Monday, November 8, 2004

I'm Thankful For... (Archive)

The column found below was published in November 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As most Americans know, the holiday of Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the good things in your life, and it gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation to friends and family. As the Wu family and foot fetish friends would attest, I believe that the writing of this column has left me with many friends, family, and reasons to give thanks! So here we go… 

  • I am thankful for short skirts that allow me showoff my legs and feet, may the fashion trend stay short!
  • I am thankful for the invention of the high heel, as there has never been a better invention to highlight my legs and feet.
  • I am thankful for my best friend's brother, who taught me how erotic feet could be at such an influential time in my life.
  • I am thankful for the nylons and stockings, as I believe there is no sexier material on the face of this planet!
  • I am thankful for the art of the pedicure, as there are few more guilty pleasures in the world than pampering my peds!
  • I am thankful for the internet, because there has never been a more powerful medium for free expression. The erotic playground that brings us all together!
  • I am thankful for the size of my feet, as they are the perfect size for me to feel good about how they look!
  • I am thankful for all the men who have been able to accept their sexual interest in feet as a healthy and normal sexual outlet!
  • I am thankful for all the women who accept feet as the erotic tool they are so obviously intended to be!
  • I am thankful for all the toys that go buzz in the night! May the nasty men and women who invent such items keep working hard!
  • I am thankful for Secrets-in-Lace, Touchable, Wolford, Wicked Weasel, Classic Pumps, Ellie, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Trashy Lingerie, Stocking Girl, and every other maker of fine, sheer, sexy, tiny lingerie and stockings that recognize the eroticism and allure of these fashions.
  • I am thankful for all the brave men who have taken notice of my feet and expressed it in public!
  • I am thankful for every single time that a warm wet mouth has encircled my toes or nestled across my arches.
  • I am thankful that I am not only orgasmic, but multi-orgasmic, as there are too many women that will never experience the incredible pleasure that I has been my gift!
  • I am thankful for the fact that men are such voyeuristic creatures, as they feed the fever that is the exhibitionist in me!
  • I am thankful for men and their cocks, as there is no toy, finger, or instrument that approximates the firm warm sensation of that incredible organ!
  • I am thankful for women, as their soft curvy feminine features continue to offer me an unfulfilled desire and promise of future erotic pleasure!
  • I am thankful for my financial slave, SB, who continues to pamper me with every fashion desire and fetish that I care to express!
  • I am thankful for Wu for being so patient and supportive of my column, he is truly the pioneer of the foot fetish community!
  • I am thankful for all of you that have taken the time to write me to express an idea, offer an opinion, share an experience, or just to encourage and support my writing!
  • I am thankful that my mind stays so wonderfully perverted that I can continue to find inspiration to write this column every month!
  • I am thankful that all you have been to find some enjoyment in my body, my feet, and my writing! 

Happy Holidays to all!
Thank you again Wu!

Friday, October 8, 2004

To the Point (Archive)

The column found below was published in October 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

It was pointed out to me that in my review of Olympic Foot Presentations, that I overlooked one of the most obvious highlights of any Summer Games: The Synchronized Swimming Competition! As one fan pointed out, could the feet be any more on display, scored, or presented for the foot fans delight than in this very event? The competitors are scored on synchronization, but pointed toes and feet are among the scoring criteria as well! If you actually attend the competition, do you ever see much more than dripping wet, high arched wonders protruding from the water's surface? I actually watched the finals of the team competition, and I caught some of the doubles preliminaries during the broadcast. I was struck by the fact that there cannot be a foot fetishist in the world that would not enjoy this display. Tan feet, white feet, small & medium sized feet (I did not see any large), and in nail polish color combinations to match or complement swimwear. Calves and thighs were tone and tight beyond belief adding the perfect appetizers to the highly pointed peds! The rippled pink flesh of the soles rotating in a slow controlled tease for the voyeur, and the taught crunch of toes blazing red with effort before your eyes! My descriptive verse does not do the women of Synchronized Swimming justice, but I would bet that Romanian Gymnasts who bared all for the horny public after the last Olympics would not be able to hold a candle to a foot fetish video by a few Olympic synchronized swimmers!

Why does the point hold such admiration and magic for the foot fetish faithful? My Stunt Cock describes his fascination relating back to his childhood:

"Every hosiery product advertisement or scene from a movie seemed to contain a women pointing her toes as she slid her perfect feet into sheer nylon. If they were being removed, there was always this hesitation as the sheer material clung to the point foot and toes before a sudden snap revealed the foot, toes, and soles to the viewer."

There is a suggestion of femininity, class, and eroticism simultaneously portrayed by the pointed ped. The Ballerina, the hosiery model, the gymnast, the synchronized swimmer, the dancer; are all taught from day 1 that the pointed toe is an essential element of their presentation. In turn, the individual devoted to feet encounter repeated scenes of this pointed foot throughout life. As we all know, the more we think or feel about an item or event, the more we seem to find it in the world around us! The ped radar becomes uniquely sensitized to the various situations that lead you to what you so desire, presented in the manner that you dream so longing for! You are conditioned to view the women and her feet in manner that is admired and desired in this very pose!

The high heel does nothing more for the foot than to approximate the pose of the point! Think about the popularity of the stiletto heel, the platform, the high heel sandal! If the men could I think we would all walk around like ballerinas in toe shoes! One of my favorite teases is to let a heel slip off my foot and point my toes. Sometime I will simply point them down, and other times I will raise them a bit to point toward a not-so-innocent victim. As I have stated in past articles, I am a pointer by nature. What I mean is that while have sex and approaching orgasm, my feet naturally point! This is easily proven in many of the video clips and videos that I have put out over the past few years. It is this quality that so enhances my own sex life due to the impact that it has on stunt cock. My own realization and comfort with the foot fetish aspect of sex has naturally led me to incorporate it into my life on and off film and Internet. I will often raise a pointed to ped toward my partners face when I have him kneel over my face to suck his cock. This way I can look up and see his lust and desire as I perform orally on him. I will rub my wrinkled soles across his face and head as eats my pussy, and you can believe me that this encourages him to a very pleasing outcome for me! Even our most recent one on one venture finishing in the most traditional of missionary style positions concluded when I raised my point toes toward his face and stated: "Look at my sexy feet! Stare at THEM! I know you love my pointed feet!" As stunt cock collapsed on the bed after a satisfying conclusion, he simply laughed, "That is not even fair, but damn that was incredible!" 

To get to the point… all one has to realize is that a pointed toe can be as sexy as anything else on the body! Hmmm, think I'll go for a swim!

