Thursday, September 8, 2005

Foot Racing Curves (Archive)

The column found below was published in September 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Overall Aesthetic Beauty! Smooth, Refined, Luxurious! Great Lines! I would think the pedal pumping fans already understand where I am headed with this "line" of reasoning. In many ways a woman's foot is very similar to a fine car. It is not always the one aspect of the foot that makes it so appealing, but the overall package. I have often marveled at the fact that the world of fetishism is filled with an endless array of interests even within one particular fetish. One model of car has fans that like certain model years only; certain body styles; size of wheels; paint colors; interior designs or features; tinted windows; and of course the performance aspect cannot be ignored for consideration. However, every once in a while a car comes along that just seems to have gotten "it" right. Every so often that woman walks through the room, and everything about her feet scream perfection. This month I talk about the "perfect" foot!

I receive a significant amount of email each month from readers of this column, and it never ceases to amaze me. Some men just like to respond or comment on aspects of the article, some like to talk about my feet, and others like to share their experiences. This month I received "opposing" viewpoints regarding my feet. The first was:

"If you ever want to be a successful foot model, you better get a clue! Your feet are a dry, callused mess. Men do not want to see bunions, corns, calluses, or dry cracked skin. I do not know why you even bother to take pictures!"

First, I was not offended in the least. Many men still believe that their foot fetish is so unique to themselves that they cannot fathom how someone would like what they dislike. Those of you who read my column regularly know that I prefer my feet primped and pampered, but no woman without incredible means can spend multiple days at the pedicurist. It is a little hard not to put some wear and tear on the feet in today's life and shoe styles! I do not look at pictures of my feet unless they are well tended too. However, I have intentionally taken pictures in a variety of conditions in order to answer the desires of many fans. Here is an opposing viewpoint I received this month as well!

"I do not really know what makes your feet excite me so much. The line of your toes is mesmerizing! Maybe it is the overall shape of your foot as it is the perfect width just beyond the toes, and it narrows so severely and gently toward the mid foot! The way your heel rounds so perfectly as it sweeps down from the back of your calf. NO NO! The arch! That deep tall curve of soft flesh that is apparent in every pose, every position, and every style of shoe! I think I finally have it! It is everything about your foot! The overall shape! The lines and curves are so perfect! Every viewpoint, every angle is perfection on your foot for me! I long to have just total perfection touching, rubbing, teasing me! Michelle, your foot is my perfection"

Please understand that I did not include this for ego purposes, but to acknowledge that the perfect foot is out there for everyone. It is not one singular aspect of the foot that makes one persons idea of perfection. It is the total shape in combination with the fine details that you all long for that makes it your ultimate fantasy. I am flattered by such interest and admiration in my feet, but I have seen women that feel have great feet! Sexy, perfect shape, great toes, smooth skin, and they are not mine! I have a taste for smaller feet in a woman (Size 6-7) too small is child-like and a turn off. High arches are sexy! A nice line from the big toe through the pinkie toe, symmetrical. Plump toes, not thin or long. Soft pink skin, not hard, dry, or cracked in any place. Well pedicured nails that are slighted rounded to the near tip of the toe, but do not protrude over the end of the toe! Hmmm maybe after all these years as a fetish interest in feet is actually a fetish for me!

Now that I have shared my idea of perfection, what is yours? Perfect lines and curves is how I see the total foot, and that is what makes this article's comparison to the car industry relevant. It is a bit like comparing the new retro styles of the 2005 Mustang and the 2005 GTO. The GTO is a performance package with great horsepower, but somehow they missed the mark. Ford on the other hand just seems to have gotten it right in a total package. So have you seen your dream car or feet?

Monday, August 8, 2005

Who's on Top? (Archive)

The column found below was published in August 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

This month I have some news for all you unfulfilled foot fetish fans that long to lick, suck, sniff, worship, and generally sublimate yourself before a foot queen! That elusive and subtle fact that will take you to the warm, salty nirvana of the sweaty sole; The key to unlocking your chance to kneel before a woman, and for that woman to truly enjoy your absolute devotion to her peds; the final missing piece of your search for the finest in foot fulfillment! That simple but elusive fact is that you have to on top, before you can be on the bottom!

It is basic evolutionary fact that the female of every species seeks a mate that would further their chances of promulgating their kind! A strong viral male that has the ability to stand independently of a woman, and that can lead a productive and positive life! This is not all locked up in genetics or physical prowess. It is an attitude and confidence that a male can exude that is among the most attractive of traits for the female. I enjoy a confident man, but he cannot be cocky or egotistical. He must be comfortable in his own skin, know where he is going, and accept what he want out of life! This is true for his career, his tastes, and even his sexuality. As dichotomous as this sounds, this is the kind of man that I want to dominate and accept worship from in all forms.

