Monday, August 15, 2016

Coming Soon - The Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame Blog

This screenshot, from, features WFLHoF c/o 2000 member, Janet Mason.

Let me start this blog off by being 100 percent honest. I, Patrick, dropped the ball with the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame (WFLHoF) project I pitched last year. If you remember, I decided around this time last summer that it had been way too long since the WFLHoF was updated and it deserved to be reintroduced. I came up with a whole plan of attack that included how many candidates would be eligible, who they would be nominated by, and how those candidates would be voted upon. Believe it or not, it was smooth sailing up until that point. Where I fumbled was in the post vote planning. 

After the voting had concluded, I made mention of all those elected to the WFLHoF Class of 2015. Those people turned out to be: Wu, Little Dee, Bellecita, Erotic Nikki, and Goddess Brianna. The class was so large because it had been 10 years since the last person was inducted (Sexy Lexi c/o 2005). The WFLHoF committee and I also thought it was a good idea to include Wu automatically, for obvious reasons. At this point, things were still working out pretty well.

Once all the voting and mentions of the winners had occurred, I began to think how this hall of fame (HOF) should be added to Wu's Feet Links itself. At first I figured we'd just add the original page back, but make some edits. The small boxes just saying the person's name, site address, and three photos would be expanded upon. Maybe something like how Wu's old feature model section was laid out? 

Since I'm not the one designing and/or maintaining the main site itself, however, I saw that as potentially problematic. I wanted to be able to get things done when I had the time and not have to pile things onto Phil and BHE. I know they have their plates full. Still, I moved on with my plan and continued forward.

At this point I began to kick around some new ideas. I figured each person should have their own page that featured a few elements. Those items would include all the basic information, a small photo gallery, links to their sites and social media, and the final item, a few words from their peers. I put out a request to people to say a few words about people they were familiar with, or remember fondly. A good many of you came through for me, but the process did take some time. That's to be expected when you're asking people to write a few statements, to a few paragraphs, worth of their thoughts. For those of you who helped, thank you!

And this is where I've been sitting for months...

In the back of my mind I've constantly thought about this, but along with those thoughts I've also had to think about Soles of Silk, my full time job, and writing columns and conducting interviews for Wu's. It was always something I just kept saying, "I'll get to it." Well, it's time to "get to it!"

What I've decided to do is create a third blog that will link to Wu's Feet Links - just like this Columns Blog and the Interviews Blog. I will copy the same structure and design to it that you see on those blogs. From there, I will begin adding in all the HOF members to the year of their inductions.

I don't think this will take me too long and will be much easier in the long run. I don't want to have to pass design ideas and page elements over to BHE to handle. They've been kicking ass with keeping Wu's Feet Links up to date, so I want to keep helping however I can and do my part. These blogs are pretty easy to create, especially since I have the layouts done from the other two. And since these won't be a monthly thing, updating them once a year, won't be too much work.

In closing I just want to say thank you for all the support everyone has given me in helping with anything and everything related to Wu's Feet Links. I wish I could dedicate even more time than I already do. Please know that I'm still here, but I do have a lot on my plate. Once this new blog has been added, expect an announcement on the forums and on Wu's Feet Links itself. When that is done, we can begin the process of picking the next class to go into the WFLHoF.

Erotic Nikki was part of the 2015 class of the WFLHoF.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wu's Feature Sets & Why They're Important to Me

Mindee will be the feature model for July 2016, something of great importance to me.

In 2005, less than a year after Soles of Silk opened, Wu approached me about the possibility of doing a feature model set for his site. I asked him what it entailed and by the end of our short conversation, I was 100 percent on board. And every time he would go on to ask me afterward, I couldn't say yes quick enough.

It didn't take long for me to realize how many new eyes were brought to my work and models from having a new feature model set posted to Wu's Feet Links. Memberships rose, emails became more frequent, and I saw more and more people posting on my threads in the Wu's Feet Links Forum. Due to this, these sets have become ones I would start planning months, if not a year in advance.