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Presentation (Archive)

The column found below was published in September 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Do you ever notice that some people go to great lengths to wrap a present? Martha Stewart practically made an art form out of gift-wrapping! So what is my point you ask? My point is that sometimes it is all in the presentation! I have notice that the foot fetish world is very similar in that respect, and that is every man and woman with a foot fetish have fell in love with feet in a specific manner or situation!

I was channel surfing one night (yes we girls cruise the remote too!), when I stumbled across a ballroom dancing exhibition on ESPN2 of all places. I found it very elegant and interesting, and in wandered stunt cock. It took all of 10 seconds for me to realize that he did not leave the room because of the dancers! He has always had a thing for dancers, and he says it is because of their great legs. The fact that they all seem to point their toes a great deal plays just as big a role. Every single female dancer in the competition wore beautiful flowing colored dresses, while the males were all in black formals. In addition, every woman wore 3-4" heels, but most of the ladies were strapped into very seductive 4" sandal type shoes. Some elegantly wrapped up the ankle and even the calf of most of the dancers. Other styles clung wistfully to the heel with one tiny strap, or were cut out on the sides to bare incredible arches. The fact that many were so flexible that they often places an ankle on the shoulder of their partner seemed very seductive to me as well! How many foot fans out there would love a well-dressed and pampered princess to place her sexy heel strapped ped right next to your face? 

Stunt cock and I broke into a conversation regarding how fun it is for him to go out on the town with me for a similar reason. He stated that he loved the fact that I am all decked out to show my best, and regardless of the sex at the end of the night, it is the constant tease of the presentation that often feeds his fantasies for many days. I never fail to notice the many stares that fall to my feet in those situations, and we often giggle to each other pointing out my various foot admirers at any given event. However, it is not the foot in isolation, but the entire manner in which it is presented that can be erotic!

Another presentation form that I was very misunderstood about was women gymnastics competitions. I was concerned that these finely tuned bodies were mere teenagers, and I often thought that it was their incredible flexibility that drove men wild. I have read that all men are attracted to females once they hit adolescents because they begin to develop into women. This is natural for all men, but that acting on those urges or attractions is the difference between criminal and normal. The truth power behind many gymnast fantasies are in the feet once again! Talk about a variety! In one competition, I counted four different presentations of the feet alone that I know would drive many a man insane with lust: The barefoot, the foot with tape, the foot covered in a tiny sock like anklet, and a foot or toe cover that only partially covers the toes and ball of the foot. These women point their toes constantly, and I would swear that a few could almost curl their feet beyond what is normal or reasonable! It was pointed out to me by a friend of stunt cocks that a foot fan is usually a leg & ass man as well. This again seems very natural to me, and once again our gymnasts usually fill this order to perfection! A pointed toe, extremely toned legs, and tight little cheeks struggling out of their little bodysuits is a presentation that many would find irresistible. If you like feet with a little wear and tear on them, or a little soil, then the gymnast is a perfect fit! All day running around a dusty or dirty gym in their bare, or nearly bare, feet would be the dream of many of you according to my email. However, isn't it the total package that once again makes this a vivid and enticing fantasy? The situation, the outfit, the footwear, the lack of footwear, and the body together add up to a dynamite package?

In my last photo shoot, I wore an outfit that is common workplace attire for me: a simple blouse, a conservative skirt, hose, and pumps. The difference for me is that I usually push the envelope of acceptable attire in the hose and shoe department. You can see hundreds or thousands of similarly dressed women all over any major city on any given day. Does your eye not always catch that one in the slightly higher or sexier pair of heels? Have you ever noticed that seam disappearing up the skirt of one tone pair of calves? I would be lying if I said that I had not worn that exact outfit to work recently, and that I was followed by at least three men during the course of the day. Two seemed to follow me to and from lunch, and the heel dangle show that I put on during lunch rivaled anything that appears in the video clips this week! It was fun to watch two men sitting there eating their lunch staring at my legs and feet, but they barely talked to one another the whole time! Again, my point is that the presentation of my natural attributes in sexy hosiery, fuck me pumps, and conservative businesswoman attire spark a common fantasy that many men find hard to resist! 

Those that believe that men with a foot fetish are only interested in feet are truly mistaken. The foot may be a central or very powerful part of their desires, but women need to realize that the entire presentation has the greatest impact. In that fact lays the true power of incredible sexual fulfillment for the men and women. What is your favorite presentation? I bet you will never look at gift-wrapping quite the same way again!

Sunday, August 8, 2004

Toe-tally Consumed (Archive)

The column found below was published in August 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Wu-sters! Over the last few months I wrote a 2-part fantasy regarding my foot fantasy, and in it I expressed the following:

"First off, let me start with my idea of what makes a sexy, female foot. I prefer a small to average size foot, somewhere in the 5 to 7 size range. I think feet that size are dainty and feminine without being too small. I find feet with symmetrical toes extremely attractive, and by that I mean that they create a neat little diagonal row from the first to the pinkie."
"I prefer sophisticated feet, and I mean toes that are done in French Pedicure style or with a red polish. Pinks are fun, designs are cute, and brighter colors are trendy, but for me there is nothing sexier than toes that look like they are meant for a special or formal event."

These simple statement regarding toes brought a wave of responses from the loyalists of the foot fetish kingdom! The variety that pervades the world of the foot fetish continues to be unbounded, and let me share with you the interests of your fellow foot fans!

The Second Toe

Richard in Ohio writes:

"There is nothing sexier than a woman who bares her feet! To me it says confidence, comfort with herself, and an awareness of what turns men's heads! The toe alignment you spoke of last month in your fantasy differs slightly from my own. I get tremendously turned on by a long second toe! Women with this longer, almost finger-like toe drive me insane with desire. I fantasize about what it would look like draped over the top of my cock head, and I dream of exploding against it with enough force to raise it off the tip! I apologize for this if it is offensive in any manner."

Richard should know better than to think that would offend me!

Plump Toes

David in Texas writes:

"Your desire for perfect toes is understandable, but my passion is for plump toes! I dream of sucking and tasting each full round digit as if they were little pieces of fruit. I think that plump toes have more surface area, and therefore must be more sensitive! If I could find a woman with plump toes, I am sure that my dedicated tongue would make the most of each tasty morsel"

Hmmm! A dedicated tongue on the toes would certainly please this woman! Hey my toes aren't that plump, but they are sensitive as hell David!

Curly Toes

Jackson from California writes:

"Michelle, have you ever noticed how some women have toes that almost seem to curl up slightly. This is not due to anything they do, but in a normal resting or standing position the tips of their toes appear to curl up just slightly? This is my passion! When I was young, a friend of my mother's would sit at the kitchen table for hours talking with my mom. I would sit on the floor playing, but I became extremely interested in her feet. The way her toes curled up slightly seemed so attractive to me. I was too young for this to really be sexual, but it remains one of the most powerful images in my mind!"

