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One for the Ages, Part 2: MILFs & Cougars

Erotic Nikki has always had a huge fan base of fans, younger than herself, that love older women.

"MILFs and Cougars are hot right now. Forty is the new 30." - Erotic Nikki 

It's no secret that people are attracted to people of specific age groups. Fantasies about your kid's babysitter, or your teacher are commonplace for many of us. But what about when it comes to foot fetishism? Are feet just feet no matter if they belong to is an 18 year old college freshman or a mid-40s business woman? In this two-part series I'm going to ask different fetish models, producers, and fans of foot fetish material what they think. Do they have a particular preference and if so, why? If they don't, why not? In this second part I am focusing on the MILF/Cougar age range... or let's just say the 30-plus something age range since it's not nice to ask a lady her age.

The teacher. The boss' wife. Your friend's mom. Since foot fetishism develops in many of us at an early age, chances are you've fantasized about an older woman and her feet at some point in time. There are so many reasons why some of us have fantasized and still even fantasize about women older than ourselves today. Let's have a look at some of the reasons why.

Renée Adams' mature soles have been splashed with a lot of warm cum.

Why the Girls Do It

I can honestly say that I don't have as much experience shooting women in the 30-plus age range when it comes to Soles of Silk, well unless they had already been posing for me in their 20's and have continued to do so. Getting a new model who's already in her 30's or older has been a rarity for me. Still, when I have lucked out and found a model of this age, they've usually been a hit with the fans. Models like Kat Noir, Kim T., and most recently, Emerald, all have quite a few fans to say the least.

Since this isn't really my area of expertise, I'm once again turning to my peers to give me some insight as to why women over 30 get started in foot modeling.

One of the first models I turned to for this article was Erotic Nikki of Angel Kissed Feet. She's long been one of my most fantasized about mature foot models online - and she knows it! We've talked for years and she's been one of the nicest, most down to earth people I've met in the industry. With all that said, Nikki was ever so happy to be a part of this piece.

"I started in this business when I was 32," Nikki shares.

"Maybe some women get into the scene because they love the fact they can tease men with just their feet and make them feel completely powerless. Having power over a man is such a turn on and some make it so easy to fall under the spell of those perfect feet," Nikki says of why other models might get into foot modeling at a similar age.

Another model I knew I had to ask to be a part of this blog topic was Renée Adams of Footjob Virgins. I've seen her work many times over the years and am jealous of the male talent I keep seeing in her screen caps posted to her Twitter account (@FootJobVirgins).

"I heard an older girlfriend say [posing] was a female 'mid-life' crisis," Renée says. "But it could be the same reasons as younger girls, or they are just looking for fun with younger people and earn some extra cash in the process."

"Most of the older talent we work with are just young at heart," Renée adds.

Roxie Rae, of the site The Foot Fantasy, has been modeling since her 20's, but now falls into the 30-plus age bracket. She offers a unique perspective having modeled for so long in that she has seen fan reaction from both the younger age range and now what many call the "MILF" age bracket.

"I just turned 30 in August. The transition hasn't been too rough for me," Roxie says. "Aside from getting asked to do MILF roles, I really haven't noticed a change from my age."

When it comes to other girls over 30, Roxie thinks the reason for so many getting into foot fetish modeling is quite simple. "I think older models choose foot modeling because they see it as a good steady job to bring in extra income," she says.

Now that we heard from the girls, how about some of the male producers? A few of them I reached out to have some experience shooting models over 30 and have a few opinions as to why they start foot fetish modeling too.

Marcus, the producer and web master of Canadian Foot Babes chalks it up to awareness and maybe even a bit of exhibitionism. "With foot fetishism being more mainstream and older women taking care of themselves through fitness, beauty, manicures and pedicures, they are aware that younger men are checking them out - head to toe," he says.

"It's also much more tame than getting naked, they can make money, and some enjoy the attention their feet get," Marcus adds.

A fellow male foot fetish producer, Evan, of Silver Cherry Productions has a few ideas of his own as to why an older woman might break into foot fetish modeling.

"I think perhaps in some cases, some of the more open-minded, older women may have had life experiences with guys who have had foot fetishes and they learned that it's really no big deal. Maybe they enjoyed it. Those women get it," Evan explains.

"Also, just like some of their younger counterparts, they too could simply be exhibitionists. They also like the idea that, even though it's adult, it's not porn and it's an easy way to make some extra cash," he adds.

Madisin and her size 10 feet have been a big hit, no pun intended, for Silver Cherry Productions.

Why the Guys Love It

How many of you had a teacher in school whose feet you found yourself checking out? I know in both the 10th and 11th grades I had two different female English teachers, the hottest teachers in the entire school, distract me on a regular basis with their open toe and open heel shoes. Both were in their 30's, but that didn't stop me having several fantasies about what it would be like to be at their feet.

Skip ahead a couple of years to when I was in art school and I had two other older women whose feet I found myself quite fond of. And this time, I actually got to live out a few foot fetish fantasies with both of them. More on that in a bit. 

The first woman I found myself eyeing up was our dean's secretary. She had the most adorable size 8's. I knew her shoe size because I asked when I took photos of her. I'm not going to lie, I had such a crush on this woman! 

The second woman was one of my computer graphics teachers, and the best friend of the secretary. This teacher had big size 10's, which I also photographed. Yes, I photographed my own teacher's feet. How awesome is that? 