From 2005-13, Wu asked me a total of eight times to do a set for his feature section. The fact that he kept asking me was humbling. I always had so much respect for the man and cherished the chance to showcase my work on his site. It didn't even bother me that he had a rule to have the sets in feature model section to be exclusive to his site. His site is the only one I've ever given any exclusive sets to that weren't also featured on Soles of Silk. I had that much admiration for the man.

Sadly, in 2014, Wu passed away. For months we were left with questions as his site was no longer updated. Once Phil, from BHE, learned and shared the news of his death, I went to him about the prospect of getting Wu's Feet Links back up and running in some capacity. One of the sections I most wanted to see back up was the Feature Models section.

Phil and I worked on a game plan that saw some automation of site functions take place. He gave me the responsibility to come up with a feature model calendar moving forward, which made me happy. And although it might sound selfish, I wanted the first set of the relaunched Wu's Feet Links to be one of mine. Wu had done a ton for me and I wanted to do something for him and his legacy. I talked to Olivia (one of my models), told her the story, and she was flattered that I picked her for something so important to me.

So in July 2014, Wu's Feet Links started back up and Olivia's set, "Back to Business," was appropriately published, with a title ever so appropriate. From that point on, I have penciled in foot models and sites from around the web to take part. There have been so many great sets from so many talented people. I thank all of you who have taken part for your assistance in the months and years that have followed the relaunch.

In 2015, and coming soon here in 2016, with Mindee's set teased above, I have had other feature sets that would follow Olivia's. I still get excited about having a set featured and still go out of my way to figure out a theme or location for them. I take a lot of pride in these sets - always have, always will. I have even already asked one of my models to do one in 2017, even though it's far off at this point. That model is Alice. She quickly said yes. 

Alice has already helped me with a column for the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog and was the focal point of an interview on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. Needless to say, she loves doing this and I couldn't think of anyone more perfect to do the next year's. Here are links to her the column and her interview if you'd like to check them out, or if you haven't already:

Even though I take so much pride in carrying on the feature section, and being a part of it each year since the relaunch, I would honestly trade it in to have Wu back and assigning me a month again. I miss seeing his feedback when I'd send over the sets. His critique was always the most important to me.

As Wu's Feet Links continues to move forward, I will be actively seeking future feature sets. If you have any interest, please, by all means shoot me an email at I already have a few people lined up for the rest of 2016, but some openings are available.

Before I wrap things up here, I want to leave you a few links. I have listed each and every Soles of Silk model feature below. There are links to both their set as well as a blog chronicling each on the Soles of Silk Blog. I thought some of you might like to see the backstories that went into each of these sets. They further show just how dedicated I have been, and remain to doing these for Wu's Feet Links:

* Links coming later this week once the set is published!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Memories of Models Along the Way

Layla is one of a handful of models I've met along the way running Soles of Silk.

In recent weeks I have been going through the Soles of Silk columns section, inside the members area, and moving all of my writings to the site's blog. It has been quite fun to go back and look at the things that were happening all those years ago when Soles of Silk was just getting started.

One of the big things that stuck out the most to me going through those columns was the times I met up with models who were already known in the foot fetish community. From the beginning, the Soles of Silk model roster has predominately my friends, or friends of those friends. Of the 88 models on the site, 61 fit into either of those categories. As for the other 17, however, some of them were already well known to those who frequented sites like Wu's Feet Links.

While I'd love to give a look at each and every one of those models, it would make this blog's length insanely long. I'm going to focus on just six that many of you will know and/or have been fans of for a long time. I hope you enjoy this little stroll down memory lane with me. Feel free to share your memories of these lovely ladies in the comments section.

"I'm an exhibitionist, so showing myself to the world is great! I model/act for a living, so I better enjoy being out there." - Lisa Tyler 

Lisa Tyler
Shoe Size: 7
Site: Forever Feet (closed)
Wu's Feature Set: Creamy Soles
First Meeting: 2004

Meeting Lisa Tyler was simply amazing! She was one of the first shoots I did for Soles of Silk. As a matter of fact, she posed for me prior to the site's launch, making her one of the eight debut models.