So, you may be asking at this point: How do I be so confident and dominant while desiring to be the one who provides worship and service? These items are not mutually exclusive, but simply traits on the same spectrum. The usual mistake made by the majority of men is that they think that romanticism, devotion, and even groveling will land them a mate. The truth is if we really believe that you are a helpless, sniveling servant, we will find ourselves attracted to someone else. I would venture there is an experience in every man's life where he devoted himself to a woman so fully, that he actually lost most of who he was as a person. In the end, he was left to wonder why the woman lost interest and left him. Women may seem like they measure what they can get out of a relationship in order to assess their own desire for a man, but in reality it is that independence and confidence that reassures us that they can function successfully in the world. 

This translates so cleanly to the bedroom that it is often overlooked by most people. I have said it before, and I will repeat it here. If you take your time to get to know a woman, and take your time to open up regarding your desires, your chances of having her be open to them multiply by an incredible amount. In other words, if I want to please you as my mate, I will do most anything. Therefore, establishing a relationship is the key to having your desires to worship, or to be dominated, fulfilled by a woman. Of course, you can always go to a professional, but that is usually lacking in its' ability to fulfill your desires. It is only one step closer to your fantasy, and the experience is only an acting out of the vision in your head. Domination and worship are about the feelings as much as the actions and for this to truly be fulfilled one needs a real relationship. This is where the Domination/BD/SM crowds have gotten it right most of the time. They understand the difference between emotional fulfillment of the fantasy, and the need to function in everyday life. So, the foot fetishist must find the same balance.

Be strong and confident to find a mate, take the time to establish a relationship, make sure that relationship is one that has good communication, and then take the chance to communicate your desires to her. Just remember every man's sexual desire is full of perversions, but the difference between it being fun, adventurous sexual play and a disgusting act is locked in how the woman feels about the man! Stunt cock was not always stunt cock! He had to work his way into my heart mind. I now understand what turns him on about my feet, what scenarios drive his desire, and even his favorite view or position of my foot! I have the power to make him cum with just my feet, and how to use my feet to make him cum during sex regardless of his desire! 

The lesson is about transforming your desire into the kind of sexual activity that empowers her! It will make her feel womanly, attractive, and validating for her sexuality. Again, this is done between the ears a great deal more than between the legs. However, once between the legs is an actual activity, your wildest fantasy will not only be fulfilled, but exceeded by the power of the experience!

Hope this helps!

Friday, July 8, 2005

Cold Feet (Archive)

The column found below was published in July 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

I just have to write to you as I have I think a very weird fetish for women's feet and I cannot find specific webs sites to cater for this so I just thought I would write and tell you about it and see if you have ever heard of this before?
I am 35 year-old male. I love women's bare feet in high heeled sandals or mules the kind that show off the toes and heels of the barefoot, but I also love cold feet as well I would love to see these shoes with bare feet out in the cold? I am not sure why, but I love the look of cold feet. I would dearly love to meet someone on a cold day struggling in the cold and offer to warm their cold feet up for them? Have you ever heard of this before or even see this before? I would love to hear back. 
Thanks! Andy

You would think that I would have heard of this little interest by now! It is almost so obvious that it would be easy to overlook the concept of cold feet in terms of their fetish interest. This letter intrigued me for a number of reasons, so let us take a walk in strappy sandals in the cold winter of our minds!

This concept is somewhat near and dear to my heart as it seems that my feet are cold a lot! Maybe it is the fact that I refuse to cover them in almost any social situation, and therefore they are always exposed to the elements. I have bared my tootsies for the world to see ever since I discovered the world of foot fetishism, and while many have interests in smelly feet that need to be covered in heels, pumps, or athletic shoes, I have always been a foot exhibitionist! My stunt cock usually finds my feet cold to the touch when he first encounters them, and at times tells me that he is quite pleased by the feel of them cold! I will have to admit that the feet warm quickly to the touch, and is there anything warmer than a man's genitals to warm one's feet? It seems the more my cold peds rub that special foot warmer, the hotter it seems to get! This results in warm feet, hot cock, and of course a great deal of fun! 

This scenario of seeing a woman struggling in the cold with her bared and vulnerable toes harkens back to the traditional male savior role. The man gets to offer his assistance to the object of his desire, and he is considered a gentleman. Could this be anymore perfect for the foot fan? He does not have to worry about his offer being rejected due to the woman's obvious need. The woman must consider her feet to be attractive or she wouldn't bare them in such cold circumstances. The man looks good while indulging himself in his true fantasy! I think Andy might be on to something here Readers. Maybe I need to see how many men would be willing to warm my feet this fall and winter? Is it not ironic that I sit here with my feet chilly from the air conditioning, writing about cold feet, while the Middle of the Country experiences record heat! 

