Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vote for the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Bellecita is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

Last month I broke the news of the return of the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame (WFLHoF) in the blog, appropriately titled, "The Return of the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame." In that blog I went over how the idea to resurrect the long-dormant section of Wu's Feet Links came about. I also made mention of what the immediate future would hold for the process of coming up with the 2015 WFLHoF ballot. If you didn't get a chance to check that out, be sure to do so.

Now that the process of the committee going through all of our nominations is finished, we are left with the final ballot and voting is already underway. Be sure to check out the thread below on the Wu's Feet Links Forum to cast your vote:

Poll: Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame 2015 Poll
Poll Opened: Sunday, August 2, 2015
Poll Closes: Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Little Dee is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

Initial Discussions with the Committee

When I first began to communicate with my fellow committee members about how the ballot would be created, I had one other important item on my agenda to cover. Wu, himself.

Although Wu was a very low key person with most of us never having much interaction with him, the man was vital in creating one of the most recognized, and long-lasting places on the web for us foot fetishists to mingle, show off our work, or just shoot the shit. Without him, none of this would have been what it is today. Because of all those things and more, I brought the idea to the table to have Wu automatically be inducted into the WFLHoF fame - no ballot appearance needed. Everyone else agreed with the notion, which I figured was just a formality when I asked.

Goddess Brianna is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

Picking the Final Ballot

Once the notion to include Wu had been introduced and agreed upon, it was time for us to begin our nomination process. Each committee member was told to pick five candidates they believed worthy of nomination. Items such as longevity, growth, popularity, character, and presence on Wu's Feet Links itself were some of the items we used to pick our nominees.

I will not go over each candidate's personal nominations, but will say everyone brought a wide array of prospects to the discussion. Two of the nominations were repeated on multiple committee members list. Per the rules, they were both automatically added to the ballot. With that done, we began our discussion of who else should join them.

Obviously it would be futile for us to argue our own nominations as we picked them and therefore would feel strongly about each. At that point I asked the group how they wanted to proceed. Bondo ( came up with the idea for us to each pick a person that wasn't on our own list. We all liked the idea and went from there.

For the next week we all looked over the other three committee member's combined lists and excluded our own. From there we each picked one person from the other three people's lists as our nominee - and believe me, the choice was a hard one to make. I won't speak for the other committee members, but I know it was for me. So many deserving people...

We now had six people and a few days remaining before our process was set to close. I made one final post asking the committee to make their final cases for anyone else they believed deserved to be on the ballot. No one stepped forward, so we went with our six.

Layla Mercedes is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

The Final Ballot of Six

When the process of narrowing down our nominations was complete I took to the forum to create the poll. I was glad to see some variety to the ballot. Not only did we have females, but also a male. Not only did we have models, but producers, photographers, and web masters too. We also didn't forget our history either with most of the nominees having been around the foot fetish online landscape for 10 or more years. This mix of people is none other than:

  • Bellecita (Anita)
  • Ed Fox
  • Erotic Nikki
  • Goddess Brianna
  • Layla Mercedes
  • Little Dee (Goddess Dee)

I took a few minutes to go over some basics of each of these people on the "Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame 2015 Poll" thread. All of these nominees have been people I've adored, become online friends with, took inspiration from, and have even been lucky enough to work with. They're all are great people and worthy of the nomination. That being said, however, I want you all to vote for who you want, so I kept my words brief when writing that thread. This is where your opinions matter - where you will all make the final choices.

Photographer, Ed Fox is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

Once the Poll Closes

For a few weeks here the voting process will play out. Once that is completed, the votes will be made public and the three leading vote getters will take their place, alongside Wu, in the WFLHoF Class of 2015. The next two runners-up will automatically be included on the ballot in 2016, but more on that in a minute.

After the pools close and the new WFLHoF members are announced, an all new HoF page will be created on Wu's Feet Links featuring this year's additions. It will also feature the existing members of the WFLHoF, which includes: Lil Redhead (2000), Naia (2000), Janet Mason (2000), Genie (2002), Britney Sweetstink (2002), Devonne (2003), and Lexi (2005). 

I'm looking to expand the page design to include more current information, such as social media contacts, web sites, clips stores, etc. For those models, or sites, no longer online, a "retired" tag will be added behind the information. And finally, I want to have a small bio/description for each inductee. I like that Wu included a few photos of each inductee, so that is something I wish to carry on.

Erotic Nikki is on the 2015 WFLHoF ballot.

The Future of the WFLHoF

I would like to make the WFLHoF an annual event for the site and forum members. As I mentioned above, the two runners-up will automatically find themselves on the following year's ballot. What will change, however, is the committee. 

Each year I aim to have four different people nominate and then narrow down an all new list of possible candidates. I think that will help erase any bias. The reason I went with the three committee members I picked this year was due to their longevity online, both with their own sites and here on Wu's Feet Links. We had a lot of ground to cover since Wu had not placed anyone in the WFLHoF since 2005. As we move forward, I will step back to an overseer role and let four other people come up with the annual ballots.

I'm generally excited to see where this reprized aspect of Wu's Feet Links goes in the years to come. I think it will serve as both a means to honor people in our community and to come together for a fun cause. Now... get on the forum and cast your vote!