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One for the Ages, Part 2: MILFs & Cougars

Erotic Nikki has always had a huge fan base of fans, younger than herself, that love older women.

"MILFs and Cougars are hot right now. Forty is the new 30." - Erotic Nikki 

It's no secret that people are attracted to people of specific age groups. Fantasies about your kid's babysitter, or your teacher are commonplace for many of us. But what about when it comes to foot fetishism? Are feet just feet no matter if they belong to is an 18 year old college freshman or a mid-40s business woman? In this two-part series I'm going to ask different fetish models, producers, and fans of foot fetish material what they think. Do they have a particular preference and if so, why? If they don't, why not? In this second part I am focusing on the MILF/Cougar age range... or let's just say the 30-plus something age range since it's not nice to ask a lady her age.

The teacher. The boss' wife. Your friend's mom. Since foot fetishism develops in many of us at an early age, chances are you've fantasized about an older woman and her feet at some point in time. There are so many reasons why some of us have fantasized and still even fantasize about women older than ourselves today. Let's have a look at some of the reasons why.

Renée Adams' mature soles have been splashed with a lot of warm cum.

Why the Girls Do It

I can honestly say that I don't have as much experience shooting women in the 30-plus age range when it comes to Soles of Silk, well unless they had already been posing for me in their 20's and have continued to do so. Getting a new model who's already in her 30's or older has been a rarity for me. Still, when I have lucked out and found a model of this age, they've usually been a hit with the fans. Models like Kat Noir, Kim T., and most recently, Emerald, all have quite a few fans to say the least.

Since this isn't really my area of expertise, I'm once again turning to my peers to give me some insight as to why women over 30 get started in foot modeling.

One of the first models I turned to for this article was Erotic Nikki of Angel Kissed Feet. She's long been one of my most fantasized about mature foot models online - and she knows it! We've talked for years and she's been one of the nicest, most down to earth people I've met in the industry. With all that said, Nikki was ever so happy to be a part of this piece.

"I started in this business when I was 32," Nikki shares.

"Maybe some women get into the scene because they love the fact they can tease men with just their feet and make them feel completely powerless. Having power over a man is such a turn on and some make it so easy to fall under the spell of those perfect feet," Nikki says of why other models might get into foot modeling at a similar age.

Another model I knew I had to ask to be a part of this blog topic was Renée Adams of Footjob Virgins. I've seen her work many times over the years and am jealous of the male talent I keep seeing in her screen caps posted to her Twitter account (@FootJobVirgins).

"I heard an older girlfriend say [posing] was a female 'mid-life' crisis," Renée says. "But it could be the same reasons as younger girls, or they are just looking for fun with younger people and earn some extra cash in the process."

"Most of the older talent we work with are just young at heart," Renée adds.

Roxie Rae, of the site The Foot Fantasy, has been modeling since her 20's, but now falls into the 30-plus age bracket. She offers a unique perspective having modeled for so long in that she has seen fan reaction from both the younger age range and now what many call the "MILF" age bracket.

"I just turned 30 in August. The transition hasn't been too rough for me," Roxie says. "Aside from getting asked to do MILF roles, I really haven't noticed a change from my age."

When it comes to other girls over 30, Roxie thinks the reason for so many getting into foot fetish modeling is quite simple. "I think older models choose foot modeling because they see it as a good steady job to bring in extra income," she says.

Now that we heard from the girls, how about some of the male producers? A few of them I reached out to have some experience shooting models over 30 and have a few opinions as to why they start foot fetish modeling too.

Marcus, the producer and web master of Canadian Foot Babes chalks it up to awareness and maybe even a bit of exhibitionism. "With foot fetishism being more mainstream and older women taking care of themselves through fitness, beauty, manicures and pedicures, they are aware that younger men are checking them out - head to toe," he says.

"It's also much more tame than getting naked, they can make money, and some enjoy the attention their feet get," Marcus adds.

A fellow male foot fetish producer, Evan, of Silver Cherry Productions has a few ideas of his own as to why an older woman might break into foot fetish modeling.

"I think perhaps in some cases, some of the more open-minded, older women may have had life experiences with guys who have had foot fetishes and they learned that it's really no big deal. Maybe they enjoyed it. Those women get it," Evan explains.

"Also, just like some of their younger counterparts, they too could simply be exhibitionists. They also like the idea that, even though it's adult, it's not porn and it's an easy way to make some extra cash," he adds.

Madisin and her size 10 feet have been a big hit, no pun intended, for Silver Cherry Productions.

Why the Guys Love It

How many of you had a teacher in school whose feet you found yourself checking out? I know in both the 10th and 11th grades I had two different female English teachers, the hottest teachers in the entire school, distract me on a regular basis with their open toe and open heel shoes. Both were in their 30's, but that didn't stop me having several fantasies about what it would be like to be at their feet.

Skip ahead a couple of years to when I was in art school and I had two other older women whose feet I found myself quite fond of. And this time, I actually got to live out a few foot fetish fantasies with both of them. More on that in a bit. 

The first woman I found myself eyeing up was our dean's secretary. She had the most adorable size 8's. I knew her shoe size because I asked when I took photos of her. I'm not going to lie, I had such a crush on this woman! 

The second woman was one of my computer graphics teachers, and the best friend of the secretary. This teacher had big size 10's, which I also photographed. Yes, I photographed my own teacher's feet. How awesome is that? 

This teacher also played to my fetish as well. The final project in the semester I had her saw her give each member of the class a peculiar object that we were to use in creating two print ads. When she got to me, she gave me a pair of her funkiest shoes. My classmates laughed at her gag, but I believe it was Wendy who claimed that if anyone would make a great shoe ad with those ugly shoes, it would be me. Needless to say, this project item annoyed my then girlfriend, Abby, but I thought it was awesome.

Looking back at these four ladies today I can honestly say that their age was a huge factor in how much I adored them. Even though I had classmates my own age with pretty feet, ones whose feet I got to photograph and even experience, there was just something a little more special about these older ladies mentally.

Perhaps Nikki nails my situation best when describing why she believes guys love seeing older women in their foot fetish material.

"A lot of times [foot fetishists] have memories and fantasies from their childhood. It could be a teacher, aunt, or best friend's mom that caught their attention," she says.

This belief isn't Nikki's alone.