Lisa used to run her very own site, Forever Feet. My first memories of her was when Wu featured her in the feature model set listed above. I don't remember what year that set was published, but I'm thinking early 2004. With her email address listed, I contacted Lisa and asked if she'd be interested in doing some contributions once Soles of Silk opened. She said she was interested, but our conversations then turned to her posing for me instead.

Needless to say, I was very much interested in Lisa's offer. Truth be told, however, I was nervous as hell to meet and shoot her. I had really never met with someone who did regular modeling jobs before. I was intimidated by her amazing portfolio and I even shared that with her after a little foot fetish session we had to start the day. She assured me that everything would be just fine and all I'd have to do is take the photos.

Lisa wasn't lying when she told me that. I'm not sure how many poses I told her to do, but it sure wasn't many. Lisa went about her business as I just focused on her beautiful size 7's and took picture after picture. The best thing, however, was just how down to earth and fun she was. We really hit it off and felt like we had known each other for some time.

I'd go on to take five sets of Lisa our first time meeting. I treasured those sets and was so proud of them. I'd even venture to say that she was one of the biggest hits of the first few months of Soles of Silk's existence.

A few years later Lisa and I would end up meeting again. We did three more sets and I was far from nervous this time. It was so good to see her again, but little did I know, it would be the last time we would see one another.

In the years following that shoot, Lisa's site closed and I lost contact with her. The email address I used to contact her was tied to her website, so I don't even know if she's modeling these days. Since I haven't seen her on any other foot fetish sites, I'm guessing that she's at least gone from the fetish scene. That's sad, but I wish her the best at whatever she's doing. I'd welcome her back without hesitation if that chance ever arose, but I'm thinking the likelihood of that is next to nil.

"I love modeling. I'm glad that people are able to come out of their shells, even if just on the internet." - Jacklyn Lick 

Jacklyn Lick
Shoe Size: 5
Site: Foot Goddess (closed)
First Meeting: 2005

Within less than a year of Soles of Silk's opening, I had the chance to meet with yet another model whose work I admired. Jacklyn Lick and her little size 5 feet had me captivated from the first time I saw her on her own site, Foot Goddess. Jacklyn also did a shoot for Leg Action magazine, for those of you who remember getting your fix through fetish magazine prior to the internet take over. So as you can see, I had been enjoying her work for some time.

If you remember Jacklyn and her work, it was more adult in nature than what you see on Soles of Silk. This didn't stop me from asking about her availability, however, when I saw she was taking a trip through several East Coast locations. She told me she'd love to pose her feet and we set a date.

We only ever met once, but the shoots we did were smooth sailing. Soles of Silk wasn't even a full year old at the time, but we just clicked and did three sets in the time allotment she had available. And no, before you ask, that isn't what you think in the photo above. It's lotion. We both joked how much it looked like "something else" as she looked through the photos while I rubbed that lotion into her feet afterward.

Sadly, I don't really know what has become of Jacklyn and/or her fetish modeling career. Several years ago I had tagged her in a tweet, but her account seemed to be dormant. Just this past week it looks like some activity is now taking place on that account (@JackieLick) as my tweet had been favorited, and my account (@SolesofSilk), followed. I just might have to touch base with her and see what she's up to. It's been 11 years, so hopefully she remembers me. I know I sure do remember those little size 5 feet.

"I am very glad I can put my feet out there for everyone to see in the privacy of their own home. I love modeling and being able to share my feet with those who enjoy them." - Layla

Layla Mercedes
Shoe Size: 7
Site: Loving Soles (closed)
Wu's Feature Set: Perfect Size 7's
First Meeting: 2005

Layla was someone who I met through One Model Place when I ran an account there. She had done all kinds of modeling jobs, but was open to foot fetish work. I thought she was beautiful, so we touched base and set something up. I would have never known at that time how much of an impact Layla would eventually have on my site.

Over the years Layla has posed for a grand total of 1,942 photos. She's third only to Cierra (2,286 photos) and Mindee (3,596 photos). Layla would easily be over 2,000, and might have been the site's front runner had we not lost touch for a few years.

