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One for the Ages, Part 1: Teens to Twenties

Dakota James (left) and Halle Von enjoy each other's pantyhose clad feet. Ever fantasize about your waitress?

"I think 18-20 year old models are fresh and full of energy and are less likely to have been seen." - Roxie Rae 

It's no secret that people are attracted to people of specific age groups. Fantasies about your kid's babysitter, or your teacher are commonplace for many of us. But what about when it comes to foot fetishism? Are feet just feet no matter if they belong to is an 18 year old college freshman or a mid-40s business woman? In this two-part series I'm going to ask different fetish models, producers, and fans of foot fetish material what they think. Do they have a particular preference and if so, why? If they don't, why not? In this first part I am focusing on the 18 - 20-something age range.

The baby sitter. The cheerleader. The college coed. How many of you have had a fantasy where you've been with a barely legal version of one of those? Better yet, how many of you have had that fantasy where you're down at her feet, having your way with her toes and soft soles?

Whether it's your cup of tea or not, many people are into the barely legal age group when it comes to their fetishes. Just like with standard porn, some people's foot fetish kinks involve a set of barely legal feet, or in some cases, girls much younger than the viewer themselves.

Sasha invites you to smell her young, sweaty feet. Could you turn that down?

Why the Girls Do It

Over the 10 years that I've been running Soles of Silk I've photographed many girls who were of the "barely legal" age range. I've even had girls model their feet within a few days of turning 18, and even on their birthday itself. It seems like girls in the 18 - 20-something age range are often times not only comfortable posing for foot fetish content, but I've discovered a lot of them have already had some kind of experience with the fetish itself. I'm not the only producer who has noticed this either.

Erotic Nikki, a 13-year foot model and producer of the site Angel Kissed Feet says, "Fetishes are so much much more open these days and people experiment. At one time feet were just a no-no and so many thought it was disgusting to like feet."

A fellow foot fetish producer, Marcus, of Canadian Foot Babes agrees. "They are so much more aware about foot fetishism."

This awareness of the fetish has led me to have amazing luck asking girls more than 10 years younger than myself to pose for Soles of Silk. And for many, they don't see anything overly sexual about it. Sure, they know that there are sexual aspects to the fetish, but since the site doesn't contain nudity or foot sex, they are totally comfortable with the shoots and their themes.

Marcus has had similar experiences to mine. "They know that they can make money off showing their feet rather than getting naked," he says.

Trixie Han Solo, a model new to the industry, only posing for foot fetish material for six months, has that very mindset. "It is easy money. Everybody has feet," she says.

For Roxie Rae, who has been modeling for over 10 years and producing content for her Clips4Sale store, The Foot Fantasy, for over 3 years, she also sees things similarly. 

"I think a lot of young girls get into foot fetish modeling because it's an easy and fun way for them to make some extra money," Roxie says.

Evan, who began Silver Cherry Productions in 2000 shoots mostly girls in the 20-30 age range and has actually been foot fetish material all the way back to 1994, prior to the web.

"I typically look for models who are between 20-30," Evan says.

When it comes to why he thinks so many girls in that age range pose, he believes it isn't limited to just one reason.

"I think there's such a wide variety of reasons. Some of the reasons may be simply because they're young, adventurous, and quickly realize that foot fetish modeling is an easy way to make a few extra bucks - which can help with college costs, bills, etc. While others are exhibitionists," Evan explains. "Based on conversations I've had with models over the years, some of them are really amazed that they have so many fans because of their feet."

Renée Adams, who has been a foot fetish model and producer of Footjob Virgins for over 15 years sees a similar response among the younger models on her site too.

"Money and because it's just with 'feet' and not actual 'porn' has been the most prominent reason by the younger girls," Renée explains.

Renée's experience even goes to show that some girls don't even view acts such as footjobs on the same level as full penetration pornography since her site focuses on them primarily.