"Like everything else, there's probably a wide range of reasons. But if I'm going to take a stab at it, I'll say that perhaps part of the reason could be because some foot fetishists may have had some of their first encounters with older women's feet," he says. "Older sister's friends, mother's friends, aunts, etc. Perhaps it's from that early interaction with older women's feet that they came to associate their fetish with a specific age range. In this case, the cougar, MILF, etc."

"I could be totally wrong, but I think the fans experience with fetishes shape the models he or she views," says Roxie. "If someone develops the fetish from an experience they had with an older woman, they may want to see a MILF appear in a clip."

Marcus' view is more simple, but also applies very much. "For younger guys fantasizing about older models' feet, there's the age old antic that older women have experience and know what they are doing and take control."

Bluetoelover, a member of the Wu's Feet Links forum has a similar view. "[Older women] offer an experienced vibe. Chances are a woman in her, say late 30's, has been with a foot guy, so they know the tricks... and hell, might even teach the guy a thing or two!"

Although my experiences with these four women were limited to fantasies, a handful of photographs, and a quick foot massage, I can only imagine how green I would have been had these women done any of the things I found myself fantasizing about at that age. Guess I'll never know. But I am glad I had them before meeting both Kim T. and Janet Mason, however.

I had to wait until I met Kim T to really pamper an older woman's feet. Long story short, Abby and I made friends with her and her husband through Leg Show magazine. We met for some pictures and let's just say I got to cuddle up to Kim's smelly feet and sniff away at them for a few hours. It was exhilarating to say the least!

Then I met infamous Janet Mason of Janet Exposed. As many of you know, I wasn't even old enough to drink when I met this already established red headed vixen. Having her feet milk my cock was certainly a feather in my cap. 

Now that I rambled on about some of my earliest recollections of older women and their feet, what other reasons are there why us foot guys might have a preference for feet over 30?

For Tadpole in a Jar, also a forum member on Wu's Feet Links, it comes down to the idea that older women generally take better care of themselves than their younger counterparts.

"I personally find that older women take care of their feet better versus younger women - who are much more carefree in nature. For example, you almost never see chipped nail polish or dry/flaky skin on more mature women," he says.

Another Wu's Feet Links forum member, AKA.FootJoyBoy, sees things differently. "For me, an older woman's feet are more rough, worn, and spread out - in good ways. And as a smell guy, this type of feet seems to hold more smell."

While AKA.FootJoyBoy doesn't claim that mature women's feet aren't kept up, he's stating a preference for more "broken in" feet, if you will. It's hard to disagree with either Tadpole in a Jar's or AKA.FootJoyBoy's view as I've found both to be true.

When it comes to trying to please those who visit their sites, there are a few more views on what makes someone a fan of the mature age range.

"I think fans enjoy the experienced models and older models because they bring wisdom, understanding, and sophistication to a clip," Roxie claims.

"[Older women] are obviously more experienced and uninhibited, which makes for a much better performance of film and at live events," Renée states. "Many of the ladies that started young and are still working in their 30's or beyond are usually legendary performers that fans have followed for many years, sometimes decades."

What Renee says holds true for me when it comes to Nikki. Even we've become friends/peers, she knows I'm a huge fan and loves when guys like myself keep coming, not always cumming, to view her content.

"I think [women] in the 30-plus age group have more life experiences. Most of us get what our fans are looking for," she says. "If it's my younger fan base, I can play on their MILF or cougar fantasies. If it's my older group of fans, I can play on their childhood memories to be their fantasy."

BlueToeLover is a huge fan of both Saffron (left) and Barbie Gurl.

In Closing

If I were to have written this blog a few decades ago, I'm not sure if I would have seen as much love for the MILF/cougar age range. Obviously, I wouldn't have been calling them by either term as both are more recent slang terms. But that being said, I think the fact that both terms exist is awesome in that it has put a focus on models of an older age range - one that I feel wasn't there before. These ladies, and all those of a similar age who are kind enough to share their feet, inspire us to live out our fantasies, or even leave us with blueballs (Nikki!), deserve our love and admiration. Be sure to contact these ladies and show them just how much their work means to you!

And remember fellas...

"MILFs and cougars are hot right now. Forty is the new 30," according to Nikki.

Leggy Pauline has been a favorite of many over the years, including Tadpole in a Jar.

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Terri Holt of Sweet Southern Feet has always been a favorite of AKA.FootJoyBoy's.

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One for the Ages, Part 1: Teens to Twenties

Dakota James (left) and Halle Von enjoy each other's pantyhose clad feet. Ever fantasize about your waitress?

"I think 18-20 year old models are fresh and full of energy and are less likely to have been seen." - Roxie Rae 

It's no secret that people are attracted to people of specific age groups. Fantasies about your kid's babysitter, or your teacher are commonplace for many of us. But what about when it comes to foot fetishism? Are feet just feet no matter if they belong to is an 18 year old college freshman or a mid-40s business woman? In this two-part series I'm going to ask different fetish models, producers, and fans of foot fetish material what they think. Do they have a particular preference and if so, why? If they don't, why not? In this first part I am focusing on the 18 - 20-something age range.

The baby sitter. The cheerleader. The college coed. How many of you have had a fantasy where you've been with a barely legal version of one of those? Better yet, how many of you have had that fantasy where you're down at her feet, having your way with her toes and soft soles?

Whether it's your cup of tea or not, many people are into the barely legal age group when it comes to their fetishes. Just like with standard porn, some people's foot fetish kinks involve a set of barely legal feet, or in some cases, girls much younger than the viewer themselves.

Sasha invites you to smell her young, sweaty feet. Could you turn that down?

Why the Girls Do It

Over the 10 years that I've been running Soles of Silk I've photographed many girls who were of the "barely legal" age range. I've even had girls model their feet within a few days of turning 18, and even on their birthday itself. It seems like girls in the 18 - 20-something age range are often times not only comfortable posing for foot fetish content, but I've discovered a lot of them have already had some kind of experience with the fetish itself. I'm not the only producer who has noticed this either.

Erotic Nikki, a 13-year foot model and producer of the site Angel Kissed Feet says, "Fetishes are so much much more open these days and people experiment. At one time feet were just a no-no and so many thought it was disgusting to like feet."