At one point in time, Layla and I would meet up every couple of months and shoot a handful of sets. Layla would even go on to pose with three other models, all of which she helped introduce to the site. Those models include Kerri Taylor, who many of you are also familiar with, her good friend, Chrystine, and even her younger sister, Jaylee Austin.

What started as just several shoots in downtown Baltimore when we first met, quickly turned into a friendship with Layla and her husband. I was so happy for them when they decided to open their very own foot fetish site in the years following her Soles of Silk debut. It was called Loving Soles, but is now no longer online.

As I mentioned above, Layla and I lost touch for a few years. During that time I really began slowing down on updates featuring Layla. I didn't want to see those last sets go up. Luckily for me, we touched base and were able to do several new sets. The same thing happened following those sets, however, and I no longer have any unpublished sets of this fun loving cutie. I do know that she has since moved out of state and I wish her nothing but the best. I haven't really talked to her recently, but I'm thinking I should say hello. Maybe if she still comes back to Maryland from time to time we could set something up again. I'd love to see her break that 2,000 mark and I sure do miss those silky smooth, sometimes smelly feet of hers... not that I ever touched or smelled them before, during, or after the 31 sets we shot.

"I love modeling and if people are enjoying the work that I do, then it is pretty awesome. I think this is so fun and I have met so many nice people!" - Lexi

Shoe Size: 7
Site: Lexi's Foot Fetish
Wu's Feature Set: Sexy Pedicure
Wu's Interview: March 2005
First Meeting: 2005

So many people were shocked and excited when I broke the news that Lexi had posed her feet for Soles of Silk. I felt like I had pulled off a coop, myself, so I can only imagine what some of the site's fans were thinking when two of the highest arches online graced the model galleries inside the members area.

As I said, I was feeling really good about Lexi agreeing to pose. I made the trip up to her during some vacation time I had back in July 2005. I didn't know what to expect, but from our conversations online, she seemed like a sweetheart. She ended up being that and so much more!

See, my original plans for shooting Lexi also involved another model from her site, Jenn. I was a fan of both girls and Lexi and her husband helped set up a shoot with Jenn as well. My goal was to shoot some solo sets of Lexi during the morning, have Jenn come by and shoot the both of them together in the afternoon, and then finish the day with some solo sets of Jenn that evening. Well, Jenn no showed. 

Lexi and her husband were so mad, but also felt bad for me at the same time. I had just made an eight hour drive the day before for these shoots and I was going to leave with barely any content. Lexi's husband was calling and caling Jenn. He finally got to the point where he left her quite the nasty voicemail and that's when Lexi saved the day.

Lexi, who had gotten a late start due to her child being sick, offered to shoot longer since Jenn no showed. I was so grateful for the gesture, which turned out to be a good thing. Some of the best sets we did came that evening.

I wish I had been able to shoot Lexi a second day now that I look back on that amazing shoot. In the years following we had talked about making it happen again. Lexi had a blast and loved seeing her photos on Soles of Silk just as much as the ones on her own site. As time passed, however, Lexi seemed to cease modeling. I never saw any replies to the emails that I sent either. It's too bad because I could only imagine how stoked everyone would be if Lexi made a comeback on the pages of Soles of Silk. That might just be a bigger coop than the initial shoot itself!

"I started out doing more general modeling, trying to locate photographers that were into the same things I was trying to show. Got in with Pose Your Toes and of course, Soles of Silk, and it's been heaven since!" - Lady Steph

Lady Steph
Shoe Size: 7
Site: Lady Steph's Fetish Clips
Wu's Feature Set: Sexy Blue Toes
Wu's Interview: July 2014
First Meeting: 2008

Foot parties have never really been my thing. The only ones I had ever been to were more of a private variety. I was invited by an old college friend of mine who also has a foot fetish, to attend, so I decided to give it a try.

At these parties I ended up meeting a few foot models some of you are familiar with. I would eventually shoot a few of these girls, but the one that I've worked with the most, and the one I still keep in touch with, is none other than Lady Steph. She also the only one I ever decided to session with at the foot parties I attended. Can you blame me for giving in to those feet up there? Don't act like you wouldn't!

