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Tickling & Foot Fetishes: Quite the Combo

Asia Perez has her feet tickled, as a request from a fan, on

"Foot fetishism and the tickling fetish overlap for most ticklers, but not necessarily for most foot fetishists. It's a very interesting thing to me."
- James Darke 

Scenario #1: I'm sitting on the bench, Mindee has her heavenly size 8 feet in my lap, waiting for one of my signature foot rubs. I squirt some lotion into my hands and then begin slowly pressing my fingers into her soft foot bottoms. Mindee sits back and relaxes - giving her feet totally to me. I go about my business and then it happens... I accidentally trace along her arch ever so lightly and that relaxed posture changes to a stiffened, upright one. Her gaze changes to let me know, "Hey, that tickles!" It was an accident and I didn't try to tickle her. I apologize and go back to massaging those feet in a nice, firm manner.

Scenario #2: I'm sitting on the bench, Mindee has her heavenly size 8 feet in my lap, waiting for one of my signature foot rubs. I squirt some lotion into my hands and then begin slowly pressing my fingers into her soft foot bottoms - but I have an ulterior motive. See, Mindee has spent the entire shoot teasing me, as she often does. Now those vulnerable feet of hers are in my grasp and I think some payback is in order. I bend my fingers and rake them along the pillowy undersides of her feet. Her relaxed posture changes to a stiffened, upright one. Her gaze changes to let me know, "Hey, that tickles!" This time, it wasn't an accident though. I say, "Oh does that tickle?" and continue my onslaught. Mindee tries to break free, but I work on those feet of hers, earning my sweet revenge. I'm certain, however, that Mindee will get me back much, much worse because she ALWAYS does! But that's a story for another blog!

I've never considered myself a "tickling fetishist," if you will. When it comes down to it, however, I will admit that grabbing Mindee's feet, like in scenario #2 above, and giving them a good, long, torturous tickle does sound like a lot of fun! So maybe there is a little bit of tickle fetish kink in me after all? 

One thing I do know is ever since I knew my admiration of female feet was called a fetish, I also knew there was a fetish for tickling those very same feet. It wasn't something I understood, but I knew there were people out there who were turned on by tickling and being tickled. 

Fast forward a number of years and the amount of people into tickling became ever so apparent in 2004 when I opened Soles of Silk. Since Day One, I've regularly received requests for tickling sets and clips. Every so often I've had two of my models grab at each other's feet, or swipe a feather along another's soles. After talking with some of my peers in the fetish industry, however, I'm wondering if I have missed the boat in those tickling sets. Just like foot fetishism, tickling can get very intricate when it comes to someone's likes and dislikes. Luckily for me, these peers, a handful of fetish producers and models, were kind enough to give us a glimpse into the tickling fetish.

Watching my own models, like Emerald (left) & Mindee, do some tickling can be quite fun!

One of the first people I reached out to about the tickling fetish was Phil (@FTKL) from Phil has been involved with tickling in some fashion or another, since 2001. In those early days it was illustration and today it's video.

"[I've been producing tickling content] since 2001, when I was illustrating the Vellicatrices Unlimited e-comic, for MTJ Publishing. I've been producing videos since late-2009," Phil describes.

A tickle scene from the Vellicatrices Unlimited e-comic.

Phil discovered his tickling fetish quite young. "I realized it in the third grade," he says. "I used to take off girls' shoes and tickle their feet - to flirt with them."

Phil wasn't the only person I talked to about tickling who discovered their liking for it at a young age. James Darke (@TickleVideos), producer for the site was only eight years old when he found out how much he enjoyed giving a woman's feet a good tickling.

"When I was eight years old, when I came home from school, the nanny/maid was home with me. She was strict and absolutely in charge," James details. "She had her routine, which always included a short nap. Because she didn't trust me to be around the house by myself, she made me play with my toys at the foot of the bed. One day, while playing with a toy car during her nap, with my hand, I drove the toy car along the foot of the bed and drove the car on the soles of her feet. They jumped and twitched and I made that happen. She was so powerful and strict. But during her naps, I was in charge of her ticklish feet. From that day, I couldn't wait for her nap time. I even started to dream about it - and thus, a young tickle sadist was born."

James brings up a strong theme when it comes to tickling - power over someone else. It's almost ironic to think that a theme more associated with acts like BDSM, S&M, and FemDom run rampant through something as innocent as tickling, but it does to varying extents, especially when done to someone viewed as having power themselves - like was the case with James' nanny.