A fellow foot fetish producer, Marcus, of Canadian Foot Babes agrees. "They are so much more aware about foot fetishism."

This awareness of the fetish has led me to have amazing luck asking girls more than 10 years younger than myself to pose for Soles of Silk. And for many, they don't see anything overly sexual about it. Sure, they know that there are sexual aspects to the fetish, but since the site doesn't contain nudity or foot sex, they are totally comfortable with the shoots and their themes.

Marcus has had similar experiences to mine. "They know that they can make money off showing their feet rather than getting naked," he says.

Trixie Han Solo, a model new to the industry, only posing for foot fetish material for six months, has that very mindset. "It is easy money. Everybody has feet," she says.

For Roxie Rae, who has been modeling for over 10 years and producing content for her Clips4Sale store, The Foot Fantasy, for over 3 years, she also sees things similarly. 

"I think a lot of young girls get into foot fetish modeling because it's an easy and fun way for them to make some extra money," Roxie says.

Evan, who began Silver Cherry Productions in 2000 shoots mostly girls in the 20-30 age range and has actually been foot fetish material all the way back to 1994, prior to the web.

"I typically look for models who are between 20-30," Evan says.

When it comes to why he thinks so many girls in that age range pose, he believes it isn't limited to just one reason.

"I think there's such a wide variety of reasons. Some of the reasons may be simply because they're young, adventurous, and quickly realize that foot fetish modeling is an easy way to make a few extra bucks - which can help with college costs, bills, etc. While others are exhibitionists," Evan explains. "Based on conversations I've had with models over the years, some of them are really amazed that they have so many fans because of their feet."

Renée Adams, who has been a foot fetish model and producer of Footjob Virgins for over 15 years sees a similar response among the younger models on her site too.

"Money and because it's just with 'feet' and not actual 'porn' has been the most prominent reason by the younger girls," Renée explains.

Renée's experience even goes to show that some girls don't even view acts such as footjobs on the same level as full penetration pornography since her site focuses on them primarily.

"Feet are the gateway drug," says Mr. Spacely, the producer of Space City Soles. "The foot fetish genre is the biggest known fetish and for many ladies blessed with pretty feet, it's the perfect place to dip their toe in! Sometimes when ladies are introduced to aspects of foot fetishism like foot massages, foot worship, foot smelling, or the feeling of stockings/pantyhose on their legs/feet, and foot tickling - they experience a sensation that is new to them and opens them up to other fetishes."

Kandy's young feet are a favorite among many.

Why the Guys Love It

One thing I've come to expect whenever I debut a brand new model in the 18 - 20-something age bracket is feedback full of love for girls of the younger generation. It isn't always from viewers of that girl's age bracket either. Fans vary with some of the guys the girls' elder by many, many years.

For BlueToeLover, a 28 year old member of the Wu's Feet Links Forum, he feels that one of the biggest reasons those with foot fetishes might prefer the barely legal age group is the innocence factor.

"I would assume it offers an innocent aspect - the first time using their feet to get a guy off, or first time they have had their feet worshipped, massaged, etc.," he says.

BlueToeLover admits, however, he has no preference when it comes to age for foot fetish content. He loves the girls of the 18 and over group just as he does the MILF/Cougar grouping.

"I've always been an admirer of all age groups, to be honest," he says. "I can go weeks at a time where 18-20 year old feet are the ones I seek out, in porn. Then next week it's all about the 30-plus crowd."

With that being said, one girl of 18 - 20-something age range BlueToeLover is quite fond of presently is Jenna Carter on Instagram (@JennaCartersFeet).

"Right now I'm hung on Jenna Carter's feet. Found her on Instagram. Beautiful girl and love her feet! Sole color, toe length, and personality adds to it as well as great fan interaction!" he explains in detail.

Fellow forum member, Tadpole in a Jar, feels that guys simply like anything new. "Guys love seeing anything barely legal," he says.

A third forum member, AKA.footjoyboy, feels it's easier to envision being with a girl of the younger age group. "It's a lot easier to envision oneself having sex with a younger girl," he says.

The feelings of these three men is not lost on the foot fetish producers and models either. If they're anything like me, they receive countless emails, Tweets, and comments from their fans about what they love about their content.

"I think 18-20 year old models are fresh and full of energy and are less likely to have been seen," says Roxie. "Being newer gives these girls an advantage because it brings about curiosity."

"I think part of it is because the models in the 18 - 20-something age bracket are fairly new to the scene. In general, I think people like to see new faces and new feet," Evan says.

"The 18-20 age, the barely legal bunch, are the fresh new faces coming into the industry no one has ever seen." says Mr. Spacely. "In the adult industry we welcome new people with open arms eagerly waiting on our chance for playtime!"

"Younger models have soft feet and have a sort of innocence about them," says Marcus. "I think quite a few guys who are older fantasize about younger models' feet as they were unable to indulge in their fetish when they were younger and they can take a little more control of things."

Trixie Han Solo (left) presents her stocking clad foot to Taylor Raz and all of you.

In Closing

No matter what your preference it's obvious that there are constantly new girls, some not even old enough to drink, who are breaking into the foot fetish community these days. Many of them come in with a carefree attitude and from first hand experience, actually love the attention we give them for having pretty feet. And when it comes to us guys who are enjoying their work, the reasons are vast, but one thing is for sure. As long as there are barely legal bare feet out there to enjoy, people are going to enjoy them! A statement Renée wholeheartedly agrees with, "Young pretty girls will always sell."

Be sure to check back next month for the second part of this column when we take a look at the 30-plus age group!

Ariel Diaz is one of the younger models you can see milking cocks on Footjob Virgins.

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* This blog was amended on Friday, November 14, 2014 to include comments by Evan of Silver Cherry Productions.

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The 90s: The Dawning of Foot Fetishism Online

Leg Show magazine was a go to source for foot fetish material before the Internet.

"I would call out of work so I could have the house to myself so I could discover the wonders of online foot fetish material." - Bondo 

Everyone in the house is asleep. I head down to the basement and fire up the 36k modem on the Apple Macintosh Performa 6115 CD to log into AOL. I'm in the mood to check out some high quality foot fetish pictures. You know, at 480x640 pixels? Oh, the good old days of foot fetish material on the Internet. Even in those days, however, we had it better than we did before!