What are the ways that someone could warm another's feet? There is the obvious penis to foot contact that I have just cited earlier in this writing; there is the traditional hand rubbing the feet that would be quite effective and less obvious; there is the hot breath/hot mouth on my cold tootsies that would feel both erotic and sensuous; there is the true fetish foot warmer in having the man lay at my feet while I use his warm face to rest and warm my peds; and that could go for all other parts of the body as well for chest, legs, and buns would all make great foot warmers. I guess my favorites would have to be the mouth and cock, because each is effective and erotic at the same time.

Does anyone out there share this desire? I bet a few more of you may see the interest in it now that I have highlighted what obvious opportunity can cum of it! Let me know!

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Heel, Boys! Heel! (Archive)

The column found below was published in June 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

Dear Michelle,
Your Fantasies, your hunger, your obsession is mine. I have been a lover of female feet since I was 5. I remember exactly what happened in Kindergarten. My whole life I have been looking at girl's feet and masturbating about sucking them and she (Whomever she is) loving it till the point of orgasam. What I love most about my fetish, but which I rarely can fulfill, is that it is something I don't think anyone else is turned on by. I'VE searched the internet for pictures of it, I stare a every bare foot I see, and when I see this, I begin to shake. I can't stop staring and I even follow her (at a distance and very discreetly) just to keep looking. It is so magnetic that I lose all control of what I'm doing, and nothing else matters. It is the back of a girl's bare heel with a protruding bumb, and the skin is red in color over it (a pump bump). So few girls have it, but when I see it I lose my breath! When I suck a girl's feet while making love, I sometimes cum without even touching myself! My cock just starts squirting!
My desire is to find a girl who has cute, slender toes, a nice arch, and red puffy heels. I would want her to have as intense a foot fetish as I have, and I would love to watch her squirm until the point of orgasm. I fear I will never have that opportunity. I wish I could talk to someone who has the overwhelming desire, just to tell someone and share our mutual thoughts.

The world of the foot fetish strikes again! I suppose that I have neglected the heel in my articles and opinions over the years, but my bias, like many people, seems to be towards the other end of the foot (Toes, arches, soles) Rarely have I considered the heel in the manner that our friend has expressed so purely in his letter. So this month I will take a look at the heel!

People do not always understand why they are attracted to the physical or personal characteristic of another person, and it is not always necessary to figure out the whys. This gentleman does not express why or when he began to find the "pump bump" so attractive, but usually it has to do with an early experience or view of something similar. I have not encountered many women with this feature either, but maybe that is because I haven't looked for it! Given my many trips to the salons and spas for my foot and hand pampering, you would thing that I would have seen it all by now! The heel is the most exposed part of the foot if you begin to think about it though. What is usually covered only by a strap? What part of the foot is most visible when you follow an attractive woman? When a pump covers the entire foot, what is most likely to be exposed as she walks or sits? Of all the shoe style that anyone can think of, the heel is the most likely to be bared in any design. Therefore, the heel may be a larger area of desire for someone due to shear expose to it? If a woman sits forward on her chair or stool, and then place her feet back under the chair, this usually allows her heel to pop off her feet. This may be among the more common heel shows that go on at work or in the bar. This is beginning to make some sense to me!

Haglund's deformity is a bony growth at the back of the heel that usually occurs when shoes repeatedly aggravate tissue and underlying bone. This is the technical description of this man's object of desire, and it must not be that rare given that it has it's own name in the world of podiatry! The heel is that largest bone in the foot, and therefore it does stand to reason that stimulation of this area in the right manner should be the key to some pleasant physical sensations! However, it is the most abused part of the foot as well because it bears all our weight, and it is the first part of the foot to impact the ground when running or walking! My favorite pedicurist spends a great deal of time rubbing, scraping, and moisturizing my heels, but many men prefer their heels rough and thick with skin. 

I will point out that the heel can be crucial in a good footjob. If a man lays on his back, and his manhood is erect against his stomach, the heel can apply just the right pressure to run from the base of the shaft to just before the foreskin or head. Stroking up and down with the heel in this manner can produce a powerful orgasm, but it can allow the foot goddess to really control the man as well. Pressure at the base can hold off orgasm, and this allows the woman to determine when and if she wants her subject to cum.

There is the gist of my heel knowledge for now my friends, but I promise to be more mindful of the power of the heel and to highlight any variations of this forgotten part of the female foot! Until next month I wish you all feet in your face!

