Monday, May 8, 2017

Your Suggestions/Help Needed

Karolinka is a sweetheart and quite simply, a master at the art of footjobs.

So here I am in year three of writing columns and conduction interviews for the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog and the Wu's Feet Links Interview Blog. For the first two years things were smooth sailing when it came to coming up with topics or finding people to interview. Then it seems like I hit a wall. This wall is one I feel like I'm still climbing.

As you are aware by the time stamps on both blog sites, sometimes the columns and interviews just don't happen on a monthly basis anymore. At times, this is due to my own busy schedule. Work has been asking more of me and I've also been trying to make some major changes to my own website, Soles of Silk. And sadly, as of late, I've had some unfortunate family issues that I've been dealing with. That being said, I've still managed to contact people in the background about taking part in both the columns and interviews. Things just haven't always turned out as well as I had hoped.

Columns Blog
Coming up with topics for this particular blog site has been one that isn't always easy. I feel like I started out very strong with topics that involved lots of my peers in the foot fetish community. People seemed eager to help and I had a lot of fun writing up those pieces.

As of late, however, I've had trouble contacting people for inclusion in some ideas I have. There are a few on the back burner that I want to get to, but don't want to rush. Karolinka, for example, who you see at the top of this column, has agreed to help me out with a piece I want to do on footjobs. She was the October 2015 Interview and we've talked from time to time about getting together for some future items here on the columns blog. Karolinka was also the March 2017 Feature Model on Wu's Feet Links, so be sure to check that out.

I'm also thinking about talking with Roxie Rae from The Foot Fantasy, about a topic to do with tease and denial (T&D) and jerk off instruction (JOI). She too, has been very helpful in the past. Roxie was the August 2014 Interview on the Interviews Blog. From there, she took part in one of my early columns, "One For the Ages, Part 1: Teens to Twenties" and has never hesitated to help out whenever I've come calling. She has allow me to use her photos to help illustrate any of my columns topics numerous times. She also came through with a bunch of photos for the Wu's Feet Links Feature Model section, when she was featured in June 2016 feature, "Pretty Pool Peds."

That's only two topics, however. What kind of things would you like to read about? I can't promise that I'd be up for any and all topics, but I'm looking for advice here. I still am also up for entertaining the idea of guest columnist, but all the past offers went as far as a, "Hey, I'll do it" offer and then nothing ever came about.

It's inevitable that I will sometimes do topics, like this one, that just talk about the happenings of Wu's Feet Links, these blog sites, or whatever is on my mind. Columns, by nature, aren't meant to be articles, per se. I just like adding in some of those elements whenever I can.

The Footosopher asked me about my interest in interviewing Elettra.

Interviews Blog
This blog is where some of my major issues come from. Back in 2014, I was sending out interviews for the Interviews Blog and getting them returned to me much sooner than I expected. I built up a backlog of interviews that were ready to be published. For months I had the interviews saved to the blog in draft form, waiting for the date they'd go live. Then... people began to flake.

At first, it was just one. Then it became two. At this point in time, I have taken the time to write out close to a dozen interviews that people told me they were up for doing. That's an entire year's worth of interviews! Most of these are foot models, but a couple were also webmasters. I've given up on many of these people getting back to me, but I'm still hopeful on the last two I sent out. Honestly, however, these two models have not answered a single message I've sent them about the interview over the last couple of months, so I probably shouldn't even be hopeful.

I don't expect people to get to the interviews as soon as I send them their way. I tell them to take their time and say what they want to say. It's only when time begins to pass and I don't hear from them anymore that I get annoyed. I'd rather someone just tell me they're not interested, or don't have the time. I won't be insulted and I'll look around elsewhere. It's when I take the time to write up questions and send them off, and then seemingly get ignored - that's when I get pissed. I just don't fire off these questions in 10 minutes. I take time to go onto my interviewee's site(s), buy memberships and/or clips to see their content, and try to gear my questions to the particular person. If the person has no intent of following through, I'd rather focus my efforts (and money) on those who will.

Where this further hinders my efforts is when I have someone coming to me about being interviewed, or has a model who'd like to be. This was the case with a recent conversation between the Feetosopher, the webmaster of Barefoot Nudity and Barefoot Urban Girls. He asked if I'd like to interview two of his models, Swains and Elettra (above). Of course, I was very interested and still am. Sadly, however, I've had barely any time to get either interview worked on, much less completed. With all the personal items going on that I mentioned at the start of this blog, and the time I've had wasted by others, I have fallen behind. I, however, was honest with him about me not being sure when I could get them over to him due to these reasons. I can't be a hypocrite, after all.

The Feetosopher has been one of the people I've come to trust and lean on whenever I need help with anything on Wu's. He helped me get an interview out to Red-X, one of my favorite models of his, in August 2015. Then in March 2016, he, himself, was the focus of an interview. He's also submitted a few photo sets for the features section, including the November 2016 feature with Swains, "Swains, the Classy Barefooter," and the April 2015 feature with Red-X, "The Year-Round Barefooter."

I will work on these interviews for Swains and Elettra and hope he can find time to pass them onto his models. He was hoping for me to have Swains done several weeks ago because he had planned on meeting up with her. Sadly, I was not able to come through due to those reasons above. Still, I fully expect that both ladies will be the focus on future interviews.

Now that I'm done my rant, I want to say that the Interviews Blog gets its fair share of views - some in the tens of thousands. I've had interviewees contact me after their interviews were published to tell me the feedback was great. It's exposed them to potential new fans and customers. Many are glad I asked them to do it. I, of course, thank them for taking their time to help me keep Wu's Feet Links going in whatever capacity I can.

All this being said, if you think you know of anyone that hasn't already been interviewed that you'd like to see, please, by all means, let me know. Keep in mind, however, if you send me a listing of premier adult actresses, it's probably not likely that they're going to do it. Where I've had luck thus far was asking webmasters and foot models who are involved with running their own sites/stores. These foot models who run their own sites/stores see the value an interview could bring, like Roxie Rae, for example.

Where I seem to strike out, sadly, is with foot models who bounce from site to site, model their feet, and move on to another site. I don't want to stereotype every model that does this because that would be unfair. With my experiences, however, these models appear happy with their income and it seems like they feel no need to promote themselves further. So, if you send me a list of names, keep all these things in mind.

Before I close this out, my fellow webmasters and foot models, if you, yourself, or one of your friends in the foot fetish community, would like to be featured as an interview, by all means, please contact me. I'm always looking to make some new friends in the community, so even if we've never talked, reach out to me!