Friday, June 12, 2015

Foot Fetish Memories from My Teens

I'm very comfortable with my fetish now, but I wasn't always.

As I mentioned earlier in the week on the Wu's Feet Links Forum, in a thread titled, "This Month's Wu's Feet Links Column," I was running way behind on this month's blog entry. Part of me understands why some of the other girls who had written these in the past had ceased doing them after a few months or a few years. A deadline sure an sneak up on you! And if you're like me, you feel bad if you don't deliver as promised.

More than ever, these last couple of months have been quite demanding on me. Not only do I run Soles of Silk and help with Wu's Feet Links when it comes to this blog, the interviews, and feature model calendar, but I also work a full time job and do a bunch of advertising and product design for it outside of the workplace. That advertising and product design is what has been kicking my ass lately. Just a bunch of time sensitive items being given to me back to back without much of break in between.

Not wanting to skip a month on the blog, however, I decided to come up with something I can do based on my experiences. I have totally enjoyed interviewing people for topics in some of the past columns, but this entry is already late and I can't depend on people to be able to answer questions ASAP. Plus, it wouldn't be fair of me to expect them to be prompt when I've been tied up myself.

With that in mind, I began thinking of some topics that I've been asked about over the years. That's when I came up with the idea to write about some of my early foot fetish experiences growing up. I like to ask about these when I interview people because it gives us a glimpse into what they faced early on. And while I've talked a lot about my Soles of Silk and former The 10 Little Piggies experiences, I feel like I haven't really mentioned what it was like before all that came to be.

I wasn't always comfortable with my foot fetish when I was younger. I did, however, find ways to get my foot fix in the years leading up to meeting Abby, my former girlfriend and probably the single biggest reason I became so comfortable with this fetish. You'll see her mentioned a couple of times in this article too.

In addition to Abby's experience, I've listed five other memorable experiences that involved female feet. These aren't every experience I ever had, just some that stuck out and that I've not forgotten. I didn't even mention the first girl whose feet I got to play with on a regular basis - my first real girlfriend, Amanda. While she allowed me access to her feet, no particular instance stands out. Just know that she fell somewhere between the first two experiences below.

I hope this is fun little read for people. Again, I apologize for it being late and hope I'm able to have a little more free time in the coming weeks.

Bowling - Rainbow Toes

When I was younger, one of my best friends moved away. To try to get me to meet some new kids and make new friends, my mother signed me up for a duckpin bowling league. If you're unfamiliar with duckpins, just know it's a three ball variation of the standard game with much smaller balls and pins. For more information, check it out on Google as it's not exactly important to the story.

Anyhow, over the years I became pretty good at the sport and joined a travel league. At the end of every year we would do a challenge match against teams from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. It was at one of these matches I had a fun little experience with a girl who had her toenails painted all different colors.

Both of our teams had been eliminated from the up the ladder finals. She was from Connecticut, I believe. We were sitting out front of the bowling alley, which featured a large concrete porch and staircase. Mostly everyone was still inside watching the matches take place. Meanwhile I was just outside making small talk with this girl.

I made a comment about her toenails being flashy and she asked me if I liked them. I said I did. Now, I wasn't open about my foot fetish at this point, so I kept it at that. But when she said her feet hurt, I offered a massage to see what response I'd get. Believe me, my heart began racing once I asked. I didn't know what the response would be.

Fast forward a few minutes and there I was, in my early high school years, giving this girl a foot massage out in front of the bowling alley and she obviously took me up on the offer. She was very chill and thought it was so relaxing. I don't even remember how long the massage was, but I know it wasn't short either. I do recall totally being a dork at one point and doing the "This little piggy" thing to her when I accidentally tickled her.

Since I was still very shy about my fetish during this portion of my life, I felt like I had hit the lottery with this experience. In the grand scheme of things, it's far from the most interesting or wildest experience I've had with female feet, but it was still memorable for the time.

Bowling - Munchkins

Sticking with the bowling and the challenge match theme, a few years later, between my junior and senior year of high school, our bowling league once again was up in Connecticut for the tournament. This time, however, my experience was much more "sweet" and took place with a girl in my own league that I admired at the time. One who was also the daughter of my mother's supervisor.

Our bowling league would always rent out hotel rooms for our tournament for several days when we'd visit Connecticut. Well, after our bus arrived and we all checked in, a bunch of us were out mingling with each other to see where our rooms were. I ended up making my way to Lisa's room at some point.

Lisa, or someone in her room, had bought Dunkin Donuts Munchkins at one of the rest stops on our drive north. While I was in Lisa's room, she and one of the other girls were giving me a hard time. I told her I'd throw a Munchkin at her if she didn't stop. Well, she reached over and threw one at me instead, but missed. I jumped up and grabbed the box and pulled another one out. I sat on top of her and told her to say she was sorry, or I was going to smash one on her. She began kicking at me to get me off, refusing to apologize. I took that donut and did what I promised.

I grabbed Lisa's foot as she tried to kick me and smashed the donut right up into her pudgy toes. I was lucky enough to have grabbed one with pudding, or some kind of vanilla cream inside of it too. Lisa squealed and I just kept smearing it into her toes.