I suppose curly fries are your preference as well!

The Perfect Slant

Adam from Austria writes:

"I could not agree with you more! Perfect alignment of toes is well perfect! There is something pristine in the perfectly aligned toes. Similar to looking at Michelangelo's David, they are so hard to find, but all consuming to look at! I could spend hours doing nothing more than staring at the toes of perfection that describe. Too touch them would almost be too much to handle!"

If they were so perfect to be untouchable, then I would surely be a thief or a vandal! There would be no resisting such perfection, Adam!

Every foot is like a fingerprint! Toe configurations, nail shape, arch height, skin condition! I swear that the FBI could probably identify women better by their feet than by their fingerprints! I suppose that would be quite a profession for a few of you! A professional female foot identification agent and I would even bet a number of you can identify the women around you by their feet! My slightly tilted pinkie toe drives some people insane, while others probably find it distasteful. What is your taste? Is it different from my own? Is it different from the men above? Let me know!

Thursday, July 8, 2004

My Foot Fantasy - Part 2 (Archive)

The column found below was published in July 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Rachel's little masturbation show as I licked and sucked her dainty feet was more erotic than I could have imagined, and there was no hesitation in her voice or actions when she growled that it was my turn!

Rachel practically bounded off the bed, her hands firmly grabbed each of my shoulders, and she moved my body onto the bed. I sat at first with my sundress rising to only a few inched below my now drenched pussy. Rachel directed me to move fully onto her bed, and I used the edge of the mattress to slide off my sexy little sandals. Rachel dropped her sexy little cocktail dress to the floor, and without a moment of apprehension was on the bed at my feet. Her assertive nature overtaking my own was both a little alarming and erotic at the same time as I am use to being the teaser, the controller, the one in control. 

As I lay back on my elbows, Rachel's body stretches out down the length of my legs, her face near my feet. Rachel begins at my ankle, her soft full lips pressing softly against my skin. She giggles as goose bumps emerge all over my legs, 

"Cold?" she laughs.

Each light kiss is so erotically charged that I have to try to keep from flinching in response. Her tongue darts out from between her lips as she moves down to the top of my foot, and I lean toward her so that I can free my arm. My hand begins to run over my breasts, and my nipples are already like hard pebbles beneath the thin cotton material. The close Rachel gets to my toes, the stronger the temptation to touch myself, but I love to drive myself crazy with anticipation. Rachel moves her body farther down my own to improve her mouth's access to my feet. As her diminutive body slightly curls near my feet, I am struck by the vision. Her fingers run across my foot as she grasps my arch and outside edge with each hand. Her sexy face is staring up at me from just over my toes, and her hot breath is caressing my sole. I know that she can see my soaking panties my hand teasing my nipples. The sly grin on her face makes breaks as she says, "Let me see them" referring to my tits.

I easily pull the straps my sundress down my arms, and my tan tits and rock hard nipples further stiffen in the cool air. 

"Touch them" Rachel whispers.

Each time my fingers brush my nipples, I feel as if I could explode with excitement. She is teasing me, driving me to the edge of orgasm without even making full contact with any other part of my body than my foot. Her tongue slides from her mouth, and the very tip makes contact with tip of my big toe. I can hardly resist the urge to shove my toe into her mouth, but she drags the tip of her tongue across the slant of my toes. Rachel never stops staring up at me, and this increases the intensity of the moment. My own gaze wanders the length of Rachel's body, and I want to touch and taste the rest of her! My foot is lifted and her tongue runs the length of my sole from the heel to the soft crevice separating my toes from my sole. It tickles, but not in a bad way. My hand pulls my dress to my waist, and I pull my panties aside. My pussy is fully exposed, wet, and open in front of a woman, and there is no accident, no pretense, just lust. Before I can do anything more, Rachel sits up, lifts my leg a little higher, and slides into an upright sitting position. Her legs are apart on either side of my own, and I fall back against the bed. I gaze into a mirror on the ceiling, and the view of our exposed bodies is like a dream. Her mouth begins on tiny pinky toe, kissing, licking, and finally sucking! My hand wanders toward my wet lips, but before I can touch myself, Rachel's foot gently kicks my hand away. Her tiny ped deliberately rubs my inner thigh mere fractions from my opening. The heat of her mouth finds my fourth toe, and she is repeating my performance on her own foot. I cannot help but push my toes into her mouth with each movement. I practically jump as her toes brush the soft outer edge of my pussy lips. It is hard to remain passive, but the pleasure is unmistakable. Her big toe gently presses into my moist slit making small circles that spread my excitement over it. It is hard to concentrate on one feeling. Her mouth on my toes, or her sexy little toes touching my pussy! Rachel is careful not to enter me, and careful to not make full contact with my swollen clit. She can sense that either would send me over the edge. I have to stop touching my nipples as this too would set off my orgasm. Rachel has the perfect pace. Her mouth works neither too fast or too slow, her foot moves with skill and touch. My own body has given itself fully to her. Her mouth begins to engulf my big and second toe, her own nipples bush against my leg, her toes slide side to side just below my clit. I am balancing on the edge of pleasure, out of control, but not over the edge. Rachel fucks her mouth with my toes in a steady rhythm increasing in speed; her foot hesitates just before her big and second toes push into my pussy. The sucking and fucking of feet in simultaneous pace breaks through all tension and resistance! I grab her foot and hump against it for all I am worth! Electricity bolts from my drenched toes straight into my ped pumping pussy, and I am lost! Orgasm waves so deep, so full, and so intense they wrack my entire body with spasms. OVER and OVER and OVER! They carry on so long I am not sure how I can even stand it! As the intensity begins to slow my vision even begins to darken due to my lustful panting. I collapse against the bed in utter sexual fulfillment! 

Okay! The hardest thing about writing this damn fantasy was trying not to masturbate to it orgasm before I finished the story. I will fully admit that it took me three separate times to sit down to write to finish, because the visions in my imagination kept driving to masturbate instead of finish! I had two or three orgasms each time I stopped writing, so this fantasy rates as a 7-9 orgasm fantasy for me! Damn if this wouldn't be the greatest foot fetish porn scene ever filmed if I could find my Rachel! 

Thanks for letting me have fun writing these articles the last two months! Should I return to the information, or do you guys want me to share my ending for this little lesbian foot fetish fantasy?

