Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Foolish Foot Fetish Shoots

A few weeks ago I decided to post the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog entry to coincide with April Fools Day. At first I was going to write a phony column, but I didn't want to piss off too many people. I actually did one on the Soles of Silk Blog titled, "A Foot Fetish Family Portrait," that I got some immediate feedback from. It wasn't negative, but I was able to trick a number of people who read it. I'll just leave my phony blogs at one for 2015.

What I decided to do was ask a bunch of other foot fetish models and producers to recount an funny experience or two to share with everyone. I know I've had a ton of them over the years with some funnier than the next. I decided to also go ahead and come up with a Soles of Silk only list of 30 experiences that you can read on the Soles of Silk Blog as well, titled "Foolish Foot Fetish Shoots - Soles of Silk Edition." Be sure to check that out.

When I reached out to my fellow peers in the foot fetish community for help with this blog, some jumped on board right away, but others said they couldn't think of a single one. I was shocked. As many as I could think of right off the bat... Oh well, I guess goofy times just follow me around. With that being said, I was still able to compile a nice little group of experiences - some funny, some odd, and others... just gross! Give each one a read and may all your April Fools Day pranks go over on their intended targets!

Bailey Paige has learned a thing or two about giving footjobs.

Bailey Paige

Twitter: @BaileyXPaige

One time I did a footjob clip for someone, and it was one of my first ones. So after the scene was over and he call all over my feet, I just got up to go clean my feet off and I kinda slipped and almost fell. I didn't realize cum was as slippery as it actually is. Ladies - be careful. Ha!

(Excerpt from Bailey's Wu's Feet Links Interview)

Nikki Delano broke more than the billiard balls in this scene.

Feet of Philly

Twitter: @FeetofPhilly

One foot fetish experience that does stick out is when I shot pornstar, Nikki Delano in LA a few years ago. We were shooting a footjob scene on a pool table and where I was laying, one of the pockets on the edge of the table actually collapsed. We both kind of fell off the table and there was this large bang. The looks on our faces was priceless as the camera rolled. Needless to say, that footage wasn't used.

Another time, a couple of years ago, I had pornstar Jynx Maze in town, in Philly. My camera guy was shooting behind the scenes footage when we picked her up at the airport and I swerved to avoid a car. Jynx went flying into the backseat of my car. She had this look of "oh my god" when that happened. We all laughed later.

Jordana wonders who this set was actually meant to ultimately tease.

Jordana Leigh

Twitter: @TheJordanaLeigh

One of my photographers asked me to shoot a size teasing/small penis humiliation (SPH) foot fetish set. I agreed. When we met up to shoot he handed me a T-shirt that read "tiny penis" on it and asked me to wear it. Oddly enough, this shirt was his size too. I wonder who that set was aimed to be teasing - his site members or him? Hmm... Little boys can be so cute sometimes.

Mr. Hollywood is no stranger to getting footjobs inside his vehicle.

Mr. Hollywood

Twitter: @MrHollyWood95

A couple of years ago I reached out to a chick, that after some preliminary conversation and checking out of my site, was dead set to link up with me to shoot. She set the time and date and I hit her up in the morning for a final confirmation. She sounded off though.

When I questioned her to see if anything was wrong, or if she was getting cold feet, she told me no. She was really looking forward to it and wanted to meet me and Mr. 9.5 inches - of course. But she confessed to having a boyfriend and he knew nothing of it or what she did as her second source of income - stripping.

She informed me that he wanted to come over that morning, but she told him she was feeling very sick and was just going to stay in bed all day. He found that a little suspicious. She told me to come anyway.

So upon my arrival I let her know that I was downstairs and she told me that she was just finishing up her makeup and would be right down. About 10 minutes passed and I saw her come down in a sexy, skin tight blue dress, with gorgeous blue pedicured toes and French tips in some blue peep toe heels! She look hot as shit!

She got in my truck and she definitely has a look of concern on her face, saying her boyfriend called her again after speaking with me - repeatedly asking her why he couldn't come over. She mentioned that she was definitely nervous, but wanted to forge ahead.

Now, obviously given all this, I'm concerned knowing how this is going to look on film. Nervous, not focused and most importantly, not enjoying the experience - which translates to the viewing audience. Who wants to see a disengaged, unfocused, stick in the mud? I've gone this far, however, so I push forward.

The second we open the car door her cellphone rings. It's him! I hear him screaming on the phone, "You fucking lying bitch! I thought you were staying in bed all day? I just called the house. I can hear you're outside! Where are you? Who are you with? I'm two blocks away, coming over right now!" he said.

