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Big Female Feet Preference - The Interviews

Alice has become aware of how desirable her size 11 feet are since debuting on Soles of Silk.

"Originally the smaller the better, I thought. But as I grew, my desire for bigger feet came along and it's my preference without any signs of me going back" - Oneagain 

Whenever I interview people for columns here on the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog I always ask way more questions than I can even hope to use. I do this because sometimes I'll get answers I didn't expect, or ones that were honestly, just too plain to even include. In my mind, I'd rather have more than enough and not it all than not have enough and have to ask for more last minute.

The previous column here on the blog, "Bigger Feet = More! And More is Better...," saw me take to the Wu's Feet Links Forum to look for fans of big feet. I interviewed one of my own models, Alice, from Soles of Silk because of something she said that inspired the column to begin with. From there I needed the help of other foot fetishists who loved big feet to explain just why they do.

Typically, I would have used their replies, as I did in the piece, and then be done with it. Something happened, however, as I wrote that piece. I found that many things that those who I interviewed said fit the column perfectly. The problem, however, was not saying the same thing over and over, or making the column really long. These fetishists love big feet, not big columns! Anyhow, I published the piece and didn't really think much more about it.

A few days later, after the column was published, one of the forum members contacted me. He asked if I had any plans to post the full interview. I wasn't sure if he meant Alice's, his, or all those who took part. We chatted for a little bit and I told him I'd think about it. Well, I did and a few ideas were sparked by the conversation.

The first idea was that I would publish Alice's full length interview on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. It's actually already featured in the member section of Soles of Silk with dozens of other model interviews, but all the non-members do not have access. I've decided that I'd like to share
 it in its entirety, but with one change - I am going to extend it. Not only will it feature all the questions asked in her Big Female Feet Interview, used for the column and found on Soles of Silk, but it will also feature new questions as well. Look for that later this month.

The second idea was to publish the six forum members interviews as well. This is primarily what was asked of me by the forum member. I wasn't sure about how to do this at first, mostly because I like the Wu's Feet Links interviews to focus on just one person, or a couple, at most. Having six people all in one interview might be a little confusing. What I decided to do, however, was to place the all the of the forum members' interviews here on the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog.

I did something similar back in March of 2015 with the column, "Photos of Foot Fetish Wives & Girlfriends: Why Couples Love to Share." In that piece, I gave each person their own little spot, complete with pictures. In this column, however, I'm going to list each person's answer below the question asked.

I really appreciate all of those who help me with these columns and interviews. Without the public, none of this would be possible. I can only say what I like, or talk about my own experiences so much. I have a place to do that already on the Soles of Silk Blog, so I try not to do it too often here. I also reached out to a few other foot fetish site owners and models and asked if I could include some pictures of their models with size 10-plus feet here. Alice gets the top spot because she inspired all this, but this is for all the ladies with big feet and us guys who love them. Once again, thanks everyone, and here are those interviews:

Roxie Rae (left) compare her size 5 feet to Sadie Holmes' size 10 feet.

How old were you when you first began to notice female feet? 

Dougiezerts: At age nine or 10, I think.

Fwrinkled: I was in the 7th grade. I would say around 12 years old.

Glabrous1: My early teens. Twas the beginning of the whole hippie/no shoes thing -more on that later. But notice I did, with arousal a'plenty.

Icecold: I was probably around eight or nine. It was a glance here, a glance there, and before I knew it, I just loved seeing them. 

Oneagain: I was very young. I still have memories of being maybe four to five years old, admiring women's feet in Sears and JCPenny's catalogs.

Sol: I first noticed female feet around the age of 10, but didn't realize I truly had a fetish until around the age of 14.

Did you always have a preference for bigger feet, or was that something that came along later? 

Dougiezerts: Came along later.

Fwrinkled: I didn't always have a thing for big feet, it was just feet in general. My thing for big feet came later.

Glabrous1: Nope, 'twas bigger from the get-go. Easier to see at a distance and more to see up close.

Icecold: It came along later. At first it was the skinny to average foot, but once I started getting more feet, I realized that the bigger the better. There's nothing better than a pair of big soft soles on your face, and there's a lot more licking to be done. 

Oneagain: Originally the smaller the better, I thought. But as I grew, my desire for bigger feet came along and it is my preference without any signs of me going back! 

Sol: I actually had a preference for petite and dainty feet way back when I first discovered my fetish. This evolved into a love for long toes, and eventually carried over to a love for big feet.

Do you remember when you first began thinking that you liked women’s feet on the bigger side? 

Dougiezerts: Not sure. My girlfriend has rather large feet! 

Fwrinkled: I don't remember, but what I noticed first were how wide women with big feet were and how big feet fit into high heel shoes - or just any shoes in general.

Glabrous1: As I said, with the notice came the preference - the "slight" evolution came as I realized I liked them big... really big, wide, and well-worn, rough, callused, rarely shod - which usually means dirty as well.

Icecold: The first time I got a hold of some. It was a big girl, and I noticed she had nice feet. The amount of wrinkles on them was amazing!