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

My Foot Fantasy - Part 1 (Archive)

The column found below was published in June 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Over the last five months, I have written and communicated with many foot fanatics about their ultimate footjob experiences and fantasies, and it has lead me to a feeling of expressing my own desire and fantasy regarding the female foot to the loyal readers of this column. Many of you have read of my unfulfilled desire to experience a woman, and I have many fantasies around bi-sexual experiences. Please do not get me wrong! I would never forsake men, but to experience the soft and knowing presence of another woman is like a forbidden fruit. Let me share with you my bi-sexual foot fetish fantasy.

First off, let me start with my idea of what makes a sexy, female foot. I prefer a small to average size foot, somewhere in the 5 to 7 size range. I think feet that size are dainty and feminine without being too small. I find feet with symmetrical toes extremely attractive, and by that I mean that they create a neat little diagonal row from the first to the pinkie. There is nothing like a pampered foot! Soft, pinkish, and obviously well cared for on a regular basis. Every time that I get a good pedicure, I feel more sexy, and even the feel of my own feet excites me to a significant degree. A woman who feels that same way would be my desire. I prefer sophisticated feet, and I mean toes that are done in French Pedicure style or with a red polish. Pinks are fun, designs are cute, and brighter colors are trendy, but for me there is nothing sexier than toes that look like they are meant for a special or formal event. This is where my favorite fantasy begins.

As I lay back on my bed, I envision a friend of mine that I will refer to as Rachel. She has the most perfect feet in my opinion, size 5 with ridiculously symmetrical toes. Her figure is nothing to ignore either. 5'2", dark brunette hair, the greenest eyes you can imagine, and a chest I would estimate at 34C, which is perfect for her size. Sexy without being overbearing for her appearance or height. Rachel and I had the opportunity to shop for clothing one afternoon for an event that we were attending together, and this is what I see in my naughty little mind!

Rachel and I are at an upscale Department Store laughing and browsing through some of the latest formal wear available. There are many dresses, but we both are looking for the same type of outfit. We want something sophisticated and sexy, but it has to be daring and appropriate at the same time. The answer is usually something suggestively short with a deep enough neckline! Rachel and I enter the dressing are together, and after a few outfits are modeled for one another, Rachel is taking an inordinate amount of time in her dressing room. I knock and ask if she is all right, and she laughs responding that she cannot figure out how to put this one dress on! I being the ever so helpful individual ask if she would like my assistance, and Rachel unlocks her dressing room door for me to come in. As I enter, I am struck by her lack of modesty as she stands before me in nothing more than her skimpy thong. She is quite confused and struggling with a dress, and I jokingly state that I would have to come over on the night of event to dress her. I take the dress, and it is clear to me that she simply has tangled the garment. I straighten out the dress, and I stoop to hold it for her to step into. That is when it strikes me. Her cute little feet are inches from my face, and they are a combination of soft pink and tan skin accented by the contrasting white of her French pedicure. I can smell the fresh perfume of recently applied polish wafting up at me as she lifts her right foot to step into the dress. I cannot help but mention that her pedicure looks recent. Rachel confesses that she just went to have them done that morning, and we engage in a harmless discussion of where, when, and how often she does this little beauty ritual. Rachel confesses that she has it done once and sometimes twice a week! I giggle and confess that it is an indulgence that I partake in as often. She jokes that the bills for such care seem excessive sometimes, but that he husband doesn't bitch about that bill. I playfully ask why, and she confides in me that he has a thing for her feet! I laugh, and tell her that we share a common experience due to my own relationship. I compliment her by telling her she has the most adorable feet, and she laughs returning the compliment to my own. I confide that I like the pampering of the pedicures, and Rachel laughs that the vibrating chair doesn't hurt either. I laugh almost too loud, and agree with her. I take the opportunity to tell her that I think someone could orgasm in those chairs, and Rachel blushed saying "You haven't?" I am again giggling as I confess that I was too embarrassed to say that I had outright. The tension in the room is palatable and thick at this point, so we break the moment to go out to the mirrors to examine the dresses.

Rachel and I shop, have lunch, and shop some more. The one thing that we cannot find is any sexy shoes to go with our outfits. We joke about the fact that we each probably have something at home already, and that is when my fantasy really gets going! Rachel and I decide to go to each other's homes to assist each other in trying on shoes to get each other's opinion. We go to Rachel's house first, and we talk some more as we share our mutual experiences with our partner's interest in our feet, and Rachel confesses that she has begun to see how attractive and sexy feet can be through her experiences, and I admit that I have experienced similar feelings. I joke about how I am usually the bold one revealing things to people first, and we a bit more finding ourselves being similar in another way. At Rachel's house, she shows me her walk-in closet with a floor to ceiling shoe rack that literally takes up almost half of the space! I allow Rachel to choose a few pairs to try on with her outfit, and I am again taken aback by her sudden dropping of her clothing in front of me! She again appears so tan, and her yellow thong is so skimpy and dramatic against her skin that I find myself feeling very aroused by her. Her firm full breasts were accented with soft pink round nipples that were substantially larger than my own, and I found myself wondering what it would be like to make them hard with my touch. As she turned to step into her dress her cute round ass came into view, round and tight, sticking out suggestively. The dress fell over it clinging beautifully, and she asked if I thought it made her butt too prominent. I laughed and responded with a butt like that why not make it a highlight! As she walked to the pick up the first pair of shoes, she noticed that her thong was clearly visible through the filmy material of the evening dress. She slipped her hands quickly under her dress, and in a flash, the thong was on the floor! My mind wondered through my vast experience in short dresses sans panties, and I wondered if Rachel gets as turned on as I do by putting on "unintentional" semi-public displays!

I snapped to attention as Rachel requested my opinion on her first pair of shoes! A strappy set of silver metallic 5" sandals. Her perfect toes held by a tiny strap just above the cleavage formed by the separation between her first and second toes! I gasp at how much I love them, and Rachel turns about modeling them for me! At one point, with her back to me, I notice a twist in her strap. I kneel to assist her, and for a moment her tone tan legs are disappearing beneath the hem of her dresses just inches below that incredible set of cheeks! I marvel at the shape and tone of her calves accentuated by the height of her heels. Rachel giggles as she slightly loses her balance. She flops forward onto her bed, and the edge of her bed supports her thighs lifting her feet to face level. I joke about how it feels to have someone 'attending' to her, and Rachel asks how much my services cost! I feel Rachel flinch slightly as my hands find her foot to adjust her strap. As I begin to undo the strap, the weight of the shoe causes it fall to the floor. Her bare foot stretches and flexes before me, and the fresh clean scent of her pedicure startles me with its' exciting effect! As I touch her wrinkled sole with a slightly firm touch, Rachel appears to sigh with a deep breath. The scene mesmerizes me! My own excitement is evident to me, and regardless of the situation, I am undaunted by the prospect of offending her. Rachel's gorgeous ass provides a view down her legs to her sexy tiny feet that could rival any men's magazine or video that I have ever seen! She seems to relax as my hands caress her feet, and her legs part slightly affording me a view of a very wet and open set of shaved lips! 