Lisa was finally able to wiggle free and she ran over to the other side of the bed by the window. She called for a truce. I said okay and backed down. A few seconds later, however, Lisa lunged for the Munchkins to try and get me. I won out again and grabbed the box. We wrestled around and I smashed another donut in her toes and she just giggled beyond belief.

It was around this time one of the coaches came by and I didn't think sitting on top of Lisa would look good, so I got up. We were both breathing a little heavy and smirking when the coach gave us this weird look. Lisa hid her feet and the coach never saw the pudding and cinnamon all over the carpet between the beds.

As for the other girl who was in the room, she stayed out of it and laughed her ass off when Lisa got her toes all gooey.

A funny side note to this experience, when my 12th grade English teacher asked us to write the standard "What I did over the summer" paper when we first went back to school, I wrote about this whole experience. I also wrote about it in much more detail. I only wish I still had it saved.

Photography Class

While I was in high school, mostly during my senior year, I practically asked any and every girl I thought looked cute to model for some photos for my photography class. One of the art teachers used to ask me if there were any girls I didn't shoot.

Whenever I would get one of the girls at school to pose I'd always find a reason to need them to take their shoes off for the photos. Sometimes I'd even ask them to do poses with socks and/or shoes being pulled off. Every so often the girls thought it was weird, but I never remember being told no.

While this didn't net me many hands on experiences since I was in class at the time, I'd sometimes get a cheap feel, or playful foot rub in. It's also how I first got to feel Abby's super soft feet.

Abby always knew I had a foot fetish. I think she could see it in my work. When I finally asked her to pose for some photos, she wore these strappy shoes - per my request, of course. See, she'd wear these shoes in class and since I sat two rows behind her, her feet often distracted the ever living hell out of me. So yeah, I asked her to wear them.

When I was shooting photos of Abby in one of the small private rooms, I got down to her feet for the last few shots I needed. That's when Abby told me her feet are so smooth that she had slipped going down the steps a time or two. She then kicked off her shoes and told me to feel her soles. She wanted to prove how smooth her soles were, but also admitted years later to wanting me to touch her feet at the time. I was caught off guard, but I sure as hell wasn't turning down the offer. And boy was she ever right! It sure wouldn't be the last time she'd tease me, and do it knowingly either.

Senior Week

After graduation I made my way to Ocean City, Md. with my friends. I thought I had it made. I was staying in a room with two female classmates - one of which I thought was gorgeous. Sadly, the weather sucked though and the girls were content to stay in. I, on the other hand, went out and hung out at a friend's place and got pretty trashed. I actually ended up staying with them the entire time in a room I didn't even pay for.

On one of the nights I was walking around with my buddy Chris and his 21 year old brother. With Chris' brother being 21, it meant we were able to get some alcohol. Well, after returning from the liquor store, the three of us met some girls from Pennsylvania. We walked around on the boardwalk for a while with them, eventually making it back to their hotel.

While Chris, his brother, and I were hanging out with these girls, the one complained about her feet hurting from walking the boardwalk. Again, I came to the rescue and said I'd give them a massage. At first she said she wasn't sure as no one really rubbed her feet before. I assured her she'd like it. She said what the hell and stuck her feet in my lap.

After a while she said, "You weren't kidding about this feeling good. Now only if someone was rubbing my shoulders..."

That's when Chris' brother reached over and rubbed her shoulders. I don't remember this girl's name, but one of her friends called her a spoiled bitch and laughed. Chris' brother didn't really rub her shoulders for too long though. He was busy trying to talk to one of the other girls.

Sadly, before any of this could go further, apparently someone called the cops on some other people at the hotel who weren't registered guests. Even though it wasn't our hotel either, we weren't the ones who had the cops called on us. The police still asked us to leave nonetheless.

A very early photo of Abby's soft soles after I began Soles of Silk.

McDonald's Fries

After senior week was over and the rest of the summer played out, college had begun. But one day I took a trip to the mall and who did I run into? Abby. It had been months since I had seen her and we struck up a long conversation. It ultimately led to Abby giving me her phone number.

One day when I didn't have class I called Abby and she told me to come over. She was babysitting her manager's kid that day and was bored. I told her I was just about to go to McDonald's before she told me to come over, so if she wanted me to, I'd pick her up something too. She did.

After I arrived at Abby's house, my first visit ever to her place, we sat in her living room watching TV. The McDonald's food sat on the coffee table and at one point a French fry fell onto the ground.

Before I could grab the fry, Abby grabbed it with her toes. She asked me if I wanted to eat it and stuck her foot to my face. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded.

I don't remember what she said at that point, but she basically told me she always knew I had a thing for feet and she thought it was so cute. With that being said, I ate the fry and then gave Abby the first of many foot massages I'd end up giving her. 

Within a month or so we were officially dating and she's the one who made me feel unashamed of having a foot fetish. She began telling her female friends, which embarrassed me at first, but then made me own it and love it even more. Hell, Abby even had some of her friends pose for me and she even let me rub their feet sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed this old stroll down memory lane for me. I wasn't always comfortable admitting my fetish to people, even though many probably suspected it. Oh, the good old days!

How about you? What were some of your early experiences like growing up with a foot fetish? Have you grown to be more comfortable with it over time?