Sunday, May 8, 2005

MILF Feet (Archive)

The column found below was published in May 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

The hottest trend in the world of pornography appears to be MILF. When I first heard this I was unsure of what it meant, but for those that boarder on the clueless, like myself, it stands for "Mothers I Would Like to Fuck". I spoke with my partner about this phenomenon, and he shared a number of observations with me! Apparently, just about every male has had the experience of a mother he found attractive growing up! This explains the appeal of MILF porn in that it taps into the current fantasy world of young males, and it rekindles the fantasies of the adult males as they recall their younger days of unstoppable sexual fervor! I have noticed a more obvious foot fetish acceptance in a number of these pornographic films, and I was, of course, reviewing these films as research only! However, this is not a film review, but an article on why I have stated to many foot fetish fans why women over 30 are better candidates for the foot fetishist!

There are a number of reasons why the MILF women make good candidates for foot fetish activity. The first is that most mothers, or women of mothering age, have learned to be more comfortable with their bodies. We all see our limitations and imperfections more easily than the men and women that are attracted to us, but after childbirth, aging, and experience, we are more comfortable with ourselves. The second is that we are more comfortable with the sexual drive of men. Since we are less visual, we take time to grow comfortable with the fact that we do not have to be perfect in order to be looked at by men. We also begin to understand the multiple different fetishes and tastes of men without feeling threatened or insecure by their needs. Third, our sexual drive physically peaks, and this allows us to overcome many inhibitions due to sheer physical desire. Let's face it, if the Good Lord had placed women and men at their physical and sexual peaks at the same time, we would have populated many a world over by now! Finally, women of this age range tend to be more financially secure than younger women. This is important because a good manicure and pedicure can run anywhere from $45 to $125 depending on where one chooses to be pampered that day. This is not easy to come by money for the financially struggling student, or the just starting a career woman. The point is that the MILF women are the perfect physical, mental, and emotional match for the foot fetishist!

A recent experience drives this point home like no other! I had a chance to attend the afternoon musical of some grade school relatives. This event was sparsely attended by the parents and relatives due to the timing of the event on a weekday, but was it a parade of foot fun! The MILF came in wearing every style of footwear known to drive you foot fans over the edge! Sandals, heels, flats, flip-flops, work pumps, and even hot sweaty gym shoes. I was able to casually notice the primped and pedicured versus the plain but pretty versus the callused and neglected! There were slightly dirty feet, bright toes, chipped polish, French, completely bare. I was, of course, freshly painted, soft, and clean, in a pair of white thong sandals with a 3" heel. A small selection of men were scattered throughout the crowd, but I was sure that more than one gentleman was engrossed in the foot show! They were as easy to spot as usual as they steal glances at the feet of the women around them, and one forty-ish father spent a great deal of time watching my sandal dance and slap at my soft pink sole. Once again the mundane can be erotic if only one is to pay attention.

As I "reviewed" a recent MILF film, I recalled the 'innocent' flirtation of the 18 year-old boy that often lived next door to me at my first house. He was well-built, sandy brown hair, brown eyes, and waiting to leave for the armed services. He would offer assistance with yard work, bringing in the groceries, moving furniture, and sometimes just talking. I would occasionally fantasize about seducing this young man, but certainly did not want to cause a neighborhood scandal. I was washing my car one afternoon when my friend came over to talk, and I often wear comfortable, yet revealing, attire around the house. That day my shorts were hip hugging thin pink cotton, and my t-shirt was a white clingy tank top. He sat on the ground chatting with me as I suds up the car, and this was certainly not as erotic as some teen movie, but not exactly innocent either. I noticed that he was having a difficult time keeping his eyes off of my wet sudsy feet, and his shorts appeared to need constant adjusting! At one point I grew a little wicked, and I purposely bent over the hood directly at him. My calves strained as I push up on my toes to reach over the hood, and I could feel my shorts pulling tight across my round cheeks. My friend grabbed his member, thinking that I could not see him, but my side mirror gave me a full view of him. He actually appeared to tug 2-3 times as if trying to jerk through his shorts, and I was afraid that I would soon make my excitement apparent through my shorts as well! I leaned over that extra inch of two, going up onto one foot allowing my left foot to extend back toward him. My bare soapy sole exposed for his view, and again he attempted to pull on his frustrated member. I began to feel self-conscious, as my nipples were so hard that it was impossible not to notice them through my damp filmy T-Shirt, and I certainly was getting to that excited point myself where judgment tends to give way to lust. 

The rest of the carwash was a more innocent rinse and dry, but my body being somewhat on display kept tensions noticeable. I found myself lingering on the corners of the car to push my hips against anything hard! My lusty young friend was called home at one point, and I went into the house. Three quick rubs had me over the edge! 