As almost in a trance, my hands lift her foot, my breath begins to caress her foot, and my lips part to taste the sexist foot that I can imagine! My tongue feels wet and electric against the tender area between the ball of her foot and the pad of her toes. She whimpers at the feeling, and I am emboldened by her reaction. I softly lick and kiss each toe, and my tongue wanders across her wrinkled sole. I become aware of her subtle gyrations as her hips seem to grind against the bed. I move to one side to gain access to her arch, and my mouth begins a combination of licking, sucking, and kissing her incredible arch. Her dress is slipping higher as she grinds with excitement, and I spy that her hand has slipped beneath her. Her manicured fingers are perched just above her weeping slit increasing her arousal as well as my own. I press slightly against her foot to encourage her to spread her legs a bit further, and there is no resistance to my urging. It is time! I go for the toes with my wet tongue, and with excruciatingly slow deliberance her small toe slides fully into my mouth. Rachel's fingers are making slow circles around her entire lips, her dress fully above her sexy ass, and all pretense is long gone. She gasps "Don't Stop!" I pull back only to slide her tiny and fourth toe into my mouth! I suck and savor as my hands are marveling at the feel of her soft feet and calves. I am able to slide her three smallest toes into my hungry mouth, and Rachel's fingers are moving with more urgency! My own pussy is so wet I fear a puddle on the carpet! Her second and third toe pass my lips, and Rachel starts to tremble. I know exactly where I have her, as I have been there myself many times! Trembling on the edge of bliss, wishing to stay there for as long as possible. My hot wet lips and tongue engulf her big toe, and Rachel cries out! Two fingers ram deep into her pussy, her body begins to shake, I suck her big toe like a little cock, and she explodes! Her body is a symphony of passionate movement! Her Full tan cheeks buck and shake, her legs flail slightly, and it take some control to keep her toe in my mouth. Her fingers are flying across her wet lips from her clit to a deep penetration of her pussy and back again! I am so hot I feel as if I could cum too! Wave after wave racks Rachel's body with pleasure, and I am amazed by the feelings, the vision, the excitement!

Rachel slowly rolls over, her foot slipping from my mouth and grasp. I fear the aftermath of the come down, but Rachel looks at me with her tosseled hair and glowing face still flush from her orgasm. "Your turn!" she growls in a sexy voice!

Of course I will share the rest of My Foot Fantasy next month!

Saturday, May 8, 2004

Sock it to Me (Archive)

The column found below was published in May 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Hi Wu-sters! Welcome to May! I promised that I would not overlook the world of socks this month, and I will try not to disappoint. There is one thing I must say before we get going, and that is as long as there is imagination in this world; the foot fetish kingdom will thrive! The socks theme will prove this without a doubt, and if you are not a sock fan, I think you will still enjoy reading this!

It is easy to see how feet are sexy, and it is even easier to see how the various articles associated with feet are sexy. My own bias leads me naturally to toenail polish, stockings, and various shoes, and my taste certainly run toward the most obvious of what is considered sexy. The sheerest of hose, the highest of heels, and the reddest of polishes, but as in every other little alleyway of our foot fetish world, the sock is a greatly overlooked fetish object! Don't get sensitive about the fetish word! I still consider any activity that is part of your overall sex life healthy as long as it does not dominate to the point of exclusion of other sexual activity, or cause harm to your relationships.

The versatility of the sock is amazing to me! Many of your wrote of your sock interests, and the I can almost guess your age by the sock interest! This is simply a matter of taking your early adolescent period and pairing it with the style of sock that excites you. The early 80s seems to pair well with the Flashdance legwarmer type of sock, big woolly up the calf. The mid to late 70s are great for the lace top anklets that were disco popular. However, I must admit this little girl lace paired with a sexy pair of stiletto heels makes for a "Fuck Me But I Am A Good Girl" look that even I can appreciate! The late 80s and early 90s seem to have a more gym and workout feel by returning to the gym sock, especially the barely up to the ankle with the little cotton ball at the back. These may not be exclusive to the age ranges that populated those time frames, but they certainly are a good guess. Here are a few "sockjob" techniques for your horny little imaginations!

Lace Me Up

This technique begins with a sock of complete lace! The lace anklet with its frilly edges and semi-transparent peeks at the ped beneath can serve as a tease without the slightest contact. However, the sliding and stroking of the rough lace clearly sends more than a few of you toward shooting a tribute to these dainty darlings! Roger stated "It feels almost too rough at first, but that stimulation just below my shaft sends me off faster than anything!" He went on to tell me the story of his first foot fling with lace at the age of 14, and that his older sister's girlfriend found him after a drunken disco night. As he lay on the floor watching her heel dangle, he tried to pretend to watch the television, but she was onto him. After a tease beyond compare from the couch, she used her little lace-covered feet to flip him over. She rubbed his obvious hard on through his pajama pants until it popped free, and poor Roger shot all over her lacey pink anklets after only a few rough strokes!

Breathe Deep

This technique is accomplished with thin cotton tennis socks. Again, these are the socks that you would find with just the little cotton ball hanging out the back. These are thin, smooth, and very fragrant for the true ped lover. One reader described these socks as teasing as a low cut blouse, or a glimpse of lace bra. These socks barely cover the longed for foot, and yet only the edge can be glimpsed with a diligent look. Another reader described these as the ultimate fragrance capture device since almost no part of this style of sock escapes the warm fermentation of a woman's shoe. The best description that I received was of a sole rub sort of footjob, but in the following contex:

"My girlfriend was a state high school tennis champion. Her long tan legs were so tone and sexy, but her tiny feet (Size 6) were almost absurdly small for her frame. It looked as if she was crammed into tennis shoes 2 sizes too small. I did not have the guts at age 17 to share my interest in her feet, but I gave her foot massages every chance I could. I told her that it was good for her circulation after a hard practice or match, and I now think she had a clue from this behavior. I even stole a few pairs of her dainty little socks, and I would inhale their aroma while rubbing one against my cock. One evening she was so tired from a hard match that she fell asleep on the couch. Her sock covered feet were dangling off the edge of the couch, and I could not stop staring at the soft cotton opening formed by her arches. My cock was hard with desire, and I crept close to her feet. The fresh fragrant aroma of her peds had me overwhelmed. A few brushes and rubs without her moving lent to my bravery, and I released my cock from my shorts. The head was so swollen that it would not fit between her feet, but I pushed harder until it seemed to penetrate! This is when she woke to find me in as compromising a position as I have ever been, but instead of yelling or embarrassing me, she simply clamped her feet tighter together. 'I was wondering if you would ever actually do this for me!' It appeared that my excitement excited her, and that watching me was a big turn on for her! 'Do whatever you want to my feet, I want to see you do it!' It was on from there! The next 5 minutes are as clear in my mind today as it was 25 years ago. I pulled one foot to my face and rubbed it all over. I inhaled deeply as I rubbed my cock against her other foot. The warmth of her foot, the smooth cotton of her sock, the sweet salty smell of her tiny ped sent me gushing. Her sock, up her calf, dripping from her ankle! It was the sexiest thing I ever saw or experienced! 