This teacher also played to my fetish as well. The final project in the semester I had her saw her give each member of the class a peculiar object that we were to use in creating two print ads. When she got to me, she gave me a pair of her funkiest shoes. My classmates laughed at her gag, but I believe it was Wendy who claimed that if anyone would make a great shoe ad with those ugly shoes, it would be me. Needless to say, this project item annoyed my then girlfriend, Abby, but I thought it was awesome.

Looking back at these four ladies today I can honestly say that their age was a huge factor in how much I adored them. Even though I had classmates my own age with pretty feet, ones whose feet I got to photograph and even experience, there was just something a little more special about these older ladies mentally.

Perhaps Nikki nails my situation best when describing why she believes guys love seeing older women in their foot fetish material.

"A lot of times [foot fetishists] have memories and fantasies from their childhood. It could be a teacher, aunt, or best friend's mom that caught their attention," she says.

This belief isn't Nikki's alone.

"Like everything else, there's probably a wide range of reasons. But if I'm going to take a stab at it, I'll say that perhaps part of the reason could be because some foot fetishists may have had some of their first encounters with older women's feet," he says. "Older sister's friends, mother's friends, aunts, etc. Perhaps it's from that early interaction with older women's feet that they came to associate their fetish with a specific age range. In this case, the cougar, MILF, etc."

"I could be totally wrong, but I think the fans experience with fetishes shape the models he or she views," says Roxie. "If someone develops the fetish from an experience they had with an older woman, they may want to see a MILF appear in a clip."

Marcus' view is more simple, but also applies very much. "For younger guys fantasizing about older models' feet, there's the age old antic that older women have experience and know what they are doing and take control."

Bluetoelover, a member of the Wu's Feet Links forum has a similar view. "[Older women] offer an experienced vibe. Chances are a woman in her, say late 30's, has been with a foot guy, so they know the tricks... and hell, might even teach the guy a thing or two!"

Although my experiences with these four women were limited to fantasies, a handful of photographs, and a quick foot massage, I can only imagine how green I would have been had these women done any of the things I found myself fantasizing about at that age. Guess I'll never know. But I am glad I had them before meeting both Kim T. and Janet Mason, however.

I had to wait until I met Kim T to really pamper an older woman's feet. Long story short, Abby and I made friends with her and her husband through Leg Show magazine. We met for some pictures and let's just say I got to cuddle up to Kim's smelly feet and sniff away at them for a few hours. It was exhilarating to say the least!

Then I met infamous Janet Mason of Janet Exposed. As many of you know, I wasn't even old enough to drink when I met this already established red headed vixen. Having her feet milk my cock was certainly a feather in my cap. 

Now that I rambled on about some of my earliest recollections of older women and their feet, what other reasons are there why us foot guys might have a preference for feet over 30?

For Tadpole in a Jar, also a forum member on Wu's Feet Links, it comes down to the idea that older women generally take better care of themselves than their younger counterparts.

"I personally find that older women take care of their feet better versus younger women - who are much more carefree in nature. For example, you almost never see chipped nail polish or dry/flaky skin on more mature women," he says.

Another Wu's Feet Links forum member, AKA.FootJoyBoy, sees things differently. "For me, an older woman's feet are more rough, worn, and spread out - in good ways. And as a smell guy, this type of feet seems to hold more smell."

While AKA.FootJoyBoy doesn't claim that mature women's feet aren't kept up, he's stating a preference for more "broken in" feet, if you will. It's hard to disagree with either Tadpole in a Jar's or AKA.FootJoyBoy's view as I've found both to be true.

When it comes to trying to please those who visit their sites, there are a few more views on what makes someone a fan of the mature age range.

"I think fans enjoy the experienced models and older models because they bring wisdom, understanding, and sophistication to a clip," Roxie claims.

"[Older women] are obviously more experienced and uninhibited, which makes for a much better performance of film and at live events," Renée states. "Many of the ladies that started young and are still working in their 30's or beyond are usually legendary performers that fans have followed for many years, sometimes decades."

What Renee says holds true for me when it comes to Nikki. Even we've become friends/peers, she knows I'm a huge fan and loves when guys like myself keep coming, not always cumming, to view her content.

"I think [women] in the 30-plus age group have more life experiences. Most of us get what our fans are looking for," she says. "If it's my younger fan base, I can play on their MILF or cougar fantasies. If it's my older group of fans, I can play on their childhood memories to be their fantasy."

BlueToeLover is a huge fan of both Saffron (left) and Barbie Gurl.

In Closing

If I were to have written this blog a few decades ago, I'm not sure if I would have seen as much love for the MILF/cougar age range. Obviously, I wouldn't have been calling them by either term as both are more recent slang terms. But that being said, I think the fact that both terms exist is awesome in that it has put a focus on models of an older age range - one that I feel wasn't there before. These ladies, and all those of a similar age who are kind enough to share their feet, inspire us to live out our fantasies, or even leave us with blueballs (Nikki!), deserve our love and admiration. Be sure to contact these ladies and show them just how much their work means to you!

And remember fellas...

"MILFs and cougars are hot right now. Forty is the new 30," according to Nikki.

Leggy Pauline has been a favorite of many over the years, including Tadpole in a Jar.

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