"Feet are the gateway drug," says Mr. Spacely, the producer of Space City Soles. "The foot fetish genre is the biggest known fetish and for many ladies blessed with pretty feet, it's the perfect place to dip their toe in! Sometimes when ladies are introduced to aspects of foot fetishism like foot massages, foot worship, foot smelling, or the feeling of stockings/pantyhose on their legs/feet, and foot tickling - they experience a sensation that is new to them and opens them up to other fetishes."

Kandy's young feet are a favorite among many.

Why the Guys Love It

One thing I've come to expect whenever I debut a brand new model in the 18 - 20-something age bracket is feedback full of love for girls of the younger generation. It isn't always from viewers of that girl's age bracket either. Fans vary with some of the guys the girls' elder by many, many years.

For BlueToeLover, a 28 year old member of the Wu's Feet Links Forum, he feels that one of the biggest reasons those with foot fetishes might prefer the barely legal age group is the innocence factor.

"I would assume it offers an innocent aspect - the first time using their feet to get a guy off, or first time they have had their feet worshipped, massaged, etc.," he says.

BlueToeLover admits, however, he has no preference when it comes to age for foot fetish content. He loves the girls of the 18 and over group just as he does the MILF/Cougar grouping.

"I've always been an admirer of all age groups, to be honest," he says. "I can go weeks at a time where 18-20 year old feet are the ones I seek out, in porn. Then next week it's all about the 30-plus crowd."

With that being said, one girl of 18 - 20-something age range BlueToeLover is quite fond of presently is Jenna Carter on Instagram (@JennaCartersFeet).

"Right now I'm hung on Jenna Carter's feet. Found her on Instagram. Beautiful girl and love her feet! Sole color, toe length, and personality adds to it as well as great fan interaction!" he explains in detail.

Fellow forum member, Tadpole in a Jar, feels that guys simply like anything new. "Guys love seeing anything barely legal," he says.

A third forum member, AKA.footjoyboy, feels it's easier to envision being with a girl of the younger age group. "It's a lot easier to envision oneself having sex with a younger girl," he says.

The feelings of these three men is not lost on the foot fetish producers and models either. If they're anything like me, they receive countless emails, Tweets, and comments from their fans about what they love about their content.

"I think 18-20 year old models are fresh and full of energy and are less likely to have been seen," says Roxie. "Being newer gives these girls an advantage because it brings about curiosity."

"I think part of it is because the models in the 18 - 20-something age bracket are fairly new to the scene. In general, I think people like to see new faces and new feet," Evan says.

"The 18-20 age, the barely legal bunch, are the fresh new faces coming into the industry no one has ever seen." says Mr. Spacely. "In the adult industry we welcome new people with open arms eagerly waiting on our chance for playtime!"

"Younger models have soft feet and have a sort of innocence about them," says Marcus. "I think quite a few guys who are older fantasize about younger models' feet as they were unable to indulge in their fetish when they were younger and they can take a little more control of things."

Trixie Han Solo (left) presents her stocking clad foot to Taylor Raz and all of you.

In Closing

No matter what your preference it's obvious that there are constantly new girls, some not even old enough to drink, who are breaking into the foot fetish community these days. Many of them come in with a carefree attitude and from first hand experience, actually love the attention we give them for having pretty feet. And when it comes to us guys who are enjoying their work, the reasons are vast, but one thing is for sure. As long as there are barely legal bare feet out there to enjoy, people are going to enjoy them! A statement Renée wholeheartedly agrees with, "Young pretty girls will always sell."

Be sure to check back next month for the second part of this column when we take a look at the 30-plus age group!

Ariel Diaz is one of the younger models you can see milking cocks on Footjob Virgins.

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* This blog was amended on Friday, November 14, 2014 to include comments by Evan of Silver Cherry Productions.


  1. It's starting to get over saturated as far as foot fetishism is concerned. On one hand,it's great that the fetish is being more and more accepted by the younger women,but on the other hand you're getting more and more women who are just into it because "it's easy money" and that she doesn't have to do any nudity or even semi-nudity. All she has to do is take off her shoes.
    Besides the professional content,there's almost an overload of amateur stuff because women can get attention and a boost to their self-esteem by just showing off their feet as well.

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