Before the Internet

Being born in 1979 and growing up in the 80s and 90s, I didn't have too many places to go to get my foot fetish fix. Hell, I didn't even realize I liked feet as much as I do until I was about 14. I was into legs before I ever discovered women's feet. I'd get my jollies finding pictures of women wearing stockings, in catalogs and sales flyers. Once I discovered I also liked what was below the ankles, I'd find my inspiration the same way. And I was not alone.

Bondo, the web master of Pose Your Toes can relate. "My first stash of material was created by ripping out pages of People magazine and various women's magazines," he says.

Rhonda Shear inspired many foot fetishists in the 1990s on her show Up All Night.

Like me, Bondo also turned to the television to find views of women's feet, namely those belonging to Rhonda Shear, the host of the USA Network's Up All Night show.

"I'd also set my VCR to record various TV shows and movies in search of foot sightings. I taped USA Up All Night with Rhonda Shear every Friday because she often focused segments of her show on foot and stocking fetishes," Bondo recalls.

Bondo was right. On any given night you could find Shear showing off her adorable feet and legs in segments that resemble clips you could find on countless Clips4Sale stores today. In one episode from 1993 Shear could be seen getting a pedicure at every commercial break between the two movies shown that night - Night of the Comet and Private Benjamin. You can see the clip on her own YouTube account - USA Up All Night 93 45 Rhonda Shear Toe Special.

A screen cap from Rhonda Shear's tomato squishing segment.

One thing Shear was perhaps most known for was her food squishing segments. You name it, she squished it under her feet. I've compiled the following list of clips I was also able to find on Shear's YouTube account. There may be more that I didn't find as she has tons of videos:

In addition to these two methods, like every other teenage boy, there was always finding a parent's or friend's parent's porn stash. My own father didn't have a ton in the way of porn - mostly some issues of Playboy when a famous person was featured. He did have some smaller magazines and digest versions of the larger ones such as Penthouse Variations though. It was in an issue of Variations that I remember reading an entire section of foot fetish themed articles. I was already starting to like feet by time I found this, but that issue was a favorite of mine, especially since there were a few images to go along with the topic. They weren't anything like today's photos though. The pictures were more or less just images where they decided to leave the girl's shoes off. Still, it was something!

Once again, Bondo's experiences paralleled my own. "My friend's dad had a stash of porn mags that I borrowed in hopes to see some barefoot models," he says.

When I turned 18 in 1997 I didn't waste much time hitting up a few strip clubs and adult book stores. I still remember walking through the extreme kinks section of one such store as it was one of the few that carried foot fetish videos. I bought myself a few VHS tapes, but in all honesty, they failed to impress me. It wasn't until I found Leg Show magazine that I began to quench my foot fetish thirst outside of anyone I was dating at the time. I even went as far as buying back issues in discount bins. That is also when I discovered that Shear had also posed in Leg Show pictorials in the August 1993 and 1996 issues. I was lucky enough to locate both during my many journeys to collect older issues.

Leg Show became a vital part of my growth into who I am today. Abby's first published foot fetish photos appeared in February 1999 issue of Leg Show. We submitted them during the time we dated. She was so excited to see them featured. I still have the issue, but it is put away so I wasn't able to scan the page for this piece.

It was also through Leg Show where Abby and I would go on to meet another model by the name of Kim T. Many of you know of Kim from her older Yahoo! Groups and being featured on Wu's Feet Links in the feature set, Toes 'n Hose. We were able to meet as we actually became pen pals, writing to one another through P.O. boxes and trading photos. Trading photos was actually quite popular back before the Internet and a good number of photo submissions to Leg Show featured a P.O. box address. It was a slow process and involved spending quite a bit of money on envelopes, stamps, and most of all, reprints of 35mm photos.

I met Kim T. through Leg Show magazine's Home Photos section.

Because of my fondness for Leg Show I included an issue in Marcy's debut set in 2010. She had just turned 18, so I was instantly reminded of discovering the magazine when I turned legal. Since Marcy was still in high school at the time of her 18th birthday, I picked up the magazine and a shirt that read "barely legal" and that's how she debuted - playing hooky and checking out her first porno mag out behind school. I let her keep the issue too.

Marcy's debut set in 2010 featured an issue of Leg Show magazine.

You can ask pretty much anyone with a foot fetish who turned 18 in the 90s about Leg Show magazine and you'll hear nothing but good things. It catered to quite a few fetishes, but foot fetishism was a big portion of that magazine every issue.

Adam, the web master and photographer of Feet Fair recalls those days before the Internet. "I remember being thrilled to pieces when I first discovered Leg Show magazine; that was my primary source of foot fetish material."

"When I was old enough to buy my own porn, I discovered magazines like Leg Show that had a major focus on feet. Leg Show was also where I discovered the Godfather of Foot Fetish, Elmer Batters," Bondo recalls. "I still have many Elmer Batters magazines and videos. They are timeless classics!

Elmer Batters' work was a regular feature in Leg Show magazine in the 1990s.

I was also very fond of Batters work and drew inspiration from him in my own artwork and photography throughout my college years. Sadly, however, I have never picked up any of his books. Most of what I have seen of his work was in the regular pictorials in Leg Show magazine and now online.

An old image from FMConcepts.

Early Days of the Internet

It was slim pickings when it came to foot fetish material in the early days of the Internet. Today you have sites and clip stores everywhere you turn. Back then, not so much!

"The two [sites] that really made an impression on me were FM Concepts and Feet Dreams," says Adam. "FM Concepts was really a driving force and inspiration to me.

"The first actual foot fetish site I found was In the Feet of the Night. FM Concepts, Janet's Foot Tease, My Little Redhead and DF Productions were some of my early favorites," Bondo shares.

Like me, Bondo had to be careful checking out foot fetish material in those early days. It wasn't like today where you had it on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Nope, it was generally on a shared, family computer, friend's computer, and even at the public library - but I won't get into that! Ha!

"I first discovered the Internet in the mid-90s when I was living with a bunch of friends. One of my friends had a dinosaur computer with a very slow dial up modem," Bondo explains. "The computer took several minutes just to warm up and load Windows 95. Then it took a few more minutes to connect to the Web through the modem. Then you had to pray that a dial up server was available to connect to, and hope no one in the house had to use the phone because we didn't have cell phones back then."