Cock Warmers

The legwarmers of the Flashdance era were sexy b/c they covered the legs, but not the entire foot. This left the toes exposed for the contact necessary for dancing, but kept the legs comfortably warm. The true fetish of this era probably has a tape or DVD of the movie, and certainly Jennifer Lopez's music video tribute to Flashdance would raise a current pole or two! A good friend of mine actually describes getting his first toe fuck from a dancer whose pink leg warmers warm his thoughts to this day. She appeared to be quite the exhibitionist from his description, and the legwarmers appeared to help garner that attention. My friend enjoyed the roughed edges of the dancers foot still dirty and exposed in her woolly warmers. This allowed him to smell her sweaty skin, and yet his cock had full access as well. He described her after a dance class sitting on the floor, stretching out. The balls of her feet and toes exposed from the soiled legwarmer. As he sat before he talking and stretching, her left foot extended in his direction almost as if she knew of his secret desire. Her toes pointing and flexing with each stretch, just inches from his face left him nearly in a trance. She broke his fascinated stare, by suddenly swinging her right foot next to the left. She bent full forward stretching her tight well-formed hamstrings. She looked him right in the eye, and stated that if her wanted her feet so badly that he better do something about it while he had the chance! He described basically sitting an the end of her outstretched feet, and rubbing his cock on her toes and legwarmers, but the final techniques was a combination of fucking between her toes and inserting his cock head into the end of the legwarmers. As she picked up on his desire to fuck against her foot and legwarmer, she moved her foot in a manner to assist deeper access and faster friction within the legwarmer. He describes nearly passing out as he emptied his load into her pink wooly legwarmer. The final tease was that she simply got up and walked out of the dance studio. As he emerged he could see her standing near another dancer talking quietly before heading into the locker room. He could see his seed oozing from her legwarmer onto her still exposed foot! 

Well I hope my little attempt to SOCK IT TO YOU brought you a moment of titillation, or at least an idea! See you next month!

Thursday, April 8, 2004

If the Shoe Fits (Archive)

The column found below was published in April 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

In my search for the variety of footjobs and their names, I have neglected one or two incredibly important aspect of the foot fetish world! The shoes and the hose! Is it wrong for me to assume that any footjob that we name in this venture could be done in socks or nylons? Or would some footjobs actually be incomplete or even anti-climactic if the shoes were not involved in the process. This month I will venture a few footjob activities that involve primarily shoes and/or socks and hose. I will let you decide if you feel that these are footjobs or some other form of orgasmic pleasure!

From Heel to Eternity

This footjob technique appears to be similar to a sole rub of sorts, but done in a heel. The fan who wrote about this one had a particular affinity for spiked or stiletto style heels. The technique starts off with a long slow tease and worship session in this sexy footwear, and of course it creates the required erection for the continuation of our fun! In this case, the man is either kneeling before his Fetish Queen or lying on his back so that she has full access. A mule or slide might be preferred that bares the toes. The shoes itself, in place of the foot, is what makes contact with the throbbing manhood by trapping it against the belly. The sole of the shoe is then used to roughly rub the underside of the cock. My shoe fan describes the dangerous stiletto bumping and even pricking his tender ball sack during this activity. He described this as "…driving me crazy with anticipation and hesitancy." "I was not sure if it would be pleasure or pain, but I did know that either was intense!" The additional aspect was that seeing her toes without being able to touch or spray them was another wanton aspect of this technique for it left him unable and unworthy of contact with his desired objects! This of course culminates with a huge orgasm, but was unique in that he was required to clean his own mess off of the pristine shoes.

Pumping the Pump

This technique has been described no less than 5x in letters from the Wu faithful, and it seems to have a great deal of power due to the fact that I suspect many of you have done this one without the knowledge of the woman! This one is again more of a shoe contact technique. The man starts by being teased by the woman in her pump, and this is usually quite elaborate. At one point, the pump is removed from the foot, and the man places his cock into the shoe. The head goes down into the toe, and if possible the balls rest in the heel. This is where variety has taken over between the letters:

  1. The man pumps his cock into the shoes head until he cums.
  2. The man has the woman press down on the shoe tip pumping his head until he cums.
  3. The man, in the case of open toed pumps, pushes his head out of the toe opening, and pumps until he cums. Dreams or pictures her toes just out of reach of his cock.
  4. The man, in the case of open toed pumps, pushes his head out of the toe opening, and the woman uses her toes to stroke his head until he cums.

One key aspect of this technique was described by one fan:

"If you can get your cock into her shoe quickly, the slightly damp warmth from her foot is exquisite. I love the smell of a fine shoe leather and foot sweat, and I love having that smell on my cock afterwards! I have actually had to jerk off soon afterwards just from the smell."

Kicking the Mule

The Mules or Slides are perfect for this little flavor of foot fucking fun! I have a number of pictures of this one myself. The woman slides her foot slightly back from the straps or leather on the top of her foot. This is what is holding her foot in place to the heel. This allows her to raise her heel off the shoe almost as if she is trying to tip-toe in the shoes. The man positions himself on the floor next to her foot, and places his cock between the shoe's sole and the heel, sole, and or arch of the woman's foot. This allows her to press down as hard or as soft as she or he likes trapping his cock. The man can then pump and fuck himself between her shoe and her lovely foot, or she can wriggle her heel side to side in a masturbating motion for him. Now I know why my Mules attract so much attention!

Toe Candies

I called this one "Toe Candies" because the best shoe that I can think of for this would be the Candies Brand. In this one, the woman's shoe is more of a thick leather single strap across the top of her foot. She would slide her toes back out of the shoe, but leave them just underneath the leather strap. The man would insert the head of his cock from the toe end of the shoe, under the strap. The woman would then trap and grab his cock head with her toes under the strap. This would ideally allow for enough stimulation to shoot a big load between her toes, across her sole, and on the shoe.