"The issue of power exchange is particularly huge in the rare occasion when the ticklee is a dominatrix, or dominant woman. Her loss of bodily control at the hands of a tickler who get off on that can be very humiliating. For me personally, that's my most favorite form of tickle play," says James.

"For me, describing the kink aspect is simple," says Phil. "It's a matter of being aroused by a woman, especially a dominant, bratty, or powerful woman, being overcome and driven out of control by something so seemingly innocuous as tickling - especially foot tickling."

James Darke gives Jade Madison's stocking clad feet a tickle as she tries to question James.

Phil's description seems to fit the bill when it comes to my tickling scenario with Mindee. Her and I have always had a great friendship and we're both head-strong individuals. Playfully, Mindee always lets me know that she's the boss and she has me wrapped around her little toe. I think that might be why tickling her feet has a certain appeal to it. For at least a few seconds, I'm showing her I'm in charge and getting to play with those perfect feet I adore while doing it.

"Perhaps it's the sense of irony that someone can be rendered powerless by such a playful act that people find so intriguing and arousing," Phil adds. "That's definitely the case, for me. In most of my videos, you'll notice that it isn't the weak, wallflower of a woman being reduced to tears by tickling. It's the bold, brassy, bad-ass, dominant one."

Ren Smolder's feet are bound and tickled on

So at least I'm not alone when it comes to wanting to go at some of my models' feet with my fingers, a feather, or whatever else might be handy. Yes, I'm still talking about you, Mindee. But are the feet a popular choice among those much deeper into the tickling fetish than I am? According to both producers, that is actually the case.

"Feet, especially bare feet, are the most prevalent and best selling - hands down. This hasn't changed in over 20 years and I doubt it ever will. I've only received requests for non-foot tickling videos twice in over five years," Phil explains.

"The soles of the feet are absolutely the biggest request for tickling," James says. "Foot fetishism and the tickling fetish overlap for most ticklers, but not necessarily for most foot fetishists. It's a very interesting thing to me."

John tickles the large feet of Jasmine Mendez.

That leads me to another fetish producer I reached out to for this piece, John (@PhillyTickling) from John admits that while he has years of experience in various aspect of foot fetishism, tickling is not one of his own personal kinks.

"Amazingly, I do not [have a tickling fetish], and I am very honest about that," John says.

For 15 years John has been surrounded by the foot fetish landscape in Philadelphia, hosting foot fetish parties and running multiple sites revolving around foot fetishism. He's gained an understanding of what his fans with tickling fetishes enjoy, oftentimes, after exchanging emails with fans of his work.

"As I continued to shoot what I love - foot worship and footjobs - I was getting so many fan requests to shoot tickling," John recalls. "I would tell them, 'I'm really not a tickler, but I respect and understand it.' They would respond, 'But we love the girls you shoot on your current sites. Can't you just start a tickling only site or clips store?'"

With fan interaction like that, John opened a tickling only site,, relying on his experiences and two personal friends in Philadelphia who run their own tickling sites.

"I realized that ticklers want to see tickling. They generally don't want to see tickling clips mixed in with a bunch of other non-tickling material," John says. "Most are very particular and they know what they want. It's a very serious fetish."

Like Phil and James, John also finds feet to be a major factor in the tickling fetish. "It's kind of rare that a tickler does not have a foot fetish, but again, I can only draw upon my experiences at my foot worship parties, shooting for my web sites, and in getting feedback..." John explains.

So just how extreme can this tickling fetish be? While I can't say I have ever tied a woman down and tickled her until she was in tears, that is something some ticklers actually prefer.

"I believe it depends on the people involved," says John. "Some people like it kind of playful, where others really go at it hard."

John rakes his fingers across the soles of Gianna Vee.

"Honestly, tickling can go to the point of being harmful, depending on the sensitivity, and willingness, of the ticklee and the cruelty of the tickler," says Phil. "Playful tickling generally doesn't involved bondage and doesn't zero in on a particular 'kill spot' that sends the ticklee out of control."

"There are those who have safe words and some who love the torment, receiving it or giving it, and limits are pushed. Some people like that tickled against their will feeling," John adds. "There is also the bondage side of tickling - for example, being in stocks and being tied up at the same time. I've seen ball gags used too. There are so many different variations. It can get pretty intense."