Bondo even recalls some of his experiences trying to get his early online foot fetish fixes. "Sometimes I would sneak down in the middle of the night just to connect to the Web, or I would call out from work so I could have the house to myself so I could discover the wonders of online foot fetish material. Sometimes it took minutes just to download one photo and videos were practically non-existent."

Abby's very first foot fetish photo shoot ever.

Creating Our First Free Sites

As the Internet began to evolve you began to see a few more sites dedicated to female feet begin to be published. Leg Show even began featuring a page full of online links to various foot and leg fetish sites within its magazine. It was at this time that I decided to give Web design a try.

In my second year of college, 1999, I came across a program called Macromedia Dreamweaver. It was actually the first version of the program and all I knew was it was used to create Web sites. What I didn't know, however, was just how different creating a Web site would be compared to what I had already done with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at that point.

Over the course of a few months I began to take my fine art and foot fetish photography and scan it into the computer. From there I began creating very crude, almost entirely graphically-based HTML pages. The site was more of a portfolio site and I wasn't even sure how to publish it.

Eventually I saw other foot fetish sites using the Yahoo! Geocities service and uploaded my Web Site for the first time in late-1999. I didn't really see any feedback at the start. It wasn't until I reached out to Wu of Wu's Feet Links that my site would gain any notoriety. People dug the artwork and especially the photos, most of which were done with Abby.

As time would go on, people would inquire about Abby and a couple of the other models, friends, and classmates I had photographed in my early days. They asked to see more and that is when I decided to give each model whose photos I had taken her very own page on the site. The models section was born and from there, things took off.

It was also around this time that I noticed another site called Pretty Feet Pictures. It was a lot like mine, a free site that featured barefoot girls in non-sexual poses, and in many cases, did so more artistically than most sites. That site was actually Adam's forerunner to Feet Fair.

"My first site was a free site on Angelfire, remember them? It was called Pretty Feet Pictures, or PFP for short," Adam recounts.

Like myself, Adam didn't start off doing foot fetish photography, but it evolved from the work he was already doing. "I was doing commercial photography and worked for an airline for a number of years," he says.

Skye played an important role in Adam starting Pretty Feet Pictures.

One of the biggest reasons for his transition into shooting foot fetish content came when he met the model above, SkyeShe is also one of the first models I remember seeing on Pretty Feet Pictures and Adam has a lot of praise for her.

"My first model was the lovely Skye, who I met through another photographer. At the time Skye, who is from Boston, was working with a small modeling agency her in New York City and doing a lot of commercial stuff. We did some test shoots near my place and she was wearing a pair of really sexy heels, so I asked if I could take some snaps of her feet. Skye is very open and immediately agreed, but was curious as to why I wanted to take pictures of her feet. I was a bit embarrassed, but I fessed up about my fetish and wanting to possibly open my own site," Adam says.

"She was not only supportive, but offered to be my first model for free! To her, this was a very interesting endeavor on my part and she wanted to be a part of it," he adds.

As the years went on Adam added more and more great models to the site including Tera, Little Dee, and Maureen - each of which helped put him and his site on a lot of people's radar when it was still called, Pretty Feet Pictures.

  • Tera: "I met Tera and I did some artsy photography with her and Skye."
  • Little Dee: "It's not until after I met Little Dee that the whole thing took off. I met Dee the same way I met Skye. We were doing commercial work, and I soon noticed how awesome her feet were. She was actually surprised that I wanted to do foot fetish photography with her because at the time she was very innocent and wasn't too familiar with any kind of fetish."
  • Maureen: "I also met Maureen around the same time I met Dee in the summer of 2002. She too, was a very crucial part of the success [of the site]."

A shot from Bondo's first site, Flash Your Feet.

About a year after Adam was meeting Little Dee and Maureen I discovered another site called Flash Your Feet, Bondo's first site and predecessor to Pose Your Toes.

"I started out posting my original foot fetish photos on old newsgroups and message boards. Creating my own Web site was the next step in that evolution. I first started dabbing in Web design around 2003 with the intention of wanting to start a foot fetish Web site to display my perspective on foot fetish photography," Bondo explains. "I had an early version of Macromedia Flash and I had the idea to create a Web site using Flash animations, so I created a site called Flash Your Feet. Flash was also a double meaning to represent the camera flash."

Unlike Adam and myself, the feet Bondo shot at the beginning weren't of models (Adam) or friends/classmates (myself), but instead, every day women he found outside in Washington, D.C.

"I started taking foot photos of ladies in public, both posed and candid, following the footsteps of early style influences like Agboy, CCDude, and Patrick," Bondo says. "I would walk around the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with my 35mm film camera and ask women if they'd let me take pictures of their feet for a Web page. I was surprised at the willingness to participate, which was very encouraging."

What started out as a passion for female feet for the three of us grew into a hobby for several years. But as the web began to evolve and life moved along, all three of us would make changes to our sites in both name and structure.

Annette is one of Adam's popular models on his present day site, Feet Fair.

The Birth of Feet Fair, Soles of Silk, & Pose Your Toes

Adam was the first to make the change opening Feet Fair late 2000 - early 2001. What was once a hobby has now become his job, but one he fully enjoys.

"It's more of a job for me now, but I don't mind because I'm making some money, meeting crazy sexy models, and doing something I love. Feet Fair is not my only source of income, but actually it's my main one," Adam details.

It was actually around this same time that I closed my site after initially changing it's name and doing a total redesign. I had renamed my site The 10 Little Piggies and moved it to it's own server, but it was still a free site. When I realized how much money it cost to sustain without any kind of income from it, I had to close it.

After taking a few years away from the scene I decided to return, but this time with a pay site so I could afford to keep my passion going. In early 2004 I began taking new photos and designing my brand new site, Soles of Silk. In the final week of 2004, I was back online doing what I loved and have been doing so ever since.

Bondo loved working with Layla, a model who has actually posed for all three of us.

Two years later, in 2006, Bondo also decided it was time for a change and Pose Your Toes was born. "I wanted to expand to more than just public foot photography - something more along the lines of glamour photos meets foot fetish," he says. "I also wanted to try my hand at running a membership based site to help offset the costs of paying for Web space and hiring models. I phased out Flash Your Feet to open Pose Your Toes. Since then I have removed the membership option to make all the photos free to the public."