This is just a flavor of the shoe/footjobs that I have received over the last few months. I will do a more with the sock and nylon footjob techniques next month! Don't waste your ideas and thoughts stroking yourself! Email me first! Would love to know if you think that these are actual footjobs, or do they belong in their own category? Are these giving you any ideas? Which should I shoot for a video or photo shoot? I hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, March 8, 2004

My Latest Footjob (Archive)

The column found below was published in March 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

The last two articles have been focused on footjob techniques, and I have had many great letters of response from the Wu Faithful! Poor stunt cock may have to get some R & R by the time I am done with this little research project. I thought that you would enjoy reading my account of a recent footjob exploration session that I inflicted on my Stunt Cock!

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and there was nothing special regarding the day. I went to get my peds pampered at my favorite salon, and as I sat in the soft vibrating chair, my mind wandered over the variety of footjobs that I have written about recently. I began to picture some of them in my mind, and I even drifted to thoughts of some my first foot experiences. As usual, I get kind of dreamy during pedicures due to the pampering and relaxing nature of it all. I could feel myself getting moist between my legs, and I continued to let my guard drop. One of the best parts of being female is that orgasms can be big or little, many or few, obvious or subtle. I could picture a large throbbing cock pumping at my feet, and with little to no warning, my pussy broke into mild, but distinct, rhythmic pulses of pure enjoyment. The intensity of which surprised me enough to tense up across the rest of my body. The pedicurist asked if I was all right as she felt my sudden tension. I stammered a lame excuse about dozing off and waking! Hopefully, my blushing was not too obvious!

As I left the salon, I thought of how stunt cock loves a fresh pedicure. Soft soles, fresh polish, and my sensitivity is very high! I decided that I would seduce him with my feet as soon as he got home! I was so erotically charged with the idea of seeing him lose total control on my feet that I had to keep busy the rest of the afternoon so that I did not masturbate! I did not want to lose that sexual tension! 

As I heard stunt cock enter the house, I laid out on the bed in nothing more than a silk slip. My legs were propped up on a pillow facing the door, and I knew that he would appreciate the view as he entered the bedroom. He stood in the doorway with a grin about a mile wide, and I he could tell that I was up to mischief! I simply looked up seductively and said "STRIP!" As he stood before me completely nude and partially erect, I admired his manhood. I brushed the head with my toes a few times at it twitched to a full throbbing erection. I moved forward and slid my soft soles onto each hip just an inch or so off his cock. I slowly slid each foot up his body and across his chest, up his neck, and across his face. His lips and tongue try to capture my toes, but I tease him mercilessly by pulling away. I point my toes and brush the nipples on his chest, and his member bobs with excitement. I lightly pinch his left nipple between my big and second toes, and I have to kick his hand away from his cock with my other foot. I place my foot before his hungry mouth allowing him to kiss and suck at my toes. The darting wet warmth of his tongue between my toes sends shivers of electricity to my pussy. I notice that I am caressing my own tits and nipples through my silk slip as this is exciting me to an incredible degree. Stunt Cock's licking and sucking has moved to my arch as I drop my other foot from his chest to his cock. My legs spread as I do so, and my pussy throbs with anticipation. I point my toes and allow the top of my foot to run down the underside of his cock. I slide further down across his smooth shaven balls. I arch my foot suddenly so that my big toe comes into contact just beyond his sack, and his hips respond with an approving thrusting against my foot. His cock now glistens with pre-cum oozing from the tip, almost crying for attention! I feel sexy! I feel powerful! I feel desired! I feel in complete control!

"Lie Down!" I command. Stunt cock lies on his back, and I spread his legs. I begin running my soles all over his body again, and he is just reveling in every movement. My pussy is inches from his cock as my feet run over his face. He is propped up with a pile of pillows, and he can see my hand begin to rub my pussy. His breathing is shallow and rapid, and I ask if he likes to watch me. He nods in an almost pleading manner, and I surprise him by suddenly shoving two fingers into myself. I immediately break into a strong and unanticipated orgasm. As the waves of pleasure break across my body, stunt cock grabs my feet and sucks hard on my two big toes at once. This re-intensifies my orgasm, and I gasp for air. I LOVE TO TEASE! 

As I come down from my orgasm, I slide back to concentrate on my object of desire! I begin to slide my arches across his gorgeous hard on. He literally shivers and I curl my toes to rake them down the length of his shaft. I stoke him repeatedly, but it only takes a few moments as I feel him begin to tense. I stop suddenly leaving his member dancing and throbbing for release! Stunt cock nearly whimpers with frustration. I begin to repeat the process, but I concentrate more on his balls and base of his shaft, but I have to remind him to stop trying hump against my peds. I want to work him! I run the ball of my foot up the center of his shaft to his head, then I curl my toes and pull them slowly across his head, down the length again. This is getting him close, so I push his feet to raise his knees. One stroke, two strokes with my left foot. The right foot slides beneath his balls, and my big toe finds the sensitive area just before his asshole. I begin a slow circular rubbing brushing from his sack to his asshole. The whole time I am slowly running my left foot up and down his shaft. His body begins to tense, and the scissoring of my legs is trapping and rubbing my clit between my own pussy lips! His body is tense, his hips are twitching, he is moaning, and I suddenly push my big toes against his anus. I am surprised as it slightly slips past the resistance, and he absolutely explodes with cum. My pussy explodes as I witness this scene. My toe practically fucking his ass, and his cum flying with a force that I rarely have witnessed in my life! I can't help but finish myself with fingers to complete my own orgasm as his subsides.

We each just lay there for a minute catching our breath. I break into slight laughter as I proclaim, "How Fucking Hot was that?" Stunt cock's cum covers his belly and chest as he weakly smiles down at me with an almost amazed look on his face. "Holy Shit!' he replies over and over again! We have been together for many years, yet we can still have intense, spontaneous, and outrageous sex! Who would have ever guessed that feet could be so FUN! See you next month!