I tend not to think of myself as a MILF, but I guess it is not a bad thing! Maybe taking on a young man or two to play Mrs. Robinson would be a fun excursion! Oh My I Must Be A MILF, I know who Mrs. Robinson is! Oh well! So, if I were to offer a piece of advice, it would be this: Don't fret at those family obligations for graduations, musicals, and spring events. Keep your eye out for the feet of the MILF as they are out there waiting for a man to pay attention to them.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Another Wrinkle of the Sole (Archive)

The column found below was published in April 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

I think that this article will become a re-occurring theme for my column here at Wu's! I once again marvel at the never-ending variation in the erotic tastes of the foot fan, and so I decided that I would take this opportunity to address this rather specific fetish area!

Hi Michele... 
I'm a 30 years old male, and I'm woman feet lover!! I read your column "It's Gotta Be the Shoes" on the web and I like it a lot. I write to you because I have a foot/sandal fetish that I have since long time ago that I wish to share with you. I tried to find in the Internet forums, groups, websites that show this fetish, but I can't find only one, and partially! I don't know if I'm alone with this! I would like to know your opinion like women about my fetish.
Well, to be honest with you, I love to see a girl, in open-toe high heels shoes, high heel sandals, stiletto mules, flip-flops (mainly flip-flops!) slipping and sliding on slippery substances, wearing that shoes. I love especially to imagine a girl in flip-flops slipping on oil, fruits, bananas and...banana peels too!!. I really getting excited when imagine the sole of the flip-flop sandal (or any sandal) get covered with a slippery substance, making the flip-flop completely tractionless, and the beautiful and lovely feet of the girl on the sandal, slipping and sliding everywhere trying to not fall! I think this is VERY SEXY! 
I said "imagine" because I can find yet the "object of my desire" in any place! Maybe, I'm the only one who loves slippery shoe/foot fetishes.
What do you think about this? I hope you don't find weird or silly! I really love to know!

I found this man's letter intriguing because it was the first of its' kind. A slippery shoe and foot fetish actually combines a number of foot fetish themes that are fairly common. The first of course is the obvious eroticism of the sexy, foot-baring, shoe styles! Who fails to understand the eroticism of a foot displayed on a pedestal designed to emphasize the arch while blatantly revealing the tasty toes for all to see! 

The second is the Flip-Flop theme, and that one has been expressed quite regularly in my inbox from you horny little foot fans. It appears that the idea of a shoe that so freely displays the full attributes of the female foot is compounded in its' eroticism by the pinch of the big and second toe around the tiny post! Hmmm, could it be that watching the toes grip the flip-flop post makes an enticing pose? Is it the thought of those toes being able to hold tight to the shaft of a human organ? Is it the sound of shoe slapping against the soft pink sole that hypnotizes you? Or is it a dangle fetish as only flip-flops are next to impossible not to bounce and dangle off the delicate toes of the wearer? This theme is without question very common!

The third theme that is pronounced in this desire is that of control! A woman in such an erotic display of feminine physical prowess suddenly loses all ability to maintain her untouchable goddess-like demeanor by slipping in or on a substance or object. This brings the woman back to earth, and possibly to an accessible level, for the observer. This could be in the form of humiliation at falling or slipping, or it could create a simple opportunity for someone to rescue the fair maiden. Either way it would appear to be a means in which the woman loses control at a time in which she would appear so confident and untouchable. Let us not forget the obvious reference to a slippery substance. Am I being to obvious to state that if she were to slip in the cum left by the observer as an erotic trap would be ideal? Or would the observer be too at risk of exposure for such a task?

The last theme I see is one of distance. We often desire the unattainable, and therefore find ways in which we can make it seem accessible. The fact that there is no physical contact within this particular erotic fantasy makes me feel that the observer desires to lust for the woman and her feet, and he wants them to become tantalizing close to being within his grasp, only to slip away? Maybe it is like object that one can never have? If captured or attained might it suddenly lose its' value?

Many years ago (hey not that many!), while attending school, I was treated to the type of sight that this gentleman has only dreamed of for a long time. I stood in line outside of a bar, and I was a cold winter evening. As my friends and I waited entrance, we noticed a woman walking toward the bar. She was a beautiful blonde woman, but obviously not dressed for the weather. She wore a warm coat, but from the bottom of edge of the coat you could make out the hint of a short skirt! In addition, she teetered down the street on what had to be at least 4+ inch heels. We kind of laughed because as women we all knew that the icy sidewalk was no fun to navigate in those sexy shoes. This young lady attempted to use her leg and heel display to bypass the line at the bar by flirting with the bouncers at the door. This apparently did not go her way as many in the cold line began to make comments, and in true female form, the young lady decided to walk away rather than face the comments or rejection of the crowd. However, before she could storm off, her heels lost all hope of traction on the slick ice outside the bar.

