Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Return of the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame

Lexi was the last induction into the WFLHoF in 2005.

About a year ago Wu's Feet Links went through a mini-relaunch, if you will. Wu had passed away several months prior, leaving many of us to wonder why the site was no longer being updated. Upon learning the sad fact that Wu was no longer with us, I talked to Phil from Big Horn Enterprises, the hosting company for both Wu's Feet Links and Soles of Silk, about keeping his site alive. It was much too valuable to the community to let fade away.

It took a number of weeks, but after some brainstorming and polls on the Wu's Feet Links Forum, Phil and I had come up with a plan for how to keep the site going. We learned what sections of the site were most important to the masses and which sections people rarely used. One of those sections, the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame (WFLHoF), was one that ended up on the chopping block.

The last time Wu had inducted anyone into the Hall of Fame was 2009. Only seven total members had been elected since starting it in 2000. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to when or how he'd award someone with WFLHoF honors. The only structure I found was at the bottom of the page where it read, "Vote your favorite model into the HoF by clicking here. The foot models listed above are already in, so do not vote for them." The seven people who have been elected are as follows:

  • Lil Redhead - Lil Redhead's Feet (2000)
  • Naia - Amateur Spanish Feet (2000)
  • Janet Mason - Foot Tease/Janet Exposed (2000)
  • Genie - 1 Genie's Feet (2002)
  • Britney Sweetstink - Britney Sweetstink (2002)
  • Devonne - Sweet Petite Feet (2003)
  • Lexi - Lexi's Foot Fetish (2005)

For all intensive purposes, Wu himself, no longer tended to this section of his site. I don't know if that was for a reason, or just because he was busy with other things. When considering what we would continue to maintain moving forward, this section did not even get a second thought.

Until now.

It was during my recent road trip with Mindee (see blog: "Vacation Shoot - Mindee"), that seeing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHoF) in Cleveland sparked some memories. While shooting one of Mindee's set a few hundred feet away from actually RRHoF building, I began telling Mindee how Wu used to have his own WFLHoF on his site. The more I talked about it, the more I began thinking, "What if we actually relaunched that section of the site?" 

Now the seeds were planted in my head and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Since I had about 6.5 hours of driving time to go before we got home, plus a possible shoot or two, I had nothing but time and ideas going through my head.

The day after Mindee and I got home from our trip I was began writing ideas down for this potential relaunch of the WFLHoF. It actually preoccupied my thoughts as I did the Soles of Silk update for the week. At this point, I was all in, but I had to run it by Phil first.

Once I had finished the site update I sent a quick email to Phil with a rough draft of what I was thinking for the WFLHoF relaunch. He asked me some questions and once I answered them, he told me to go for it. This is a basic overview of some of those things.

A mock up of how the final poll will be presented when voting begins.

WFLHoF Committee & Voting

The following items are a generalized look at what the process will entail when it comes to selecting a new WFLHoF class:

  • All existing WFLHoF members will remain.
  • Anyone in the foot fetish community is eligible moving forward - not just models.
  • There will be a WFLHoF induction of 3 members each year moving forward.
  • Each year a WFLHoF committee will be established consisting of 4 people (different each year) who will nominate 5 people each for the WFLHoF.
  • Committee members are not allowed to nominate themselves.
  • The committee will discuss all of their picks and cut the selection down to no at least 5, but no more than 10 people.
  • Those people will featured in a poll on the Wu's Feet Links Forum for one month's time.
  • Users will be allowed to select up to 3 of those people who they think deserve to be in the WFLHoF.
  • Once the poll closes, the top 3 vote getters will be elected to the WFLHoF class for that year.
  • The fourth and fifth place vote getters will automatically be included on the following year's ballot.

I believe the outline above will allow for a fair and impartial system. I was always looking to have a poll system in place from the beginning, but narrowing down the choices was a top concern to me. As much as I'd like everyone in the foot fetish landscape to be eligible, there is no way we can open it up to hundreds of people at once. The committee will serve as a way to streamline the selections. And by selecting four different committee members each year I believe it further safeguards against anyone picking favorites.

WFLHoF 2015 Committee Members

Picking this year's WFLHoF Committee was of high importance to me. I wanted to include people who have been around the foot fetish scene for a number of years. There are a lot of people to consider for nomination since Wu's last induction in 2005. I will also be a part of the first committee to be sure things run as planned and oversee the process in case we run into any hiccups. With that in mind, here is your WFLHoF Committee for 2015:

  • Adam - Webmaster/photographer of Feet Fair. Moderator on Wu's Feet Links Forum.
  • Bondo - Webmaster/photographer of Pose Your ToesModerator on Wu's Feet Links Forum.
  • Lord Lucan - Webmaster of International Celebrity FeetModerator on Wu's Feet Links Forum.
  • Patrick - Webmaster/photographer of Soles of SilkModerator on Wu's Feet Links Forum.

How & When Voting Will Occur

With all the committee members signed on for this year, we will begin the process of coming up with the 2015 WFLHoF Ballot. We will finalize that ballot as soon as possible and present the ballot on Saturday, August 1, 2015. Voting will run the entire month on a stickied poll found on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. Results will remain hidden until the poll is completed on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

Following the end of the poll the new members will be added to the WFLHoF page that Phil and I will be redesigning. All existing members will remain, but we're going to freshen things up a bit with some extra elements about each inductee and add in the new class.

Where to Stay in the Loop

All future announcements on the 2015 WFLHoF will take place in the Foot Talk section of the Wu's Feet Links on the following thread, "2015 Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame."

I can't wait to get the voting underway and hope everyone has fun taking part in the process!

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