Mindee has been with Soles of Silk since Day One back in 2004.

How the Online Foot Fetish Landscape Has Evolved

It's hard to believe that the birth of our three sites happened about 10 years ago respectively. It seems like only a short time ago I was trying to convince Mindee that her size 8 feet are adorable and she should pose for my upcoming site. So much has changed since then and the community has grown by leaps and bounds.

"Today's technology is making it easier for the average user to create Web sites, so just about anyone with a computer and a camera can do it," Bondo says.

Adam agrees. "The simple answer is technology. The Internet opened up foot fetishism for the masses and because now all you need is a digital camera and a girl with nice feet, anyone can start their own site," he says.

It's just not your every day guys like Adam, Bondo, and myself opening sites these days. And it's not just the models or couples into the scene either. Mainstream porn companies took notice of the potential market that was foot fetishism and created their own sites to cater to the niche.

"I think that as foot fetishism slowly gets more acceptance among the public, big companies will always be looking to cash in, it's just the nature of the beast," Adam says.

"As far as mainstream companies and adult Web sites catering to the foot fetish scene, our fetish is a very popular and fairly easy one to target in my opinion. These folks aren't just running a Web site, they're running businesses, so it would seem simple enough and in their better interest from that perspective to include our audience in their business model," Bondo explains.

Moving Forward

With foot fetishism so well catered to on the Internet it's hard to imagine just how much more things will change in the next 10 years. If you would have described to me how things are now back in 1998 when I was starting my own site for the first time, I wouldn't have believed you. Even back in 2004 when I launched Soles of Silk I would have had a hard time comprehending just how far things would advance.

"Life and technology are so much different now than they were when I was growing up, discovering myself, and exploring my fetishes. Not necessarily better or worse, just different," Bondo says. "Back before high speed global communication things required more patience, where today anything you can imagine is instant access."

So next time you take out your smart phone and download a picture or video of a cute girl showing off her cute little toes and curvy arches, just remember the good old days of printed porn, VHS tapes, and phone modems. And if you're too young to remember that... you're just spoiled!

How to find those featured in this column:

Feet Fair: (E-mail), (Online)
Pose Your Toes: (E-mail), (Online)
Soles of Silk: @SolesofSilk (Twitter), (Online)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Interracial Footjobs: Colorful & Carnal

Mr. Hollywood's black cock is large enough for four female feet, in this case, Lexi's (left) and his girlfriend, Red Velvet's.

"If I'm playing with a big black cock with a thick head, I like to stroke and squeeze it between my big and second toes. It looks so hot!" - Red Velvet 

When it comes to photography and video, I love both color and black and white - especially when it comes to foot fetish material. Now, I'm not talking film type or color settings here. I'm talking the subject of race, and I'm talking footjobs! 

During my earliest days surfing the web for footjob material, I never really paid much attention to what race the feet or the cock happened to be. And then I found Janet Mason (@JanetMasonXXX) of Janet's Foot Tease and Janet Exposed. On her sites I found two of the cutest little feet I had ever seen. The bonus, however, was when she ignited the flame that has since become my second biggest kink - interracial.

From the first time I saw Janet's tiny size 4.5 feet masterfully stroking a black cock I was hooked. I don't know what it was, but before I knew it, I began to find it much sexier seeing her feet on a black cock than a white one.

Watching Janet Mason's feet pleasure a BBC and get covered in cum sparked my interracial kinks.
"Thanks sweetie! I actually don't do as many interracial footjobs as you may think because the guys who want to do footjob shoots are not black," Janet explains. "Although it is a huge thrill to see a big black cock between my little white feet, the fact of the matter is that most foot fetishists, of any race, are more submissive and when it comes to interracial sex, I prefer to be the one being dominated, not the dominant one."

Over recent years Janet explored the pro-scene and hooked up with a black male performer named Shane Diesel (@ShaneXXXDiesel). Shane is, pun intended, one of the biggest stars in the biz when it comes to interracial appearing on his own site, Shane Diesel's Bangin' Babes, and countless others. 

Hispanic hottie, Eva Angelina working Shane Diesel's extra large cock between her feet for Black Meat White Feet, part of the Dog Fart Network (@DogFartNetwork).

While most of Shane's work isn't foot fetish oriented, I always seemed to notice him sucking on the girl's toes, holding onto her feet as he fucked her, and even getting the occasional footjob. When I contacted him for this piece, I had to inquire about the possibility of him having a foot fetish. And my hunch was correct!

"I do have a foot fetish. Even when I shoot a regular boy/girl scene, I still love to get in some foot play," Shane admits.

For Shane, the biggest reason he enjoys his interracial work, specifically with white women, is perhaps the most common response - contrast.

"I just love the contrast and white girls seem to love BBC (big black cock), especially if we know how to work it in right," Shane explains.

Another black performer also agrees. This time, however, the tables are turned on two fronts. Shae Spreadz (@akaShaeSpreadz) is an Ebony starlet who often admits to loving large white cocks on her Twitter account. She's done numerous scenes with white male performers and agrees that the contrast is key.

"I love the sexual and visual contrast between my chocolate skin and a white cock. It's a big turn on for me," Shae says.

I can vouch for contrast as well having had footjobs from Hispanic, black, and Asian girls (in addition to white). Before I began really exploring my interracial kink I had already experienced countless footjobs from the soft Hispanic feet of a Puerto Rican ex-girlfriend. Other than her, however, only girls of my own race had wrapped their feet around my cock, Janet included, for many years.

It was only in recent years that I was able to experience a black girl's feet and then an Asian girl's feet around my cock. Each of those experiences was nothing short of unique and ultimately, orgasmic - well, if I wasn't being teased and denied. 

Now my aim is experience a footjob from a Middle Eastern and Indian girl. The closest I've come to either is massaging a few different Indian girl's feet. Maybe one day?

John enjoys East Indian, Janice Griffith's feet around his hard white cock.

When it comes to experiencing footjobs from girls of a few different races, I'm not alone. John (@FeetofPhilly), a white male webmaster/performer from Feet of Philly, has a resume slightly different than my own. Shooting a lot of footjob content for his site, he's done countless scenes with white women, but has been able to land a few girls of other races as well. 

