a trend. A trend that "more" is better. Just look how many times the word "more" was used in the replies to that question alone:

"More to love. More soles to taste. Just love having a bigger handful. There is more personality and flexibility. More curves to adore." - Oneagain
"If you think about it, size has always been an important factor in sexuality. Whether it's height and muscle mass for men, or breast and ass size for women, there seems to be a universal appreciation for size. As someone with a foot fetish, I view feet with the same sexual significance as I do breasts or ass. So in the same way I would view a large pair of breasts as being sexually desirable in a woman, I also view a large pair of feet as being sexually desirable. If you find something sexually desirable, you kind of want more of it. Bigger size gives you that." - Sol
"The more to hold onto with your hands!" - Dougiezerts
"The more you can work with, the better. I'm not a small guy down there, so a pair of big feet to slide in between is just best for me. And as I mentioned before, there's more to lick. With [small] feet, you cover every inch pretty quickly. With big feet you can go on for a while because by the time you get back to a spot you covered, it's been so much time it's like you were never there." - Icecold
"Women with big feet show more wrinkles on their soles." - Fwrinkledsoles
"More square tactile surface to enjoy - to play with." - Glabrous1

I can honestly say during the shoots Alice and I have done this year, "more" certainly applied when it came to massaging her heavenly feet. Having so much area for my fingers to press into along her smooth soles was quickly evident. Since I also love shoving my fingers between a woman's toes, I found so much space between Alice's long, wide spreading toes. Needless to say, I was in my own little world pampering her feet and am grateful for her allowing me the privilege to do so. Don't even get me started on the added bonus of them being sweaty - that's another column topic for another time! I wonder if she'd take part in that one?

Who better to do a size teasing set than a girl with plenty of shoe size?

So at a size 11, Alice's feet are tied for the largest on Soles of Silk with Molly. This begs the question, however, what constitutes big to a fan of big feet?

"Shoe size 9 and larger I consider big feet," Fwrinkledsoles said.

"10, but 9's make my mouth water as well!" said Oneagain.

"10 and above I would consider big," said Icecold.

"The minimum I would consider big is a US size 10 (EU 41/UK 7), but the average shoe size is increasing so much that a US size 10 is really common nowadays," Sol explained. "It's only with a US size 11 (EU 42/UK 8) or bigger that a woman's feet will really catch my attention."

Overall, the smallest answer given to me was a size 9 (US), but most seemed to agree that it's 10 or larger. For many of those I spoke with, however, they weren't always into the bigger feet. It's something that evolved as their foot fetish began to grow.

"I actually had a preference for petite and dainty feet way back when I first discovered my fetish. This evolved into a love for long toes and eventually carried over to a love for big feet," Sol said.

"The first time I got a hold of some. It was a big girl, and I noticed she had nice feet. The amount of wrinkles on them was amazing!" Icecold shared.

"Originally the smaller the better, I thought. But as I grew, my desire for bigger feet came along and it's my preference without any signs of me going back," Oneagain explained.

For others, they were hard pressed to find an exact time or reason for liking bigger feet - they just do. Any foot fetishist can probably relate to that. It's like asking, "When did you first realize you liked feet?" It's next to impossible to answer. Most of us just did.

When it comes to foot fetishists who love bigger feet one thing is for sure. The kind words Alice has received since her debut were key in making her feel better about herself and her feet. My words went only so far. It was people like the ones above who made that happen, some of whom have their own similar experiences.

"A few years ago I encouraged my wife to put pictures of her feet on Wu's Feet Links. She got a lot of great feedback and she's a size 10. Before that she was really self conscious about her feet. So I know from experience that Wu's is a great place to conquer their fears and self consciousness," Icecold explains.

"I think forums like Wu's can help show there are a lot of fans that love big feet," Oneagain said. "In general, social media, in whatever form, could be a great way to show direct feedback of appreciation."

Believe me guys, I share those comments with my models from places like Wu's Feet Links regularly. Between social media and Wu's, the things Alice has now read online about her feet has  given me a model who is ready to pose whenever I ask. Not bad, if you ask me.

In more private conversations, Alice also admitted to being much more interested in foot fetishism as a whole now too. Apparently, she's explored some different things on her own, off camera as far as her feet are concerned.

"I know how to use them, if you get what I'm saying. I am just more thoughtful towards my feet now," Alice said.

Guess she'd make quite a few foot guys happy with a mindset like that, wouldn't you say? I'm sure her boyfriend would agree after she shared a certain little tidbit with me.

"My boyfriend and I both wanted to try new things, so I gave my first footjob! And well, posing my feet pretty much made me a natural at using them. I had so much fun doing it too! My feet pretty much were bigger than you know what - which I know can be a turn on to some. I just felt so in control over him, and he enjoyed it as well," Alice boasted.

I'm jealous, which was probably Alice's intention in sharing that with me. Anyhow, in all seriousness, I thank Alice for giving this a try and I thank all of you out there who take the time to commend a model for a job well done.

Alice loves pinup photography and wants to do sets with that theme in mind.

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For those who may be interested, I have compiled a list of all the shoot blogs from the Soles of Silk Blog when Alice modeled. Take a look through them for a further glimpse at how great this girl truly is.

Also, Alice's full length interview that was used for this blog can be found on Soles of Silk in the Interviews section in the members area.

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