Oneagain: Probably within the last five to 10 years. Can't say a specific moment, but I probably saw some models online that had these dy-no-mite soles that were big and I got hooked. I became addicted once I had a pair of size 10's in my lap. 

Sol: About two years ago I was working with an amateur model taking photos of her feet when I asked her her shoe size. She gave me one answer and when I checked the label of her shoes it showed a bigger size. I was really surprised she tried to play down the size, even though I could immediately check it. I could tell she was embarrassed by the size, so I didn't press her on it. This left an impression and really got me thinking about big feet for the first time. She became one of my favorite models and ever since then I've loved girls with big feet.

What exactly is it that makes you prefer a larger pair of feet on a woman than a smaller pair? 

Dougiezerts: The more to hold onto, with your hands! 

Fwrinkled: Women with big feet shows more wrinkles on their soles.

Glabrous1: More square tactile surface to enjoy, to play with. Despite the common assumption that callus equals no sensation, my first foot experience was with a pair of indestructible soles - albeit on smaller feet. Her soles were directly connected to her clit. Go figure!

Icecold: The more you can work with, the better. I'm not a small guy down there, so a pair of big feet to slide in between is just best for me. And as I mentioned before, there's more to lick. With skinny feet, you cover every inch pretty quickly. With big feet you can go on for a while because by the time you get back to a spot you've covered, it's been so much time it's like you were never there!

Oneagain: More to love. More soles to taste. Just love having that bigger handful. There is more personality and flexibility. More curves to adore. 

Sol: If you think about it, size has always been an important factor in sexuality. Whether it's height and muscle mass for men, or breast and ass size for women, there seems to be a universal appreciation for size. As someone with a foot fetish, I view feet with the same sexual significance as I do breasts or ass. So in the same way I would view a large pair of breasts as being sexually desirable in a woman, I also view a large pair of feet as being sexually desirable. If you find something sexually desirable, you kind of want "more" of it, and a bigger size gives you that.

In your opinion, what shoe size is the minimum to be considered "big?" 

Dougiezerts: Hmm... size 9 or 10.

Fwrinkled: Shoe size 9 and larger I consider to be big feet.

Glabrous1: Size 10.5 E.

Icecold: Ten. Ten and above I would consider big. 

Oneagain: Ten, but 9's make my mouth water as well! 

Sol: The minimum I would consider big is a US size 10 (EU 41/UK 7), but the average shoe size is increasing so much that a US 10 is really common nowadays. It's only with a US size 11 (EU 42/UK 8) or bigger that a woman's feet will really catch my attention.

Do you believe that some women are ashamed of having larger feet and therefore don't consider modeling for foot fetish content? 

Dougiezerts: I think a lot of girls are ashamed of their feet, in general.

Fwrinkled: I don't know, but I know a lot of women who have big feet who don't want say what size their feet are. Like a lady who lives up the street from me, says she wear a size 9. I know her feet is bigger. I want them in my hands!

Glabrous1: Absolutely, as culturally it's been made to be unacceptable.

Icecold: I truly do. I've come across women who have beautiful big feet that won't show them off simply because they are too big.

Oneagain: Yes, a few women that I had the pleasure to adore their size 10-plus feet were conscious of their "big feet" and thought it was unfeminine. They felt it was a drawback on a male finding them attractive. 

Sol: Yes absolutely. I've actually had an easier time advertising for models with smelly feet than for models with big feet, believe it or not!

Why do you think women consider having big feet such a negative?

Dougiezerts: Well, like I said, many consider their feet unattractive. Perhaps the fact that they're big makes it worse for them. Maybe it's similar to girls with big breasts!

Fwrinkled: Because of the idiots who think they know a lot.

Glabrous1: The culture, aided and abetted by the media, and the "fashion" industry - those nice folks that create foot-damaging "fashionable" shoes.

Icecold: I think they feel as though men won't appreciate them. Or it could be that they feel men would rather have their women with petite feet. Either way if there's any big-footed women reading this, I want to let you know there's a whole world out there that will appreciate those feet, regardless of size!

Oneagain: Ideal feminine beauty has always stressed "dainty" and big feet is generally thought of as more manly 

Sol: Having big feet is almost seen as a taboo thing for women. The social narrative is that they are "supposed" to have small dainty feet, and anything big is seen as unfeminine and unsexy. This is reinforced by the fact that stores only sell up to a certain size, making it difficult for women with big feet to find shoes in their size. 

Earlier this year I had an 18 year old model named Alice, with size 11 feet, debut on Soles of Silk. She was nervous what people would think about her big feet, but was elated to read all the positive feedback she got on her debut set. Since then she's been posing on a very regular basis and seeing all her newest feedback is making her realize her big feet are indeed, desirable. Do you think forums like on Wu's Feetlinks and social media help someone realize this? Are you someone who likes to leave that kind of feedback to encourage women like Alice to embrace their big feet? 

Dougiezerts: Yes, but it can go too far. Socially inept guys often leave very inappropriate comments that will turn girls off to us.