"I have shot a lot of Latina girls, such as Puerto Rican, Cuban, Venezuelan, and Jamaican, as well as Asians. I have also shot an East Indian girl named Janice Griffith (pictured above) and that's a rarity in this business," he says.

For Shae, she dreams of one day being with men of every possible race. Her fantasy, however, involves them all being present at once in a gang bang. And although she didn't really mention footjobs as part of this group event, I'm sure with her holes tied up, she'd be putting her smooth soles and long toes to good use in the meantime.

"I'd love to do a gangbang with at least one cock from every race represented in my pussy. We'll call it an international fuckfest," she says.

Another webmaster/performer in the foot fetish scene, a black male, Gary a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood (@MrHollywood95), has also experienced an array of different races of feet around his signature, big black cock.

"To date, the ethnicities have been white, black, and Hispanic - Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican," he says. "The one that has eluded me to this day has been Asian."

Mr. Hollywood's big black cock used to be the play thing of his ex-girlfriend, Mia.

One of the white women who has milked out gallons of cum from Gary's black balls is his real life girlfriend and co-star in countless scenes, Goddess Red Velvet (@OMGSexyFeet). Red fully admits to her preference for black men too.

"I love BBC. Even in everyday life and relationships, I'm more attracted to black men," she explains.

And when it comes to her man's massive member, Red is hooked on it and loves giving it as much pleasure as possible.

"I get to stroke it almost daily! Several days a week, as long as I get up on time. I will wrap my soles and toes around his cock before I even get out of bed! It's such a high, feeling his dick get hard as I start out slow and build up a nice cumshot! I like to get him close a few times before he cums since it's so much more intense for him," she says.

When it comes to Gary's black cock and Red's pretty white feet, they're quite used to other people wanting to experience both. Sharing a ton of their erotic adventures online on both their Clips4Sale stores (Mr. Hollywood's Fetish Adventures and Red Velvet's Room) and being involved in the swinging lifestyle, it has allowed them to even meet and play with others into the interracial scene.

"We dabble a bit in the swinging lifestyle, so we both have our own fantasies play out when it comes to that sort of thing. I just don't enjoy producing the content, I love watching it. So for me to see her pretty feet stroking another to orgasm, it is a turn on for me," Gary says.

"I have seen other models saying they would love to be with Gary, and his fans send him emails requesting his dick for their or their girlfriend's feet," Red explains.

Although Barbie Gurl's feet have been covered in cum countless times, she longs to have the cum be from a black cock - mainly that of Shane Diesel and/or Mr. Hollywood.

One of those models lusting for the opportunity to experience not only Gary's black cock, but also Shane's, is Goddess Barbie (@BarbieFootGurl) from Barbie Foot Gurl. Barbie has yet to live out any of her interracial fantasies, but has talked with both men about the possibility of doing so one day.

"I would like to think I can and would certainly do my best to handle these men," she says. "There has been some build up with both on our first encounters, so hopefully it will be epic! Having such huge men, with my soft soles wrapped around them would certainly be a long time fantasy fulfilled."

Knowing Barbie's desires, both men treasure the chance to experience her soft white feet, and hopefully more.

"We are just right for each other when it comes to her feet around my thick black cock," Shane says. "She is the ultimate foot goddess! Her feet were made for my cock!"

Shane also knows Barbie probably wouldn't want to stop there as she'd most likely wish to experience his massive cock inside her white pussy. 

"Of course she would! We chat about it often. After I impale her she will wipe her cream off my cock with her sexy pink feet," he describes.

"I don't doubt that Barbie could cause some massive eruptions!" Gary says, adding that the word "nice" would be an "understatement" if used to describe how her feet would look covered in his own hot cum.

Sasha Ming toys with a thick BBC between her soft Asian feet.

Barbie might have to get in line, however. She's not the only girl looking to experience Shane's monster cock. Asian vixen Sasha Ming (@SashaMingXXX) has a small roster of BBC she's looking to please one day that includes Shane.

"I did a shoot with Chris Cock, who has a very nice sized BBC. I would like to eventually meet up with some of the famous BBCs in the industry, such as Mandingo, Richard Mann, Jovan Jordan, Shane Diesel, etc." Sasha says. "These guys are legendary for their huge cocks and I am willing to try anything once!

And don't worry white guys, Sasha also enjoys white cock between those smooth Asian feet, which you can see on her site Sasha Ming and her Clips4Sale store, Petite Asian Sasha Ming.

"On my Clips4Sale store, I have two footjob videos. One was with a white guy and the other was with a black guy. They were both equally fun." Sasha explains. "I haven't done any other footjob scenes as of yet, but I will be doing one soon. It will be from a doggy style point of view."

Now that we know what those performing and receiving the footjobs think about the added appeal of interracial with footjobs and sex, what about their viewers and fans? Why do they believe so many people love seeing interracial footjobs?

For Sasha, she goes into great detail about why she thinks so many non-Asian men lust for Asian women, which includes several well-known stereotypes.

"First off, it's widely known that Asian women are submissive to their man. Hence the reason for my 'submissive' tattoo on my leg. It doesn't mean I like getting whipped and put in pain, it means that when I am with a man, I drop to my knees without hesitation to give him a mind blowing blowjob until he is hard and ready to penetrate me," she says. "Once that point is reached, I gladly turn around and bend over to take the pounding that he wants to give me. That is what my tattoo represents and I feel many Asian women have this type of mindset because of our upbringing."

"Asian women are also known to have very soft skin, from head to toe, so maybe when you slide inside of us, things are just a little softer than usual," Sasha adds.

And yet another reasons why Sasha believes so many men desire Asian women is this small build. "Another reason that attracts men to Asian women is that we are generally small and petite. This is usually connected with 'young,' which of course, many men enjoy thinking about. Petite frames equal small hands that make a man's cock look big when we hold it and also means small size 5-7 feet look really nice when your cock is in between them."

Having a strong attraction to Asian women myself, I can agree with what Sasha has to say - even though my lone Asian footjob to date also happened to be the largest feet I've experienced on my cock. Guess that made mine even more unique.

But what are some of the other reasons someone might have interracial kinks? One of the most popular beliefs among those I interviewed is the taboo element.

"Interracial adult content is huge right now. It's especially huge in the mainstream porn industry," says John. "I guess because maybe it's sort of taboo in a sense that it's different than the same old, same old."