"As for my own preference," says Phi, "I like to have the ticklee bound, but not to the point of complete immobility. The ability to struggle and have some wiggle room give the ticklee a false sense of hope that they may escape, while allowing them to thrash around a bit and show the viewers, and myself, just how crazy they're being driven. Then again, I've always been partial to the thrill of the fight."

These points of view are ones James echoes, although he lays out some items that go into the severity and effectiveness of the act of tickling - from both the ticklee and the tickler's perspective. 

James says, "The extents if tickling are based on factors such as:"
  1. How ticklish the ticklee is
  2. How skilled at tickling the tickler is
  3. The intentions, shared or not shared, between the tickler and ticklee
  4. The confidence of the tickler
  5. The duration of play
  6. The intensity of play
  7. The tickler's true knowledge of the ticklee's responses on all parts of the body
  8. The tickler's knowledge of the ticklee's fears and predispositions
  9. The tickler's knowledge of precisely what method of tickling is the most effective on each of the ticklee's body parts
  10. The tickler's understanding of their responsibility for the ticklee's physical and emotion well being
"That being said, I've had ticklee's cry, throw up, have their monthly cycle prematurely start during intense tickling, go into rage, not talk to me for a month or two, and vow to never ever let anyone tie and tickle them as long as they live," says James. "It can be sweet and fun, or very profound - mainly because tickling is not simply the physical act. It plays on your imagination and fears and anything else that physiologically defines who you are."

These are the kinds of points I never even fathomed when someone asked me if I could do tickling shoots for Soles of Silk. Hell, all I know is whenever I suggest anything concerning tickling, even the very light, playful forms that I'd have them do, the majority of my models would give me looks of, "Oh heck no! I'm too ticklish!"

So who are these girls who not only do tickling fetish content, but actually enjoy it? Enter Bailey Paige and Asia Perez, two models whose work you can find in heavy volume for numerous producers by doing a quick name search on

Bailey Paige has her little feet tickled at

"I get tons of offers for tickle fetish work and I absolutely love it!" says Bailey.

"I do get [many tickling requests] and I like doing them a lot," says Asia. "It's always fun doing the tickling ones."

It wasn't long after each girl broke into fetish modeling in general, that they got their first requests for tickling content. As it turned out for both, it is something that they both enjoy and look forward to doing.

"I've been doing fetish porn for about two years now and it wasn't long after that I got my first offer for a tickle scene," Bailey recalls. "I wasn't aware that tickling could be sexual for someone before I got into the industry."

"I've been doing fetish about three years now. I started doing tickling right away in the very beginning. It was one of my first shoots, "Asia says. "I didn't really know [about tickling] until I started doing fetish work in general. Slowly I started to figure out I really like this stuff and really enjoy it. Some, like tickling, I like more than others."

Wow, so there are models who actually like to be tickled? That means they can't be that ticklish, right? I mean, what female would actually want to be tickled relentlessly, or even tied up and tickled, if they're ticklish? Apparently these two...

"On a scale of one to 10, with one being not so much and 10 being, hell yeah... Well, I'm a 10!" says Asia.

"I'd say I'm pretty ticklish," says Bailey. "My most ticklish spots are the underarms - oh my god, those are the worst - and my upper body, meaning ribs, lower abdomen, etc."

Asia wasn't as forthcoming with her most ticklish spots.

"Hmm, well, you're gonna have to figure that out. I'm not telling you," Asia says.

James Darke really enjoys tickling Asia Perez's smooth Asian soles.

So is being tickled a turn on for either one of these girls? Not exactly. It doesn't mean it isn't a good time for them though. It's a form of release and pleasure, not necessarily sexual.

"I wouldn't say it necessarily 'turns me on' as much as I just like hot people putting their hands on my body," says Bailey.

"I just like the fun and creativity of it. I like anything that makes me smile and laugh," says Asia. "I don't have to be so serious and it's kind of a great way to release any bad feelings you might have locked up inside of you."

I guess I'm going to have to explain tickling in that manner to my models in the future. I have a funny feeling, however, that I'm still going to get that, "Oh heck no," look from the majority of them. As for Mindee, however, I'm not giving away my hand the next time scenario #2 presents itself! Those tender soles are going to be tickled and I'll just have to deal with whatever punishment she doles out to me afterward!

So how many of you with foot fetishes are into tickling in some capacity? Do you consider yourself into more of the playful range, or do you enjoy getting at a woman's feet like both Phil and James? I have to say, I have a whole new outlook on this fetish - one that might be fun, at least for me, to explore a little more in the future.

Even the lightest touch sends Rapture into a frenzy.

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