Fwrinkled: Right, I have a friend, who is a size 6, who told me about a female friend of hers who wear a size 11. She loves foot attention. The lady who wears the size 6 knows I will drop her as soon as I get my hands on those size 11's. One of the reason I married my third wife is because of her big feet - a size 10.5 wide.

Glabrous1: It has to - to what extent, I'd be hard-pressed to calculate. For myself, I need to improve my giving of feedback. I tend to space it and just head for the next picture. My bad there folks. 

Icecold: Of course. A few years back I encouraged my wife to put pictures of her feet on Wu's. She got a lot of great feedback, and she is a size 10. Before that, she was really self conscious about her feet. So I know from experience that Wu's is a great place to conquer their fears and self consciousness.

Oneagain: Yes, I think forums like Wu's can help show there are many fans that love big feet. I wouldn't immediately show a woman the Wu's forums, however, as they can get graphic quick and can put off some women. In general, social media, in whatever form, could be a great way to show direct feedback of appreciation. I do like to leave feedback and compliment a woman's beauty 

Sol: Yes, absolutely. Since the social narrative is that big feet are "undesirable" for women, it's important to be vocal about it and show that there are plenty of guys who actually love women with larger feet. The good news is that as the average shoe size continues to grow rapidly, so too will the public perception of women having big feet.

Other than size alone, what about women's feet are you into - whether a part of the foot, an aspect, or specific acts? 

Dougiezerts: I'm not into foot odor, or foot worship, although I'll sometimes kiss my girlfriend's feet, or even lick them! 

Fwrinkled: I am very much in love with women feet that have a lot of wrinkles on their soles. High arches with veins, and the heels of women feet that are also wrinkly, with a little smell, and have deep red toenail polish are ideal.

Glabrous1: Kissing, massaging, stroking, footjobs... By the way, footjobs and foot kissing only when clean. I may have proclivities, but I ain't stupid. There's also something pleasant about being massaged with a pair of big boats on the neck and shoulders. 

Icecold: Wrinkles. They drive me crazy. The picture of Alice where her wrinkles are right in my face is amazing. I also love a good solejob. No better place to be than in between soles.

Oneagain: Love to worship soles. I'm mainly a sole guy, but toes get sucked as well! I like a variety of depths of smell. Favorite part is the pattern of the sole and how the sole flexes and toes spread. Sole sniffing and worshipping while getting a handjob is also very nice! Had some footjobs that were OK, but the best I had was an Indian co-worker with size 12's. She gave me a footjob without lotion and I just exploded. She was so astonished that her feet had such power. Man, I miss her! 

Sol: I am a big fan of smelly feet. My favorite time to indulge in feet is when the girl arrives home from work or the gym. I love the build-up to it - knowing that her feet are trapped in shoes and I will soon get to smell and worship them all to myself. I also love toe rings on girls. Something about girls drawing attention and showing off their feet is a huge turn on.

Anything you'd like to add about big female feet, foot fetishism, or maybe even Alice or her photos? 

Dougiezerts: Can't think of anything, thanks!

Fwrinkled: The bottom line is big, thick, wrinkled soles look sexy in RHT stockings, high heels pumps, and sling back, mule type shoes. I like for women to give me a back message with their big feet. I love big feet resting on my face. Most of all, I love when a women with big feet is down on all fours, big juicy booty, or a skinny booty, and her big feet, with those wrinkled soles are showing.

Glabrous1: A) Alice, you're a doll, and you'd be a doll no matter the size of your feet. You've got a face to get happily lost in and all points between look damn tasty. So there. B) I realize I'm on the fringes of our love, hell, going by the Oxford definition of fetish, I don't count as a fetishist. I like them big, wide, dirty and tough - the latter two of which mostly get derided in the forums. We need to be better to each other and more respectful of differences. Lose that, "My kink's better than yours," crap. And obviously, from a purely selfish standpoint, C) More big, wide, rough, dirty feet picture submissions. The defense rests, your honor.

Icecold: Alice, you have nothing to be afraid of. Your feet are a 10. And if there are ever negative comments, just realize that everybody has their own preference. I know for sure that the vast majority of foot men, and women, will be positive. You're a beautiful girl with beautiful feet.

Oneagain: Alice is a beautiful woman and her feet are very sexy. Would love to see more sole flexing and toe spreading. And yeah, I am one of the guys that always suggest seeing some self-sniffing or self-worshipping!

Sol: The most important thing to remember is that guys who are not into feet simply won't care about the size or shape of a girl's feet - it won't even register in their mind. For the guys who are into feet, size can be a very desirable aspect - as you can see by the many fans. For those who have not thought about big feet before, it gives them a chance to try something different and exciting with their fetish - so everybody wins! And Alice, you're super cute and your feet are amazing! If we happened to be flirting somewhere, and I found out about your shoe size, I would have serious butterflies in my stomach! Convince Patrick to record a video clip of you taking your shoes off and measuring your feet and I will buy it instantly!

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At 6' 2", Danica James' sexy feet are a size 11.