Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wu's Feet Links Odds & Ends

Little Dee was the leading vote getter for the 2015 WFLHoF Class.

This month's blog isn't going to be about any one particular subject. There are a few items I wanted to talk about, several of which I'd like to get some input on. This blog entry is going to bounce around a little bit, but I'll try to keep things as organized as I can.

The voting breakdown for the 2015 WFLHoF.

2015 Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame Class

The voting has finished for the 2015 Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame (WFLHoF). The turn out was okay with 65 people casting their votes. A total of 142 votes were placed.

With 54 percent of the vote (35 user votes) Little Dee was the leading vote getter for the 2015 WFLHoF Class. Bellecita grabbed 40 percent of the vote (26 user votes) to grab the second spot for the HoF. Where things got interesting, however, was with the third and final spot. Both Erotic Nikki and Goddess Brianna had 35 percent of the vote. I decided to let it come down to the actual number of votes to break the tie, but they were identical as well (23 user votes). So we have a tie and we're putting both in. So along with Wu, here is your 2015 WFLHoF Class:

  • Wu
  • Little Dee
  • Bellecita
  • Erotic Nikki
  • Goddess Brianna
Both Laya Mercedes and Ed Fox missed the cut this year. They will automatically be included on next year's poll along with whoever else next year's WFLHoF Committee should decided to nominate. The 2016 committee will consist of entirely new people. Keep an eye out in the Wu's Feet Link Hall of Fame section of the Wu's Feet Links Forum for updates and information.

The current layout of the defunct HoF page.

Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame Page

With the votes now tallied and the winners announced, it's time to work on redesigning the defunct page for the Wu's Feet Links main site. The original page still exists, but is in major need of an update. 

I'd like to take what exists and clean things up a little. The following list is some of the ideas that I've come up with. I've also made a post about this in the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame forum section as well. I'd love to read your feedback on my ideas. If you have your own ideas, I'd also like to hear them. Here's what I was thinking:

  • Updated Site Links - Sadly many of the existing members of the WFLHoF no longer run their sites. I clicked on one of the links to check them out the other day and was taken to a site that gave me a virus warning. I want to clean that up and remove links to invalid sites. Their site name will still be displayed, but a "Defunct" tag will be added somewhere alongside it.
  • Updated Email Links - Pretty much the same as above, but with the email links. If the address is no longer valid, they can just be removed.
  • Social Media Buttons - I'm thinking it would be a good idea to add little button links for things like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. for those who use them. Social media is a major way that people communicate, so why not add them?
  • Small Photo Gallery - Just like Wu used to do, I do like the idea of having a few photos of each inductee displayed with their little section on the HoF page. I don't want to change that, just maybe place a standardized number of photos for each inductee. It looked like the original inductees had two photos, but the most recent induction before this year's revival, Sexy Lexi, had four. I don't want to turn it into a photo gallery, so maybe four pictures is the way to go?
  • Biography - This is my little brainchild. I know a lot of these inductees are no longer around, but some of us remember them in their heyday. I'm thinking it would be a neat idea for each person to have a small little bio with their links and photos. I'm also of the mindset that they should be written different people.

Wu's Feet Links Forum Changes

Recently I was promoted to an administrator on the forum to help Phil with things. To be honest, when I first went in and looked at the control panel for the forum, I was taken back. It's an older format with a lot of check boxes, permissions, organizational items, and stuff I'm not exactly sure of. Now I know what Phil was talking about when he was thrusted into the admin role when Wu passed away.

As you have seen, I tried to clean some things up with the forum. I think I did okay, but with anything, I'm still not used to some of the changes I made myself. It's been the same way for so many years. I just felt like it needed some TLC, however.

Instead of having help items listed in different sections, I thought making a Help section made sense. Instead of having important site announcement take place in the middle of the forum where people are wondering what's the best camera to use, or how to ask a girl how to model for them, I decided to add a Wu's Feet Links grouping of several sections.

So far no one has yelled at me or cursed me out for the changes I've made. It's still honestly a work in progress. I'm not 100 percent sold on some of the changes I made, while others I think work well. What do you think? Again, I'm looking for feedback. You can let me know in the Special Announcements section of the forum on the Forum Undergoing Some Modifications thread.

I've been busy trying to squeeze in shoots before it gets cold.

My Busy Schedule

The last couple of months have been a little busy for me - busier than normal, that is. I want you all to know that I'm around, but maybe not on the forum every day as I was used to being. I don't want to go into a long drawn out description as to why, but splitting time between my full time job, some freelance projects, Soles of Silk updates, Soles of Silk shoots, and the Wu's Feet Links Blog sites has me stretched pretty thin.

I appreciate all the help the mods have given me on the forum and all the level headed actions of the majority of users. It's always been a great community at Wu's and I'm glad to still be a part of it. 

Once the colder weather starts setting in here, I'm sure it will free up some more time for me. I'm trying to squeeze in a bunch of last minute shoots on a lot of my days off right now, including the one above of a my site's newest model, Riley. She finally posed for me after asking her for a couple of years. Her excuse was always that her toes were too chubby. They always have a reason, but 99.9 percent of the time, they turn out to be wrong just like Riley was. Her full set will be published on the September 16 update.

Words from Adam about winding down Feet Fair.

Farewell to Feet Fair

I wanted to close this blog with a farewell to a site that I've always been a major fan of - a site that belongs to someone I've considered a friend online from my humble beginnings. On September 7, 2015 Adam of Feet Fair posted the above image in a thread titled, Winding Down the Fair.

I didn't get to see the thread until last night, but it was something that he shared with me a few weeks ago. I won't lie, I was hoping he'd change his mind because I just love his work and his models. I also, however, know that sometimes life just comes first.

I respect Adam's call to dial things down and make the changes he needs to suit his life. I told him in the thread that he needs to stick around and not be a stranger, however. I'll be sad to see his site go, but the person that is Adam is one I don't want to see go anywhere. He really is one of the good people in our little online foot fetish community.

Thanks for all you've done and for your continued friendship over the years, Adam!