In a split second, this teetering display of sexy legs and heels fell straight on her butt! Her legs went out exposing her to the crowd, and believe me her tiny red panties left little to the imagination. She was stunned for a moment, and I would guess that she could not decide if it was more important to try to pull her skirt down or to try to get up. She first tried to get to her feet, yet it next to impossible in those stacked heels! Her sexy legs were suddenly looking a lot like a newborn deer or giraffe attempting to stand for the first time! The whistles and comments flew from the crowd, and a bouncer did attempt to help her after she had slide to the ground for a second time! The bouncer literally plucked her off the ground, and steadied her on the tiny heels. Her cute red cheeks remained almost fully on display, and it was hard to tell if they were redder than her panties at this point. She began to make a feeble attempt to preserve her dignity by pulling her skirt down, but before she could reach under the winter coat, she slipped again! She did not fall, but again she lost control to the point of having to abandon her skirt situation to grasp at the arm of the bouncer. The young lady eventually teetered off down the street, and I am sure in quite an embarrassed state!

There is my only slippery heel encounter! However, just like any erotic fantasy or desire, it is easy to see that the themes are not uncommon. The combination of the themes makes this highly specific, and it appears hard to find. If anyone else shares similar interest, or knows where to view content of a similar nature, please email me. This particular individual could use our assistance! See you next month!

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

The Touch (Archive)

The column found below was published in March 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

There is nothing like the feel of smooth warm hands pampering and rubbing your feet! Every time that I get a pedicure, the rubbing of my feet, ankles and calves is enough to put me sleep! I think that this might be the most likely avenue for any individual with a foot fetish to get their partner to begin to enter into their kinky little world. The question is do you have the touch?

Let me go into a little more detail on why this might be so important for getting you needs expressed and met with your partner. I was recently afforded the weekly luxury of my manicure and pedicure, and my partner joined me in my weekly pamper session. While he felt a little odd in such a female dominated atmosphere, he had his hands and feet pampered along with me. He was able to experience for himself how good it feels, and he noticed how soft and neat his hands looked afterwards. We went home and showered, and as we lay on the couch together relaxing, he began to massage and rub my feet. His soft hands on my silky soft peds were an intense sensation, and his slow and deliberate rubbing showed no hint hurry or intensity. We carried on like this for almost an hour while watching television, but I became extremely relaxed and excited. My robe eventually slipped open across my thighs, and his hands began to wander more. This ended in many orgasms and his ended with a tremendous orgasm while sucking my toes. I won't give you all the dirty details at this time, because my point is something else.

First, the atmosphere was perfect for this to occur. We spent time together (stop groaning) doing something that I enjoy, but that he learned to appreciate as well. This communicated understanding and connectedness between us, and this reassures a woman on many levels. At home, we were able to relax, talk, and enjoy each other's company without distractions or annoyances (Turn off the phones!). I was able to lounge about in my most comfortable robe, as was he, and not worry about makeup, lingerie, ect. So the first step is to consider how to connect with your partner.

Second, there was no rush whatsoever! No hurry for dinner reservations; No need to get home for tip-off, kickoff, or first pitch; no rush to get to the computer or return a call! This allows us both to breath, relax, and focus on one another. At home, he was able to control his excitement. This meant not trying to have sex immediately, and understanding that foreplay is not a 15" chore prior to the good stuff! In all fairness, sometime I just want to screw too, but for your foot fetish purposes this scenario will work much better. In fact, I had very little sense that he wanted sex at all. Go slow! It communicates being in the moment with her.

Third, focus! His attention was on me, all on me! He seemed completely absorbed in the feeling of my feet and skin without being anxious. This intrigues a woman in this situation because your touch is caring, interested, and non-threatening. You're giving without expecting, and this again puts a woman in a place where she is more likely to want you; and want to please you. This should be fun for you too because you can get lost in the objects of your desire without fear or worry of time. I always feel better after a pedicure because I know my feet are attractive, soft, and perfumed. I am not worried about smell, rough skin, or chipped nail polish. I am comfortable with your focus.

These steps create an erotic setting without it being staged or forced by either person. The woman is physically and emotionally in the best place possible to be open to wanting to please you. Your focus on her feet, and your touch will communicate your desire without having to talk about it. You can rub all sorts of areas after a while, and while the feet are part of it, they are not the only part. This will again make it more natural and at ease for your partner. Yes, I did notice the erection sticking through his robe after a while, but he did nothing to try to make notice of it or rub it on me. This again made me intrigued, and I found myself wanting him more. You may not be able to follow all these same steps, but a warm shower and a glass of wine can have a similar effect! Remember that if you do this a few times, maybe not even having sex, you will surprised by how much you will get out of it! 

If this is not as erotic or dirty as you might have liked, that is all right. You know my nasty mood will strike again soon! I just had a wonderful night of relaxation, unexpected eroticism, and fantastic sex, and I bet you can too. Just take a few of these hints, and give them a try!