When I met Steph at the foot parties I already knew that she could be a fire cracker. Getting together for our first shoot, things were no different. Steph is a very fun loving person, but also has that confidence that will easily put a foot guy in his place, if, and when, that need should arise. She prides herself in ability to conquer her male costars in her own videos. Quotes like, "another one bites the dust," prove just how much control she exudes - well, when she's not sending a fella home with blue balls, that is. No further comments.

My biggest regret with Steph is in just how seldom we have gotten together to shoot. We're long overdue and she agrees. I recently reached out to her on her Instagram account (@TheLadySteph) and she told me she's waiting. I'm really looking forward to finding some time with her again, hopefully soon. I'd love to find some outdoor locations with her as I know she'd shine in any setting or theme I could come up with. I find my strongest sets have always been the outdoor ones. I'll keep you all posted! 

"I love being posted on all of the sites, and hopefully, many more in the future. The attention drives me wild, especially when I get all those emails telling me how much they love my feet and how they wish they could smell and caress them. What a turn on!" - Kim T.

Kim T.
Shoe Size: 6.5
Site: Yahoo! Groups (closed)
Wu's Feature Set: Toes 'n Hose
First Meeting: 1998 (posed for Soles of Silk in 2010)

If you noticed all the models above have been featured in the order in which they debuted on Soles of Silk. Although Kim T. and I met in 1998, and she modeled on my old site, The 10 Little Piggies, I wasn't able to shoot Kim for Soles of Silk until 2010. Before I get into how that came about, however, let me take you back to 1998 and Leg Show Magazine.

In 1998 Abby and I were dating. She was my first true foot fetish model and I adored her little wrinkled feet. She encouraged me to embrace my fetish, but the internet was a far cry from what it is today. My fetish outlet of choice at the time was Leg Show Magazine.

It didn't take Abby and I long to send in a few photos to the Home Photos section. We took part in the whole photo trade that was going on at the time with other fetish photographers and couples. One couple in particular, caught my eye. Her name was Kim and she had the pudgiest little toes I had ever seen. Her then husband, Chris, was her photographer and took countless photos of those adorable feet. I just had to reach out.

To make a super long story a little shorter, the four of us all became friends. I'd shoot Kim for my old site and Chris would take some of Abby for his personal stash and their Yahoo! groups. It was good times hanging out together. I even got to shoot the ladies together and the contrast in Kim's and Abby's feet was out of this world.

Eventually Abby and I would split up. I still talked with Kim and Chris and even photographed her for my site and some of my artwork in college. It even provided me with a few chances to pamper her little feet too. Talk about a tight fit when you stick your fingers or nose between her toes! They don't want to let go, and you won't want them to either.

As the years continued to progress, I'd lose touch with both Kim and Chris. I did end up running into Chris a few times, but it looked like they had parted ways too. So you can imagine my surprise when in 2010, many years later, Kim somehow accidentally sends me a text message instead of her friend, Patty. She didn't even recognize my number, but we got to chatting.

Naturally our conversation covered a few things and Soles of Silk came up. She said she'd love to pose for me and I was so excited. Talk about a return! Kim had been gone from the public eye for many years, but those feet were about to be loved once more.

I met with Kim and we did three sets. I was so excited to be seeing and photographing her again. She was loving life and couldn't wait to see the response she'd get. That, and she told me under no uncertain terms, that after the shoot I would be treating her to a much needed, and long overdue, foot massage. I just might have gotten in a fourth and fifth set if I wasn't busy with her feet in my hands. I made that massage a long one! Oh well, small price to pay.

Sadly, I'd never get a chance to do that fourth set since then. Kim started dating someone and ended up moving out of state. Since then, I have lost touch with her. She stopped replying to any texts or emails and I have no clue what she's up to today. Sure wouldn't mind her making a second return though!

Thanks for taking this little journey with me through some of my memories. It has been so neat going back through my old columns and seeing some of my reactions and feelings at the times when all these shoots happened. I think I might write a sister blog to this piece over on the Soles of Silk Blog itself, but focus more on the memories of some of my friends that posed during those early years. Be on the lookout for that!