She had the look of death on her face. She looked at me and says only five words, "Oh my god! I'm sorry!" She was out like the Flash. You want to see someone sprint faster than Usain Bolt? I never saw a chick run so fast in heels in my life! I thought she was going to break both ankles!

I just chalked it up to a loss, obviously. On the other hand, after eight years of producing and that being the first, I couldn't really be mad. So Madeline, I hope everything worked out for you and your boo because that would have been a very ugly scene for him to pop up and see her pretty little size 6 feet wrapped around my huge...

NorCal does many outdoor shoots and sometimes unforeseen events have taken place.

NorCal Feet Studios

Twitter: @NorCalFeetDotCo

Once I was shooting a model and the most random series of events took place. First, a squirrel started dropping acorns from an overhead branch onto the model and "laughing" each time it hit her. Then, during the same shoot, a homeless bum came traipsing through the thick underbrush towards us as we were shooting. He looked like he was staring at a giant stash of gold - think of the suitcase from Pulp Fiction. He was carrying a half-deflated red balloon in one hand and gave it to my model. "For you," he said as he calmly walked back into the brush and disappeared. Considering we were way out in the sticks, it was very random and coincidental.

Sarah Diavola had one of her many pairs of high heels ruined in a non-foot fetish shoot.

Sarah Diavola

Twitter: @SaraDiavola

Goddess XTC hosts a strap-on party each year at FetCon. A willing guy provides a bunch of strap-ons and his butt for us to tag team and take turns on. She films it and makes it available online.

This past year we had a different guy than usual. This was his first time doing something like this and he was excited. He was so excited that he thought the best way to prepare for strap-on play is to put a butt plug in. He wore it all day, until it was time for a bunch of evil brats to access his hole.

I had the camera in my hand, so I could start filming the gang bang. I was a scantily clad GWC rapist, in high heels, a very large strap-on, condom, and rubber gloves. I wanted to film the entire process, for posterity, so I had the camera rolling.

The guy pulled out his butt plug quietly, most likely expecting to begin his ultimate fantasy. Instead of revealing a comfortably stretched anus, everything that was in his rectum came out all over the bed and floor. It was like a shitplosion.

He ran into the bathroom, humiliated, and I just assumed he was overly self conscious because I didn't really see much come out. I stood there in my sexy high heels to wait for my victim to be ready. We slowly all realized what had happened - and how severely it happened. It was like a slow reveal of a murder scene in a horror movie. Then the smell started to burn our noses and melt our eyes!

I looked down and saw a puddle of poo on the bed and then Whitney Morgan pointed and yelled, "Sarah, you're stepping in it!"

I looked down and the heel of one of my shoes was obviously perched right on the edge of the addition poo puddle on the floor. I turned white, screamed, and then we all ran as fast as we could to the window - which didn't open. The puddle of poo was between us and the door. We pressed our faces against the sides of the window, trying desperately to get fresh non-poop air. Nothing would get rid of the odor, and it felt like I had just snorted shit up my nose.

My shoes would be forever tainted after being touched by the most filthy thing one can possibly imagine. I called them poop shoes for the rest of the week.

The camera was rolling the entire time, but it's mostly blurry running shots and screaming girls.

Not everyone remained on the bed during this scene on Shy And Wild Tickling.

Shy and Wild Tickling

Twitter: @TickleVideos

While shooting Calypso and Vashti, when it was time to tickle Calypso spread eagle, I tickled her left foot and Vashti held onto her right leg. Calypso's reactions were so animalistic and strong that she sent Vashti tumbling off the bed. Unfortunately, that was my one and only shoot with those two lovely and wickedly ticklish creatures.

The hottest part of this was when they arrived, Calypso was truly confident that even though her ribs were ticklish, she could control the ticklishness of her feet. Big fail!

Yvette finally decided to put her top on before doing this set.

Silver Cherry Productions

Twitter: @SilverCherry77

One day, back in 2005, I had a shoot with a model, named Yvette, who was very free spirited and comfortable with her body. When models come over for a shoot, if they have to change their outfits, sometimes they'll just do it quickly right in the living room. This was one of those models.

We were expecting another model to arrive any minute when the doorbell rang. Without missing a beat, the model who was changing and was topless at the moment, decided it would be fun to greet the other model by answering the door while topless.

The model ran over and swung the door open and it was the UPS driver with a delivery that I forgot was coming. The model just laughed and said, "Oops, sorry!"

The look on the driver's face was priceless.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their strange, funny, and even horrific stories to make this a fun little read. It's awesome to see, even though many of us take what we do seriously, fun times still ensue - whether planned or not.