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Deep in My Sole (Archive)

The column found below was published in February 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

What is it about the sole of the foot that captivates the imaginations and loins of so many people? This is the question that I ponder this month, and the most intriguing moment occurred the other day that lead to this question. I will first describe the event followed by my views on the sole!

I was out for dinner the weekend prior to Valentine's Day with a number of couples, and as usual I dressed well. My longer skirt might have disappointed my partner's love for my legs, and it may have inhibited my tendency to let a little more show after a cocktail or two! However, I wore an eye-catching pair of sheer off black seamed stockings. The kind that let the just the seam run down the back of the leg, over the heel, and across the sole. No reinforcements to impede the view of my sole, to be to the point. The heels that I chose for the evening were a black leather pump with a 4" heel, and you cannot under estimate how fun it is to wear sexy hosiery and lingerie.

After dinner, a few couple adjourned to the bar, and this is where the evening began to get interesting! I first sat at an elevated bar table with multiple stools around it. This allows you to sit high up with rungs to place your feet on since they do not touch the floor. In pumps and skirts, this gives a woman two choice: Sit with legs together, and heel hooked over a rung; or Sit up straight with your legs crossed, and one heel hooked over a rung. Either way, it allows a woman to play with her heels a great deal! You can dangle a lot with your legs crossed. You can "pop" your heels out of the pumps a lot with your legs together. I first sat cross-legged to put on usual dangle show! It is fun to see how many people look at your feet and heels as they pass by, or how distracted someone is at a table near-by! However, I switched at one point to sit forward with both heels on the rungs of the stool, and I began to let my heels pop off as I pressed my toes down on the rung. I tend to bounce my legs a little, and I could almost hear to soft popping off and slapping of the sole of the heel as I did this. A good friend of mine tapped me on the arm, and she said "There is a man at the bar staring at your feet!" 

I innocently replied, "Why do you think that?"

My friend said, "I swear he hasn't looked up from beneath your stool in like 10 minutes!"

I was able to use the amble mirrors about the bar to observe this for myself without any making it obvious. I whispered to my friend, "Let's go to the ladies room, and when we get back, let's switch seats to see what he does." My friend being the closet nymph that she is was up for my little game. Upon our switch, my handsome admirer did not immediately move, yet he did look somewhat disappointed. "Watch this!" I told my friend. I let my pumps fall to the floor, and placed my stocking feet on the stool rung. It took about two seconds before my new voyeuristic friend re-positioned himself at a bar table just behind me! The show that I put on was an extensive sole ballet of crunching and flexing that would have made for great video! After about 10 minutes, the man slipped up to the bar, paid his tab, and left. A few moments later a full round of drinks appears at the table, and the waitress just said "A man paid for these, and asked me to bring them over after he left. He only asked me to tell you 'Thank You!'" The table was puzzled, but my girlfriend and I laughed and giggled over the situation. Yes we did share it with the table, as they all the couples were open enough to understand.

Many foot lovers are sole lovers! Is it that the sole is so hard to see? It is like a secret, a rare site, or a hard to find experience. The voyeuristic nature of men ingrains strong visual images of their exact interest or desire, and rarely in a "normal" sexual encounter are these images available to fulfill that fantasy. Women wonder why dressing up seem to make men so horny, but I truly believe that so many common fantasies exist around events and evening wear that it is a rare opportunity for them. My sex life off the camera has much less hosiery due to the fact that we have so much of it on camera, yet we have incredible sex when we I wear it!

Back to the sole! Men love the sole wrinkled, stretched, arched, flexed, and pointed! Some love them soft pink and pampered, yet some want them hard, worn, and yellow with think skin. Either way, the sole may be harder to touch and see than any other part of a woman's body. Of course, is it a coincidence that man sexual positions make the sole of the foot more visible and accessible than at any other time? The use of the feet in sex cannot be understated, and the sole lover is a prime candidate! I rub my lovers face and chest during sex with my soles! I point and show them in his face. We even have a position for soles sex! This is a doggy-style position, but with my legs together! I sit way back on my heels, and I this allows my partner to rub his cock on my soles, fuck my arches, and then slide right inside me! As he pumps and grinds in me, his balls can bump and rub across my soles. This sends him over the edge very quickly! 

In the end, the visual stimulation of the forbidden fruit of the soles presents a voyeuristic picture, but the use of that picture to fulfill fantasies can lead to incredible bedroom passion! Don't forget your soles ladies! Your man certainly doesn't!

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Toes - A Sensitive Topic (Archive)

The column found below was published in January 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these columns here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Columns Blog as new columnists carry on with the new ones. Please note: Website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses found within these republished blogs may no longer be valid.