Sunday, February 8, 2004

Toe Ballin' - Part 2 (Archive)

The column found below was published in February 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

What an incredible response to my last column! There is so much imagination, perversion, and absolute energy among the true Wu Fans that it fuels my own desires! I regret to tell you that some of the original responses to my Toe Ballin' column were lost when my computer had a meltdown! I am back up and running on a new computer, but I did loose some incredible footjob ideas and experiences from the Wu fans. Please re-send if possible! Here are a few awesome ideas:

  1. Karate FootjobThe gist of this type of footjob is simple. Shot from stunt cock's point of view, the video would feature you seated between his spread legs. You, bare legs and bare feet (of course), begin by displaying your soles for the camera, lots of your incredible toe spreading (I love that). Then some dialogue referring to your dangerous karate feet. Winding up with a footjob in which you do allot of soles to balls stomps, but not hard. Not looking for real ball busting here, just the suggestion of it. All of this activity accompanied by you yelling karate type Hi-Ya's. The ultimate for me would be to end the footjob by yelling repeated Hi-Ya's while you're making our lucky stunt cock come with your bare feet. 
  2. Foot Rub FootjobTake one foot and force your little foot pocket under a man's nose while you slowly, but assuredly move your toes under his nose. While this is occurring, you take the other foot and push down on the underside of the male penis, while rubbing/pressing this organ against his stomach. Both feet should have the toes move very slowly. You're simply allowing the toe-sniffer to enjoy a foot rub footjob while sniffing the underside of your toes. 
  3. Get the POINTThis footjob technique is one that is very near and dear to my own excitement with Foot Fetish! I point my toes like a ballerina, and I use the tips of my toes and the wrinkles of my soles to tease and torture your cock into a throbbing red rod of steel. I love to point my toes in your face to taunt you with this sophisticated and sexy pointing pose. I can use my pointed ped to tease your nipples, your lips, and of course your member! If you make it last long enough the cock begins to twitch and leak it's clear seminal fluid! At this point it takes little more than a few tickles or rubs to set off the rocket of hot milky fluid all over my toes and soles! A light rubbing of my wrinkled soles across the sensitive, inflamed head is all it might take! I often have to rub myself to orgasm as this is happening due to my own feelings of excitement! 

The following account of an early footjob experience inspired me to share this technique:

My first experience with a bare female foot touching my penis occurred when I was 12. I was a typical mischievous 12 years old, which drove my mother crazy. On this particular day my mother was having her summer morning bridge game and as usual I was making a pest of myself, which angered my mother to the point that she grabbed me by the hair forcing me under the table. So there I was under the table at the FEET of my mother's card playing friends. One Lady in particular complimented my mother's method of punishing me; Mrs. G as I will call her (Oh! yes Michele my penis was teased by a 50 year old card playing buddy of my mother) said "You put your son where most males belong." "How's that?" my mother replied. "At the FEET of women!" Mrs. G. replied with the emphasis on the word FEET! This statement caused uproarious laugher from the rest of the Ladies seated above me embarrassing me to the point that I wanted to exact revenge on Mrs. G. but didn't know how.

I wish to digress to tell you how I was dressed. I only had my pj bottoms on and was bare-chested, oh by the way I had no underwear under my bottoms which were of a very thin summer fabric so when I had an erection it was impossible not to notice which Mrs. G. did on many occasions.

As I sat under the table brooding when Mrs. G gave me the opportunity I had waiting for. She crossed her right leg over left and began to dangle her shoe off her bare foot. The temptation was just too great, so I removed her shoe and started to tickle her foot. This angered her and without saying a word thrust her powerful foot into my chest knocking on to my back. Totally stunned by her actions I just laid there motionless as she lightly rubbed the sole of her bare right foot upon my bare chest (her touch was feather soft) she rubbed her foot in circles going lower and lower until her foot rested lightly upon my crotch until my Toilet (which is what my mother called it and was told never to "play" with "it") got hard. Upon feeling my erection she flexed her toes wiggling them playfully until finally she pointed her toes rubbing them in small circles on my crotch. Her actions caused my heart to pound wildly, pumping rich red blood filling my throbbing penis in an ecstatic state of sexual arousal.

Mrs. G's next move was the one that would hook me on female feet forever, she took her big toe and skillfully opened the fly of my pj bottoms liberating my swollen and twitching penis from it's confines! My penis stood at rigid attention as it saluted the incredible beauty of her bare pointed toes that were caressing it so lightly! I simply adored the way the sole of her foot would wrinkle when she pointed her toes and it really drove me wild when she brushed her wrinkled soles on the head of my penis! As I lay helplessly at her feet my mind was full of confusing thoughts wondering if what she was doing to me was "right" after all she was old enough to be my mother and then some and I'm sure that my penis was not the first or last to lay at her lovely feet. Since I was taught to obey my elders, especially women, I ended my confusion by surrendering to the maddening caresses that her toes were applying to me. While at her feet I noticed incredible beauty of her feet and legs, the swell of her calves when she pointed her toes, the lovely high arch, her beautiful even toes that were pointed like a dagger at the very essence of my manhood and finally the broad, flat heel that would flatten it on numerous occasions! 

Mrs. G. would playfully kick my penis making it flop around wildly. It was time for the card game to end, and here I still had a hard-on. Mrs. G in her infinite wisdom knew exactly what to do as she pressed my puny between her bare heels until the blood drained from my penis and when she released my penis from the firm grip of her heels it just flopped limp and lifeless upon my belly. I then put my penis back in my bottoms and got from under the table. When I emerged my mother said "We should put Fred under the table more often since he is so well behaved" Mrs. G. replied "All you have to do is put your FOOT DOWN (Emphasis added) and any male will respond appropriately!" Little did my mother know her true meaning.
Mrs. G. stayed after the others had left my mother was going outside to work in the garden when Mrs. G asked my mother where the afghan she made for her was? My mother told her that it was in the basement. I noticed that Mrs. G. went down to the basement without her shoes. Within minutes she called to me asking where her shoes were and when I told her that they were still in the kitchen. "Be a GOOD BOY and bring them to me now!" It was more a demand than a request. I complied with her demand, and as I picked up her shoes a pair of ballet skimmer flats - size 11 D no wonder my penis looked so puny. 

When I got down to the basement Mrs. G was sitting in a high wing back chair. She looked like a queen sitting on her throne. The first thing my eyes rested upon where her feet she was slowly rotating the ankle of her right foot which totally entranced me. As I approached her she raised both legs to the level of my crotch her feet were flexed then slowly pointed her toes so only an inch from my crotch, She asked if I thought her feet were pretty. My penis did my talking for me as throbbed violently 3 times and ejaculated as the tip brushed against her toes. She smiled knowingly. She had her answer! She giggled like a schoolgirl as she once again flexed her feet, wiggling her toe in delight of what she made me do.

I begged not to tell my mom. She smiled wickedly saying it was our special secret only if I kissed her feet, which I didn't hesitate to do. I followed her the stairs still holding her shoes watching the soles of her powerful bare feet as she ascended to the landing, once there I put the shoes on her feet.

That story turned me on to the point that I thought that it was worth sharing with all of you! No, I am not into teasing 12 year-old boys, but the whole scenario is very erotic. Many of you have shared similar beginnings to your fetish interests with me, and I have say that they make better erotic writing than most letters you will find posted in magazines! However, I think we have a great start to the whole foot fetish catalog! What do you think? Please!? Please!? If you emailed me last month with your footjob ideas, please re-send! I have been so neglectful of the footjob content that I am really excited about doing this DVD for 2004! See you next month with more erotic tales from the Foot Fetish World!