"Some women are clearly into the gangsta, or thug hip-hop kind of guy and others, like myself, are definitely not. But the generalities are the same - the eroticism of the skin contrast and the taboo nature of the sex," Janet says.

"To a lot of people, it's still taboo! Breaking into those taboos is a huge turn on," Red says.

"I think it's the whole excitement of the 'taboo' society has placed on it. The curiosity of what's different with someone that's not their ethnicity," Gary says.

But that's not the only reason why Gary believes interracial content has such an appeal. If you look at the image at the top of this column you'll see just what he believes is the "more accurate" reason - size.

"Size matters! All that, 'it's not the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean' BS is just that, BS! If you have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall at any woman's night party, social gathering, gossip session, or whatever, you'll hear the truth! Every woman is looking at the size of that package! It's just that, a fantasy of what and how it would be. How it would feel to have not that G-spot orgasm, but that deep spot orgasm!" Gary describes.

With the popularity of cuckold content on the rise, you can also find quite a bit of interracial footjob ties within. Whether or not the viewer wants to be a cuckold, or just fantasizes about it, a lot of people are getting off to the visual of people of their own race with people of another.

For many into cuckolding, interracial footjobs are a key component - something John enjoys.

"I know interracial cuckold scenes are big right now in the porn biz," John says. "I did a scene with a girl named Eva Fenix and she was Cuban (pictured above) - a really hot Latina. We made an older guy just sit there and watch and he loved it. I also happen to love this genre!"

"I think men like seeing women of their own race with men of a different race for a few reasons," says Sasha. "We all love variety and interracial sex definitely fits the bill. Some Asian men want to see their wife with a white man because they know he can give her a bigger cock, and of course white men want to see their wife get pummeled by a BBC for the same reasons."

"I know a lot of guys have a fascination with dick size, and black guys are known to be well hung, not to mention the stereotype of black guys loving white women. I also think guys like to see how much a girl can handle and get pleasure at the same time," Barbie says.

"There is always that added benefit of the big black cock to a white guy, especially with a small dick, watching a porn star nail a white girl in the way you know you never could," Red explains.

Shane Diesel, this time with Allie James, performs in regular cuckolding scenes on Cuckold Sessions, which sometimes include foot fetish elements.

"[White guys] like the contrast too and it's a thrill to see their girl getting turned on by another cock. It makes them slutty instead of a little angel. Every man wants a slut now and then," says Shane.

"I can only speculate, but those that are into [cuckolding], it's just another fantasy thing and kind of in reverse," Gary says. "The taboo, the fantasy of being that dude swinging the huge lumber."

Janet has two different outlooks on the idea of having a loved one watch since she's been enjoying the swinging lifestyle with her husband Steven for years.

"I think there are basically two kinds of guys who are aroused by it. The first guy is like my husband who finds it visually appealing and who understands 'size queens,' like myself," she explains. "The other group is guys who are somewhat, or even extremely submissive - sometimes even bisexual in their orientation toward black men."

"It takes a man that is not selfish or jealous to be able to allow his woman to experience other men of different races," Sasha says. "Usually the reward is worth it."

Although there is a wealth of enjoyment to be had from interracial play, and those featured above have a lot of combined experiences and fantasies for the kink, perhaps the strangest thing is that most of them don't honestly care what race the person they're involved with happens to be. Sure, it's neat, but it's not an important factor in being with the person.

"I'm sure there are some foot men that feel a certain stimulus in that regard, but not me. It's all about pretty feet, period!" Gary says.

Sasha Ming has a rock hard white cock ready to explode all over her slippery Asian soles.

"I don't really have any particular kinks or fantasies of my own," says Sasha. "Having a mini-gangbang with three black guys would be hot if they were all good looking and had nice sized cocks. But honestly, I enjoy having sex with men - white or black. I have been fortune enough to meet two white men that have very large cocks and it was quite fun playing with them."

Shae agrees when it comes to cock size and race, "Let's just say, if he's got a big cock, his race or color doesn't matter to me one bit."

"I'm pretty much mostly into white men, like my husband Steve, much younger guys, and black men for actual sex. Although, now and then I've been into a super hot Latin guy," Janet says. "For footjobs, that's more of me being the dominant one, so I don't care what race a guy is. Just having them under my feet is hot!"

Even though Red admits to preferring black cock, it doesn't stop her from milking and/or teasing the cock of a non-black man. "If someone isn't into interracial, I have plenty of content featuring other races or even just my feet by themselves."

In the long run, everyone above, including myself enjoys interracial foot sex. None of us, however, require it, or look differently toward people of any race. Our kinks and pleasure are paramount in what we enjoy. We just happen to find interracial to be one of our many enjoyments along with that foot play.

For all of you, do what feels right and what turns you on. If you're a Hispanic guy and love Asian women's feet, shove your cock between a pair and have fun! If you're a sexually open white couple with a wife who's into black guys, sit back and watch her milk a black cock or two. There is nothing wrong with what you're into as long as you and the people you're involved with are happy.

I know as a white guy, I totally agree with what Barbie believes, "I think seeing pretty white feet wrapped around or stroking a BBC is hot!" I guess I have Janet to thank for not only fulfilling one of my fantasies, but also inspiring another.

Even today Janet Mason's little feet find their way onto BBC, which I still love seeing.

And of course there Shae. Ever the tease, she has me wanting to sign up for a fantasy and idea of hers. I'm not sure I "fit" the bill so to speak, but her desires sure do sound like a worthwhile cause. 

"More sites dedicated to black girls with white guys is what I'd like to see happen in the industry. I think fans of that need to step up and speak up," Shae says. "I'd also like to see footjob gangbangs where the cumshots are only all over the girl's feet. Imagine watching 10 big white cocks emptying their loads all over my feet. Sounds pretty hot, doesn't it?"

The color... The carnal feeling... I enjoy footjobs and I love them interracial!

Shae Spreadz wants to feel gallons of hot cum all over her Ebony feet.

How to find those featured in this column:

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Goddess Red Velvet: @OMGSexyFeet (Twitter), Red Velvet's Room (Online)
Janet Mason: @JanetMasonXXX (Twitter), Janet Exposed (Online)
Mr. Hollywood (Gary):  (Twitter), Mr. Hollywood's Fetish Adventures (Online)
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