Patrick, Editor

What is it about the toes? Men have written me about longer toes, shorter toes, skinny toes, plump toes, even missing toes! What I have come to realize is that just like some men like their women rail thin; some Victorian full; some athletic and lean; others muscular and thick; there is a match for toe types just like there is for body type, personality type, and any other characteristic that a woman might possess. However, there is one point that appears universal when it comes to toes: sensitivity! This brings me to the point of my first literary endeavor for 2005, and this is what are the best places and ways to touch your woman's toes!

Let us start with the least sensitive areas, and we will move our way to the most sensual or sensitive areas of the toes! Easily the least sensitive area would be the top of the toes, not the tips! The area of the nail, just around the nail, and the knuckle like extension back toward the foot. These areas tend to be the least sensitive for most women, and, while touching, caressing, and fondling can be quite enjoyable, they are likely the safest area to start on the female foot. I identify this as a starting point, because like any part of a woman, starting at the most sensitive can be too intense. Good foreplay for any area would involve the build up, or tease that gets the motor warmed up! 

I tend to enjoy more direct pressure and attention on the tops of my toes, and a simple massage seems to work the best! If my feet were in your lap, and my legs extended my feet just beyond your legs if an ideal position. You could then face toward my feet, so that you could grip them from the top. This would allow your four main fingers to feel and grip my soles, while leaving your thumbs on the tops. A simple attentive firm stroking of your thumbs over my toes is relaxing and heavenly! I love for you to start at the point where my toes join my feet, and firmly rub and stroke up toward the toenails. Easing pressure at times to simply caress in a similar motion can really be relaxing and erotic for us both! Women with more sensitive feet might find this extremely stimulating, even ticklish, so take care to start with her actual foot top in that case!

The next area of the toes would be the tips! This is an intriguing area due to the vast differences most women seem to have in the level of sensitivity of this area. Most women seem to have an increased sensitivity in this area, but not to the point of over stimulation. I realized the power of this area due to the flex and point preferences that I have written of in the past! I prefer that a man, or woman, face me at this point, and grasp my foot in a manner that allows for the thumbs to hold the balls of my foot. This allows the four main fingers to rest on the top. This gives full positioning access to the masseur, and allows for the best access to the tips. Light finger brushing across the toe tips is nice, but I much prefer the tongue or lips at this point. The position itself places me in a voyeuristic and powerful position to view the sensation! The sensation of warmth, wetness, and softness seems to match the level of sensitivity of the toe tips perfectly, and it shifts the activity from attentive and relaxing to more erotic and stimulating! I get so excited watching someone kiss, lick, and suck the tips of my toes, and it allows me to point my toes in a manner that I think is one of the sexiest positions for the female foot!

The pads of the toes are a soft fleshy area that starts the underneath of the toes. This area is really a subtle extension of the toe tips, but with a significant increase in the overall area and the number of nerve endings over the tips! A combination begins to work best in the area! Lips, tongues, and fingers allow full exploration, positioning, and stimulation. Attention to each toe is incredibly important, because sometimes I find that one toe seems more sensitive than the rest. You don't want to miss the one that might send her gasping for her breath, do you? At this point we move from the subtle eroticism to the obvious sexual nature of the act, and this is due to the first penetration! At this point, some soft toe sucking would be welcomed on my part! The act of full warm engulfing of each tip and pad sends shivers throughout my body, and at this point I have a very difficult time not touching myself. My arousal is apparent at this point, and feeling my own breasts and nipples are my first reaction. 

The magic can really happen at this next area! The actual underside the toes and the crevices between them! I group these areas together, because it is almost impossible to stimulate these areas separately. These are the most protected and sensitive areas of the toes, and for some women, they are completely taboo! An extremely ticklish woman may not be able to handle any contact in this area at all, but some of us like that out of control, over the top sensation! The way the toes curl and group together is almost like they form a protective cocoon for the crevice and underside of the toes, almost as if their sensitivity is a treasured secret. Penetration of this sacred area with a hot, wet tongue is by far my greatest physical pleasure in this toe trip. The first part of my first and second toe by a tongue is akin to the initial parting of my wet pussy by a tongue or cock. A slow and gradual parting of each crevice, slowly increasing in depth, urgency, and intensity can be almost like sex itself! Lips and tongues sliding across my each soft underside, tempting and teasing each crevice, not knowing which will pushed apart by the hot, pliable flesh of your mouth! If you cannot tell, I am often moved to full on masturbation at this point. I can easily orgasm several times during this type of attention.

A woman has many moods as your all know quite well by now! The feet vary in sensitivity, similar to moods. At times, I can be so ticklish that this activity would not be even possible, but a glass of wine and a gradual approach seem to work well! Welcome to the New Year Wu Fans! I apologize for my absence last month, but for the first time, my personal life crashed into my web life! I hope everyone had a safe, happy, and erotic holiday!